How to upgrade Whatsapp Plus to the new version? Step by step guide

Since WhatsApp appeared in our lives, the world of telephone communication has undergone a major revolution. But we already know that in the world of technology it is very important to make constant improvements to be a leader within each industry. So throughout this article we will explain how to update WhatsApp Plus step-by-step to take advantage of these security and feature improvements.

In the case of online messaging, Line, telegram or WeChat were gaining a lot of ground and the WhatsApp developers had to find an alternative that would keep their loyal followers. To answer that question, the application released add-ons applicable to Google Play , where the user decides whether to download them and at what time. If you want, you can go directly to update the official WhatsApp to the latest version .

In the case of Whatsapp Plus, those responsible for making improvements to this application are no longer the initial developers, but in this case the work corresponds to Abo2Sadam . It may sound like something; they are responsible for cloning the initial Rafalense developer application. This cannot be downloaded from Google Play for Android or the Apple Store for iOS , but when you do, you will discover many improvements that will take your experience with this application to a new level.

WhatsApp Plus vs. Whatsapp Official What are the differences?

Add several display level enhancements , as you can change the appearance of the online messaging app as a series through various visual styles. It also adds new emoticons and allows new features: hide your presence and change options in the file-sending system .

Initially WhatsApp itself I wanted to prevent everyone from downloading this unofficial and different version. But as much as they have tried to match their functions, they still have a lot, especially in terms of design and customization.

With it you will be able to do many things that you cannot do with the official application like:

  • Add up to one hundred contacts in a chat group; on the other hand, on the official you can only add 50 contacts.
  • Decide when to show your status as connected and your profile picture or when to hide both.
  • Change the theme, text color and background. Forget about the linearity in your WhatsApp graphics.

WhatsApp Plus APK download steps to follow

Depending on the type of operating system our devices have, the download is done differently. For this reason, we will present below how to do the installation for each of the systems. Remember that being an unofficial application, this may have some security and privacy issues, its use may have certain risks and you should always use it at your own risk.

APK for Android

Download Whatsapp Plus APK latest version

It is now much easier to download this application in its latest version for Android, as root is not required on the smartphone. If you have an Android phone, follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you must make a backup of the conversations. To do this, simply go to the “Settings” option, click on “Chats” and confirm that you want to save them with the “Save Chats” option.
  2. You should now uninstall the WhatsApp that you currently have.
  3. Search your ” Settings ” for an option called ” Install from Unknown Sources “; on other devices, it can be called ” Install from Unknown Sources ” or similar. To help you out a bit, this is usually located in the security zone in your phone’s settings.
  4. Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK 100% secure and necessary to install it.
  5. Once the file is downloaded, click on it to start the installation. You must follow all the steps to have it installed on your phone and everything is set up correctly.
  6. Now, after configuring it, you should open the WhatsApp Plus version and offer an option to restore the conversations so you don’t lose the content of previous chats.

Things to keep in mind when using it on Android

  • Since it’s a third-party app, you should keep in mind that putting it on our Android device can be unsafe. The only thing that happens in this case is that it doesn’t go through the filter that the Google Play store has by default.
  • It is recommended that all updates are made through an APK belonging to the product site, as you can find in the download link above.

WhatsApp ++ Plus for Iphone without Jailbreak

In the case of the iPhone, the app has nothing to do with the original Rafalense, although it does have some features that the original WhatsApp has already brought us. You can hide the double blue check, the status and the last connection , you can add a larger profile photo and send more than 30 files at a time. It also adds the option to block the content with the lock code or with the ring tag ID.

We will need to download the following programs on our own PC:

The steps to install and get the latest update on our Iphone smartphone are:

  1. Install the Cydia Impactor on your computer. This application will allow us to enjoy the application on your mobile.
  2. Then look for your iPhone’s USB cable and connect the device to your computer, either MAC or PC.
  3. Now you should open the Cydia Impactor program.
  4. Get the iPA file from Whatsapp ++ that you downloaded. You must drag and drop it on Cydia Impactor. There is an option to add this IPA file within the program itself.
  5. The Cydia Impactor program, either option, will prompt you for your Apple ID and associated password. This is to verify you as the computer administrator and to sign the IPA file. Also, make sure that the file is official and does not carry any viruses. If you are not 100% sure that you can create a new Apple ID and use it.
  6. Next, we must configure new options on our iPhone or iPad . Let’s go to the “General” option in “Configuration“. Then you have to enter the profiles. Depending on the iPhone or iPad model, you may need to look for the “Device Management” or “Profile and Device Management” option.
  7. A message will appear on the screen requesting authorization, we proceed by clicking on the “Trust this Developer” pop-up.
  8. From this moment you can open the application and start enjoying its benefits on your Apple mobile device.

Things to keep in mind when using it on your iPhone and iPad

  • As we have just seen, downloading to Apple devices is simple (though not as simple as on Android), but you have to be careful as the official WhatsApp. You can block your account if you do not use it correctly.
  • Also, the certificate created with the installation is valid for one week after installation. Therefore, if you have not made the jailbreak and your certificate expires, you will need to reinstall it by following the steps above.

Steps to follow to upgrade WhatsApp Plus to the latest version

We don’t need to make much effort to know if we have the application in its latest version. This warns you with a pop-up warning on your device that there is a new update for you to indicate whether or not you want to download it and install it on your phone or tablet.

Once you have received this notification, you can decide if you make and update it or if these changes do not interest you and the moment you let it go. Notifications are sent via the application manager, to Google Play for Android or AppStore for iPhone .

All manufacturers and developers always recommend having the latest update on applications we use, regardless of whether you update Whatsapp Plus or any other. So, thanks to security updates, you will avoid cyber attacks that your device could suffer at any time.

In this case, we talk about an application that is constantly updated to offer much more improvements for users. The disadvantage is that it is not automatically renewed, so the user must ensure that he is in the most up-to-date version of his device manually.

Either way, update Whatsapp Plus. This can be done in several ways:

  • Through the actual update message that appears on our device:
    • At the time the update is released by the developers, and if nothing prevents it, a warning appears on the screen that there is a new update.
    • Then, just click on the “Update Now” option and this will redirect us to a download page for the new version. The latter is called APK .
  • Through the Plus menu: This option does not appear in many of the applications we use every day and is a very important and useful alternative.
    • All you need to do is access the application and search the menu “More” .
    • In this section, new updates are easily searched and, if found, a dialog box will appear informing you to download them.

Security Recommendations for the correct use of this application

Finally, we want to remind you of some important points related to security on Android and iOS:

  • WhatsApp ++ IPA is an official APK that only has style level modifications. The style sheet is not encrypted, although its codes are encrypted.
  • When we send a message with WhatsApp ++ , it is sent to the WhatsApp servers. The message cannot be forwarded to any third party service because it uses the MAC address and special encryption key of each device.
  • The rest of the functionality that the application currently allows us is at the server level. In any case, it is highly recommended to use antivirus programs, such as Anti Spyware Scan, to ensure you do not have any malware inside.
  • WhatsApp Plus is a different and modified version of Official , as we said, this does not go through the security protocols offered by Google Play Store, so at some point it may not be secure. Whats true, it has millions of active downloads, being one of the preferred alternatives for users.

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