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If you are a user of this social network you will have the opportunity to add images or videos to your tweets, this with the purpose that your publications are much more attractive and attractive to your followers. Therefore, it is important that you start get the most out of your potential images from this platform.

Keep in mind that at the time of post a photo this is will rise in real time and the same what the tweets text-only your followers will also be able to retweet them and that way share your image with your friends and followers. It should be mentioned that being able to upload this type of elements to your feed without a doubt it will help you boost your personal or professional account in a very easy way.

It should also be noted that the procedure for upload this type of content to Twitter social network It is very simple, thanks to this you can start to give it a touch more fun and attractive to your social network profile. To carry out this process, you simply have to follow each of the steps that we are going to explain next in the post.

What are the ideal dimensions for images on Twitter?

What are the ideal dimensions for images on Twitter?

On many occasions when you go to upload an image to a social network this ends not having the correct dimensions, so it ends up being a real problem to make the image come out complete or as we want. In addition, it should be mentioned that all social networks handle different types of measures for these multimedia files.

Power display images correctly on Twitter it will surely help you enhance what is your digital marketing strategy. Therefore, it is essential to know what are the ideal dimensions to correctly upload photos to the platform.

To do this, follow in detail each of the measures that we will teach you below:

Profile picture

In the case of profile photos these must have recommended dimensions What are they 400 x 400 px. Also, these photos must have a 2MB max weightIf it is older, Twitter does not support them, so it will be impossible for you to upload it.

Header photo

In the case of the headers they have a recommended measures which are 1500 x 500 px, but you can also use images you have 1024 x 280 px, since both dimensions look great there. Regarding the maximum weight these multimedia files cannot exceed 5 MB.

Images for a tweet

If you want upload a tweet with a picture then the recommended measures for these cases it is 1024 x 512 px, but you must bear in mind that the timeline it will be seen from 440 x 200 px. It is important that the image you want to share to through a tweet is never smaller than 600 x 335 px.

The format supported by Twitter for the images is PNG and JPG, but this social network also allows upload GIF images. In case you want upload an image GIFs, you must bear in mind that the maximum weight in these cases is 5 MB for photos, 5 MB for GIFs on mobile and 15 MB on the web.

Maximum images per tweet

In case you want upload a post with multiple photos you should bear in mind that the platform only allows you to insert 4 images per tweet, in the case that only upload two this will be displayed next to each other, if they go up three images then one of her will be displayed on the left side, while the two others on the right side one on top of the other.

Now if you want publish the 4 images allowed by the social network, then they will all appear in grid mode in mobile versionyeah you view them from the computer then one of the images will appear in a large box on the left, while the other three images in smaller boxes on the right of your screen.

Tweet with image and link

If you want to post a tweet that contains a image and a link, so he Minimum image size is 600 x 335 px. In the recommendations of Twitter it is advised that it has a 600 px width. In the event that a photograph with larger measurements is uploaded then the system will optimize it. The moment the user clicks on it, it ise will expand and display complete. If the height of the photo exceeds the width, then the system performs an edit and cut it to a ratio of 16: 9.

If you want post an ad with multiple images, then it is necessary that you have some measures 1200 x 670 px.

Tweet Card

The Tweet card are those images accompanying a link you share, so said photo will be displayed in a small size. In this case the photo size should be 800 x 800 px, for one square photography. For one horizontal photography this must have some measures 800 x 418 px.

Learn step by step how to upload images to Twitter to share them with your followers

The procedure for uploading an image to Twitter is very simple, this is done completely the same as when going to upload a text-only tweet, so you must not have no kind of inconvenience for it. Keep in mind that adding a image, video or GIFs to each of your publications will undoubtedly help you improve your marketing strategy, as well as being able to reach a more people.

In accordance with all this, here we explain the procedure to upload images to your Twitter social network, to do this, follow each of the steps that we are going to teach you below:

  • The first what you should do is enter your Twitter account, for it access your username and password.
  • A once you have logged into your account, it will appear to you the startup section on screen.
  • Fair next to your photo of profile you will find a box where you will enter the tweets you want to post on your feed. He himself says What are you thinking?
  • In this case you must click there and write the corresponding text for the publication if you wish. Now for add an image you just have to click on the image icon that appears in the bottom of post box. This one appears first in line.

Learn step by step how to upload images to Twitter to share them with your followers

  • Once you select it, it will open windows explorer, there you simply must search the folder where is it located the image you want to upload, when you have found it simply select it and click “Open”.

Learn step by step how to upload images to Twitter to share them with your followers

  • Automatically The image will now appear on the screen of Twitter home.
  • Here you can add a description to the image if you wish and in the same way you can tag other users in her, if you want add a link then you can do it both in the section of What are you thinking? Or in the description of it.
  • Too you can select if you want your publication is available to anyone or not.
  • Once you have defined all these points and you don’t want to add anything else, then you just have to click on “Tweet”.

Learn step by step how to upload images to Twitter to share them with your followers

  • After a few seconds your image will have been published in your Twitter account, it may be seen by your followers Y easily shared by them. This way you can start accompany each of your tweets with images in order to do them a lot more attractive and start boost your strategy in the social network.

List of Best Twitter Image Editing Tools

It is important that before upload an image to a social network this is edited in order to improve its quality so I can do it a little more attractive and eye-catching. There are currently many editing programs available for edit images for Twitter social network and many others.

This is how we are going to show you a list of the best tools to edit images easily:

Adobe photoshop

Adobe photoshop

When you want to talk about photo editing One of the best alternatives for this is the Adobe photoshop, is undoubtedly considered one of the best photo retouching software that will allow you edit and save images in different types of formats.

This program is not only used to carry out photo retouching, it also allows you create images and graphics. For this, it offers a wide variety of functions and tools that they will allow you add light, color, change background, crop, add transparency, among many others. It is worth mentioning that this program is available both for Windows operating system like Mac.

Among some of its main characteristics are the following:

  • He is able to support different kinds of image formats.
  • You can wear a extensive treatment in photographs.
  • It has various self-correction tools.
  • It allows work through layers.
  • It has detection of skin tones.
  • It has blur tools that they allow you add different blur effects.

Download Adobe Photoshop Windows



GIMP It is one of the best free options at the moment of wanting edit photos, on this platform you will find different types of fully professional tools and functions that will help you achieve very interesting results. Para offers a great work capacity where it will allow you to work through layers just like photoshop, also has different types of filters, blur tools, color adjustments, among much others.

Some of its most important characteristics are the following:

  • Save images in different formats.
  • Have the ability to import pdf files, as well as vector images.
  • Bill with a great variety of tools for editing.
  • Create macros for automation of different processes on your platform.

Download GIMP Windows



Finally we present you Photoscape, this is software that is available for both Windows operating system as macOS, with which you will have the opportunity to carry out photo editing and retouching in a very professional way. It stands out for its ease of use and because it allows correct and improve your photos quickly without the need to know a lot about editing.

Among some of its most important characteristics are the following:

  • Add frames or templates to each of your images to make your work easier.
  • Bill with functions to adjust the size, modify the light, the background, add text, among many others.
  • Allows you to create GIF images, as well as take screenshots.
  • Have a RAW format converter and another like JPEG.
  • You can download it completely free to your computer.

Download Photoscape Windows

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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