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Instagram, unlike other platforms like Twitter is made up almost entirely of images published by its users. It is not by chance that your logo is a camera.

For this reason it is also that offers a variety of ways to share such posts. Although they are all done from the same app, they do not work in the same way.

If you are new to the instagramer community and you want to learn what they are for and how all versions of images are used, we recommend that you go through this post. When you finish, you will have no doubt about it.

What are the different image post formats on Instagram?

What are the different formats of image posts on Instagram?

As we mentioned before, Instagram offers different types of sections where to upload your image. Each of them is located in a different place. Also, they can vary in duration. All this makes the purpose of every one of them, also be different.

Let’s see what these types of posts are:

Single photo

As its name implies, it is a photograph or individual image. It is published in your profile Y is stored there. You can take a new photo, video or choose one that you already have saved on your device. One of the interesting uses of this type of publication is that they can build a bigger picture.

Within the timeline that your followers will see it won’t make much sense, but when they enter your profile they will see a kind of composition with all of them. There are different templates on the web to achieve this, but the essential thing is that you upload three unique photos, otherwise you will not achieve the desired effect.


This type of publication also shown in timelines of your followers and is saved in your profile. With the difference that each one contains more than one image. People who want to see them, will only have to slide horizontally over the photo. A number in the upper corner indicates how many photographs or videos has. Regarding the compositions of which we spoke before, can also be achieved with the carousel format. With the limitation that only the first image will be visible.


The particularity of this publication format is that only last 24 hours. In addition, they are displayed in a particular section. In the header of the main page you will see all the stories of the users you follow. For their part, your followers will find you in the same place or on your profile.

When a user has a story available, a ring with Instagram colors surrounds your profile picture. In addition, the content of each story does not exceed one minute in duration. For longer posts, you will need to use several of them or use IGTV (Instagram TV).

Learn step by step how to upload a photo or image to your Instagram account

Now that you know what each of the types of images that can be uploaded to the social network, it’s time to meet how to get there.

The processes are not complicated at all, in all cases you must access the app and log in with your data:

Single photo

  • In the main interface you will see five buttons own of Instagram At the bottom of the screen, tap the one in the center, which has a sign “+”.
  • In the same place you will have three options. Gallery, photo and video. In the first one, you can choose between the files stored on your device. The second will open the mobile camera and the third the same, but in video mode.

Learn step by step how to upload a photo or image to your Instagram account - Unique Photo

  • Choose the one you want to use or finish capturing and press “Next” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • In the next section you have the option to transform your image. Either adding filters, cutting the duration or activating or not the sound (video only). One of the latest updates also allows you to select the box that will appear as the cover (video only).
  • In the last step you can add a description, tag people, add location and publish at the same time on your other linked networks. In “Advanced settings” You also have options such as deactivating comments and others related to commercial use.
  • Press “Share” to end.


The first steps are the same as in “Unique photo”. But when the time comes to choose the images it varies.

Let’s see the steps to follow:

  • From gallery, you must press the lower left corner icon of the preview. (this means you will have to take pictures and videos beforehand).
  • Then choose until ten photos and videos from the gallery. The order in which you do it will be the one in which they appear in the publication.

Learn step by step how to upload a photo or image to your Instagram account - Carousel

  • When you finish your selection, press “Next”.
  • On the next screen you can add the same filter to everything content or choose individually each one, by pressing the button of said photo. It is also possible to delete some by dragging them to the trash. Press “Next” to access the final step.
  • As in “Unique photo” you will need to add the additional data to the post. Press “Share to end”.


The process for this type of publication is completely different the other two.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • In the main screen swipe left or click on your profile photo that appears in the toolbar “Stories”.
  • Doing so will open the Instagram camera in the “History mode”. Here you will find different filters, as well as special modes like “Boomerang”, “Layout”, “Superzoom” among others. You can also exchange with the front camera and choose images from archive.
  • To take a picture, press once on the middle button or hold down the same to make a recording.
  • At the end of the capture, you can add different elements such as stickers, text, mentions and other options that you will have fun exploring.
  • Finally, you can send the story to a friend, select only those from the list “Best friends” or post it in your stories.

Tips for your Instagram posts to have a greater reach

Tips for your Instagram posts to have a greater reach

You already know all the ways to post in Instagram, we recommend that you use them regularly, this will make your profile personal or commercial be more dynamic Y entertaining. In addition to this, we have other tips that will help you grow on the platform.

Let’s see what they are:

Use hashtags

By using them you will be able to include your content within the current trends, even create one. In this way, other users who follow this hashtag will be able to see your publications and start following you. If you have a commercial profile, we recommend that you use the public mode so as not to restrict the access of possible followers.

Make them interesting

Try to create posts entertaining, with colors and own identity, but at the same time they are not all the same. Nowadays Instagram offers various tools to add eye-catching elements to photos and videos.

Use music

Either from the same video or using the homonymous tool of the stories, don’t stop putting sound to your content. It is proven that music publications are more effective than those that are not. Grab more senses from your followers or add a different meaning to your images.

Interact with your followers

You should be attentive to messages and comments made by the profiles that follow you. In this way your followers they won’t feel like you’re not paying attention to them. This is very important to increase the affinity you have with them.

Run giveaways

Giveaways, polls, questions Y challenges are very valuable tools for build loyalty the ancient Y win new followers. It is also a good way to interact with them. The slogans should encourage them to tag other users and share your stories, thus you’ll increase the exposure from your profile.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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