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Xbox One Xbox One Logo is the third Xbox game console, the brand created by Microsoft. It is an eighth-generation game console. It is designed to have a permanent internet connectionHence, the installations are downloaded without the user having to do much. But throughout this post we are going to delve into this detail and explain how to update Xbox One console Xbox One Logo to the newest version.

This is getting to be one of the most requested game consoles today. It has many functionalities that in addition to making your leisure time is more fun through video games, They allow you to carry out other activities that help you in your daily life.

The moment you decide on a new game title, you will have the option to see how it really is before launching to buy it. You also don’t need to worry if you think you might lose data from previous games. On the one hand, you have the “suspend-and-continue“the game and on the other, you just have to connect to the cloud and sign in to Xbox Live with another account to test your software. They are details that, of course, convince.

How to update Xbox One automatically?

Steps for How to update Xbox One automatically instan on

Finally, remember that this game console is a pioneer in the use of mobile as remote control with the application “Xbox One Smartglasse“. I recommend you use these tips to make the best use of the device. And now, let’s see the development of our main advice: keep the new Microsoft console updated.

As we said at the beginning of the post, the Xbox One Xbox One Logo is designed to always connect to the internet and, by using the “Instant-on”All the updates that are released for it will be downloaded. In addition, the console itself also installs said content in your place.

To make this possible:

  1. First of all, you must have the “Instant-on”.
    • Open the main screen of Xbox One and press the button “Menu in command.
    • Then look for the section “Setting“And click on”Power on and start”.
    • Set Instant-On mode to “Ignition mode or “Power & Startup“.
    • Check the option “Automatically download updates”.
  2. When you have finished playing, turn off the Xbox One. To be “Instant-on”Activated, it will enter the power saving state and will check for updates to install automatically.
  3. Turn on the console again. For some updates you may see a message to confirm that you want to perform the update.
  4. From this moment:
    • Updates are automatically detected and downloaded in the background; the console will be updated without you noticing and you will discover the news through its use.
    • You will be informed so that you give your consent. If this is the case, you must accept and there it will begin to download and install everything; as simple as that.

Steps to update Xbox One manually

Steps to update Xbox One manually

Again, it will take the console is connected to the internet Continuously. Now follow the steps shown to have the latest version of the game console manually:

  1. Connect to “Xbox Live“.
  2. Open the menu “Setting”From the home screen.
  3. Look for the option “System”.
  4. Choose “Update Console”. If there is an update, a message will appear on the screen that says “It’s time for an update”. You can know the size of this.
  5. Click on the option “Start update”. Then you must click on the letter “TO”From your command to begin the process.
  6. The update will download and install. The game console may restart during the process; this depends on the type of files that are installed on it.

Update Xbox One via USB without internet connection

This type of system update it is useful because it allows you to update the console by downloading a file on a USB and installing it on your own console directly, without having to wait or depend on your internet connection or anything else.

Steps to update and install xbox live with usb pendrive

  1. To download the correct system update you have to know the version you are running nowadays. To do this, you must follow the steps that I indicate below:
  2. Open the guide by clicking on the button “XboxXbox One Logo
      • of your command, look for the option “


    All configuration

  3. Now go to the section “System“And click on”Console information and updates
  4. In the third line you will see the version of your operating system.
  5. Plug in the USB drive to the port designated for this purpose on your computer.
  6. Download the update of your corresponding system and save it in .zip format in the folder that opens when you connect the USB pendrive.
  7. Unzip the content and copy the file $ SystemUpdate to a root directory. At this time you will have the necessary data and you just have to decide when are you going to update your Xbox One console without internet connection.
  8. When it’s time connect USB to Xbox One.
  9. Turn it off and unplug the power cord.
  10. Wait at least 30 seconds. Reconnect the cable to power.
  11. Press the buttons BIND Y EJECT and then turn on the console
  12. Press the button “Xbox”From the console.
  13. Click on the buttons again combined for 10 seconds. You will hear two tones. The entire installation process will begin.
  14. When the console restarts again, the update will be done.

Xbox One update errors and other frequently asked questions

There are several errors that can occur during the process. Next, we are going to show them to you and try to solve them so that they do not cause you a headache. Let’s go!.

Error: “Your Xbox is almost full”

This message only appears when you are going to update a game or an application, to solve it do the following:

  1. Accede to “My games and apps”And select a game that you don’t use, you’ll have to get rid of it.
  2. Press the menu button on the controller and indicate “Uninstall”.
  3. Try to update again.

Error: “There was a problem with the update.”

This message generally appears when there is a problem with the network.

  1. Check your connection and see if you are connected to “Xbox Live“. Try the update again.
  2. If this doesn’t work, turn off the xbox completely and unplug the charger for at least 30 seconds. Restart the device and try to install again.
  3. If it still doesn’t work, I recommend that you look for the tool “Diagnosis of offline system update”. This is a file that can be downloaded from the Microsoft website here.
  4. If none of this works, I recommend that contact Microsoft to coordinate with them the repair of your game console since errors are something specific and suffering them indicates that something is wrong.

Here are also some frequently asked questions that arise when updating the Xbox One software.

How much does the upgrade cost?

This action is completely free, Microsoft offers you this type of information so that you can keep your system free of viruses, hacker attacks and other problems derived from the outdated console, you can also enjoy continuous improvements for free.

Is it mandatory to update?

No, but it may happen that some of the games will not work properly if you do not have the console software in its latest version. This will also affect the communications you want to make using Xbox Live.

Can you go back to the previous software version?

No, once an update has been carried out, it will remain in your software waiting for a new update and it does not allow you to return to previous versions, therefore when you do this you must be totally sure of doing it.

What should I do if I can’t connect to Xbox Live after performing a software update?

First of all, you must restart the game console in case the problem consists of “stuck” files. If this does not work, then I recommend that you go to the official website of the brand, in its technical support from here, where they will ask you a series of questions so that you can solve the problems derived from the new update.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to more members of the community, thank you! 😉

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