UPDATE WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER  ▷ It’s Still Possible! 2020

Since 1996, watching videos, listening to songs and even viewing photos on Windows operating systems is something that is carried out through the Windows Media Player program. During all these years, Microsoft has been releasing more and more revisions of this until reaching 12, available both for Windows 10 as for 8 and 7, previous operating systems of the company.

It is currently a software that is in disuse. Despite the facilities, functions and, above all, the performance that this player has, its managers decided to stop renovating it to use the internal services of W10, such as “Movies & TV”, To take better advantage of the possibilities of the operating system and centralize everything in fully native tools implemented in it. So, since last October 2017, in one of the updates of this OS it was decided to step on the brake pedal with the popular program of the company.

But … How to update Windows Media Player to the latest version? Although it seems that it is an impossible task to perform due to the lack of support, yes it is possible to do it. Here we are going to explain all the steps to follow to get it from the two forms currently available.

Guide to update the new version of Windows Media Player

All the details and procedures to follow, explained step by step and point by point so you don’t get lost with this complete guide designed for all users. It doesn’t matter what version of Windows you have, the process is the same in all of them and it will allow you to have this player always with the most current update that exists in the market. Further, always through official and trusted means to avoid any possible problem due to software of unknown origin.

Windows 10 decided to end support for the Windows Media Player several months after its release. After an update, the operating system gave up the renewal of the Media Player that been around since Windows 98 times; However, despite offering a native player to view multimedia content, there are ways to install it to keep using it.

This guide to update the new version of Windows Media Player It will help you to do the process of both automatically as well as manually, both ways possible even despite the cessation of support by the official team. We are going to explain all the steps to follow in both cases so that you can carry out the one you prefer and always have the most recent updates of this program on your computer.

Automatic Updates

Enable automatic updates windows media player

Typically, Windows Media Player perform automatic updates so you don’t have to worry about downloading and installing anything. For check that they are active, you must follow the steps that we indicate below:

  • Open Windows Media Player. To do this, click on the Start button on your PC (just lower left) and, in the search bar, type “Windows Media Player”. Click on the section that appears to enter the program.
  • Once in its main window, with the playback libraries in view, you must click on the option “Organize”And, within the menu that appears in front of you, click on “Options”. * These nomenclatures may vary depending on the version of the program you have.
  • When you are inside this submenu, you should look for the tab “Player”. Once you find it, click on it to access the general settings of this multimedia tool.
  • Now, among all the parameters that appear, you must enter the field “Automatic Updates” and, inside him, choose the term with which you want the program to search for new versions to install. You can choose between the following options:
    • “Once a day”
    • “Once a week”
    • “Once a month”.
  • Choose any of the three and press the button “Apply”. After this, click on “To accept”And you’re done setting up automated updates.

Hereinafter, Windows Media Player will download all your patches without you having to do anything. All in the background and with little alteration of the performance of your computer equipment while the process is taking place.

Manual updates

Latest version Windows Media Player

If you want to download manual updates for Windows Media Player on your PC, the process only requires that you go directly to the player’s official source: Microsoft’s support website. Here, we will explain how should you proceed to get the newer versions manually:

Download Windows Media Player latest version

  • You can access the download page for the latest Windows Media Player update from here or follow the direct download links above, they are totally safe and clean from malware.
  • If you have entered the official website, choose the language in the field that is enabled for it. When you have done it, press the red button with the text “to download“To start downloading the installer on your computer.
  • When you already have it in the internal memory of your computer, you just have to look for the file in the folder selected for downloads and open it. Do it and the installation process.
  • From here, you just have to press “Next”, accept the terms of use and privacy policies and wait for all the files to be copied to the hard drive until the process is complete and you will finally have the most recent version of this mythical multimedia content player for Windows.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to more members of the community, thank you! 😉

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