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For many people, especially those who are dedicated to Digital Marketing and business over the Internet, it is a great advantage to have all the useful tools that you use daily in one place. As is the case with WhatsApp that has been available for some years both for PC (Windows), such as Mac and Tablet, and is known as “WhatsApp Web”The desktop version of the famous app, which has undoubtedly increased the productivity and comfort of people around the world.

The online version for computer of the renowned mobile messaging App is considered an excellent digital tool that actually, It acts as a reflection of messages, conversations and, generally, of everything you share and carry out within the mobile application itself. In other words, it will show you everything you generate there and on the contrary also, since what you run through the computer will be saved in the phone application.

It is important to take into account that this alternative works as an interface with which you can connect to your mobile and use the application. In this way, the options displayed said website are almost identical to those of the mobile phone And so that you know more about the subject, below we present complete and timely information of interest.

Steps to install and configure WhatsApp Web and use it from the browser of your Windows or Mac computer

First of all, it is valuable to understand that WhatsApp Web is not another WhatsApp account, that is to say that when you use it on a computer or on your mobile, you are accessing the same account that you have active on your smartphone. Only through two different devices.

To install it and be able to enjoy chats directly from your computer screen, you must bear in mind the following aspects:

  • It is essential to have a Active account on your mobile phone.
  • It is necessary to maintain a sufficient internet connection stable Y safe, both on your phone as well as on your computer or tablet.
  • It is inescapable to use the latest version of “Wasat” and in addition to having the latest version of any of these browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera or Safari.

Today, many people are unaware of the possibility of download and use WhatsApp Web on your computer, so they don’t have to use it from the browser, which is possible and actually extremely easy. What’s more, currently this is an option to use such a beneficial tool and that is why below we show you the steps so that you can do it effectively.

So, once you verify that you meet the minimum requirements mentioned above to be able to carry out this, you must perform the following steps:

1 – Access the WhatsApp website

Access the WhatsApp website

You must enter the address “”And thus you will enter the official page of the messaging network, from which you can access it online or, download the application for PC or Mac. That is when you must choose the version of the Operating System (SW) that you have.

2 – Scan the QR code to enter

Scan the QR code to enter

Either you do it through your favorite browser or the native application of your operating system, you will access the main screen of the instant messaging website and there you will get some brief instructions along with a QR code.

These indications basically mean that you must:

  • Open the application from your mobile.
  • Enter the general configuration.
    • From Windows Phone or Android, by means of the symbol of three vertical dots, that is, the menu.
    • From iPhone, by clicking on the cogwheel, that is, in settings.
  • Choose the option “WhatsApp Web”.
  • Keep me signed in, in case you want to use it regularly so as not to repeat all the steps.
  • Place the grid of your mobile scanner above the QR code that you see on the PC or Mac screen. This step should be done quickly because QR codes have a very limited time life, otherwise it will expire and you will have to start over.

3 – Use it as from your mobile

You can start using it as from your mobile

After having scanned the code, the website identifies you and authorizes you to upload the application automatically on PC or Mac. Since then, you can already use the service from there just as you do from your mobile device.

If you access the device’s own application while the web is loading on the PC or Mac, you will see the sessions that you have started on the different computers. That is to say that both on Android and iPhone, you can see the history of open sessions, and just by entering the settings you have the power to close them, thus preventing another person from accessing your account.

view the history of open sessions

Advantages of using WhatsApp Web from the PC

Advantages of using WhatsApp Web from PC or Mac

  • Greater speed and agility; which looks quite beneficial for those who use it professionally, thus optimizing time and productivity.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes; sometimes cell phone checkers are not at all successful.
  • You see notifications directly from your computer; You don’t need to be looking at the mobile screen to know if a family member, friend or client has sent you a new text or voice message.
  • You can use it with low battery; When you have to charge your mobile, it is very uncomfortable to use it and that is when it is better to respond to messages through the computer.
  • Easy to send files from your PC or Mac; It is easier to send PDF documents, images, videos, etc. Through the computer than the mobile.

How to activate and use WhatsApp Web from your tablet?

Use and configure Wasat on Tablet

WhatsApp Web It is not only available for Windows and Mac users, but also offers its functions to those who they have a tablet. The method to start using the popular messaging service is extremely simple and we will explain how to achieve it below.

  • To begin, you must open your favorite browser, then access a new tab and click on the menu to activate the option “View as computer“And then enter
  • After that, take the mobile and open the application and in the Menu> WhatsApp Web sink into icon “+” to proceed to scan the QR code displayed by the Tablet.
  • For its part, accessing from the browser has a small drawback and that is that although you create a shortcut on the home screen to easily enter the web, almost all browsers do not remember what you want to see in the version of computer / desktop.
  • Therefore, you must always activate this option each time you want to enter from the Tablet. But in the same way and for the benefit of users, there are some applications that avoid these types of problems.

Indeed, the best option to use the messaging network on the Tablet, is to install some of the App that are in Google Play or Apple Store in the case of an iPad, these direct you directly to WhatsApp Web ready to be employed. These applications are basically a browser that loads the App from the view computer / desktop.

Is it possible to sync WhatsApp Web on Android and iOS without scanning the QR code?

The alternatives that we previously presented to you, They forced to scan the QR code to be able to use the web.


  • What happens if we don’t have a mobile phone that allows us to scan the QR code?
  • Is there another option to install the App without doing it?

Bluestacks for Wasat

As well, we tell you that if there is a way to have it on the computer without having to scan the code. To make it, First of all, you must meet the following requirements or points:

  • Have a webcam.
  • Have a virtualization software called Bluestacks, either from a mobile device or mobile operating system emulator, which must have the said application installed.
  • The mobile phone must have a camera or you must have a traditional camera.
  • If you don’t have the platform downloaded Bluestacks, you can easily do it from its official website at
  • Once you have it, run the installer to have it on your computer.

Later, access the application and give it click on the three dots to enter the menu. Thus, the menu unfolds and you select “WhatsApp Web”, At that time it will ask you read the QR code with the webcam.

Is it possible to sync WhatsApp Web on Android and iOS without scanning the QR code?

That’s when you take the camera and take a picture of the code in the Windows application. Next, you place the camera screen with the code in front of the webcam from the App in BlueStacks. And instantly, you will recognize the QR code to automatically sync. In this way, you can enjoy the recognized App on your computer with just a few minutes.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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