Use Instagram Analytics  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

There is no doubt that this social network has become one of the best alternatives for all types of business, where the main key is to have a clear and concise strategy of everything you want to achieve. That is why this platform It has analytics that will allow you to monitor the impact of each of your publications.

To be able to know each of these statistics is extremely important for any brandas this will let you know the performance of each of the actions carried out in the application. From these data you can create campaigns that are tailored to the strongest points that have been discovered through data analysis.

Taking into account the importance of this function, here we are going to show you how you can start use Instagram analytics and that way start monitor each of the publications you upload to your account. To do this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you below.

Functions and tools of Instagram analytics What can we know with it?

One of the advantages of using a business account on Instagram, is that you are going to have the opportunity to have a integrated access to all platform statistics. In this way, the social network offers its users the opportunity to obtain a little more information about each of your followers and posts, allowing you to have better control at all times.

This way you will have the opportunity to get statistics of all your publications, as well as knowing how many people have seen your images and videos uploaded to your account, you can also measure the scope of each of them, the comments, the likes, the visits to your profile, among many others.

You will also have the opportunity to know the behavior and growth of your profile, as well as knowing how many people have followed and unfollowed you, if it’s about men or women, the age of the people, the number of followers of the last hours, among many other statistics that you can study thanks to this excellent tool.

Learn step by step how to interpret and get the most out of the Instagram analytics tool

To get the most out of this tool you need to learn to interpret it in the correct way.

For this, below we are going to show you each of the most relevant metrics that you must take into account at all times and thus be able to measure the effectiveness of your profile:

Know the statistics of your publications

Know the statistics of your publications

One of the main advantages offered by this analytics tool is that it will let you know all the statistics of each of the images and videos that you upload to the platform. For this you simply must access your profile and open the publication you want to see, at the bottom you will see the option of “See stats”, you just have to click on the option to know The likes, the comments, if they have saved or shared it.

In this way you can start to see what scope each of the your content uploaded to the app, as well as the number of interactions. In case you decide promote content with the function of “Instagram Ads” you will see so much the statistics of the original post as the one that was promoted. A function that will allow you to clarify all these figures easily.

Statistics of your followers

Statistics of your followers

Another important aspect that you will be able to take into account is the behavior of your followers, In this case, you will have the opportunity to monitor which people follow you on a daily basis and who unfollow you. You can also get relevant data such as age, gender and location of these followers, all this will let you know if you are really reaching the audience you are directed to.

In this way, you will have the opportunity to take into account different parameters, like knowing how much you should post to try to reach more people as well as knowing if you should better or not adjust your digital strategy, this in case you are not getting new followers.

In addition, all this will allow you to know what are the best times to publish, keep in mind that the amount of online content that exists is very large, so your ads can easily go unnoticed. Therefore, the best thing is to be able to identify when the followers are on-line, in this way you can measure your regularity and achieve the desired success.

Measure your engagement

Measure your engagement

Thanks to application analytics you will have the opportunity to know what the interaction is through the likes, shares or clicks in each of your posts. All this you can take as a indicative of the quality of your work on the social network, and the direction of your brand will depend a lot on it.

Keep in mind that all this analysis must be done separately, that is, you must analyze videos, stories, images, among others all separately, like the promotional content of each of the publications. In this way, you will have the opportunity to determine what type of content impacts the public the most.

Monitor the hashtags

As you already know, the hashtags They only have one objective and that is to increase the reach of each of the publications that are carried out in the social network, so making use of them in each of your content will help you improve visibility. Therefore, the best thing you can do is combine the hashtags of your brand, products / service, promotion and event, So you can increase the reaches of your account.

In this way, you must monitor each of the hashtags in order to measure what the impacts of each of them are, this will let you know what they are the most used by your competitors, like those who more benefits they bring to your strategy.

Best day and time to post

Another benefit that you will get with the analysis tool of the platform is that it will allow you know all the statistics necessary to determine when your audience is most active, which will allow you to perform all your posts at that time.

However, this point cannot be optimized if you have to connect repeatedly to make different posts throughout the day. For these cases, the most feasible is to use a program of “Schedule posts on Instagram”, this will allow you to establish what days and what time you want it to be upload content automatically to your account.

5 Tools to enhance Instagram analytics that every Community Manager should know

Taking into account all the benefits what does using the analytics of this social network, then you should also know what are the best tools that allow you to enhance all this.

In this way, here we show you the 5 best tools that will allow you to have a greater and much more professional analysis:


Metricool is considered one of the best analytical tools today, which will help you improve your online marketing strategy. It is also in charge of offering you advanced Instagram analytics, which will give you the possibility to integrate all your tools in one, being able also combine your Google AD, Facebook and web pages accounts directly with Instagram.

That is how Metricool it will help you measure all the necessary data that allow you to know the effectiveness of each of your actions, as is the detailed activity of your account, hashtag tracking, Stories analytics, among many other statistics available there.


Iconsquare It is considered as one of the most popular and advanced tools for what it is the development of strategy in social networks such as Instagram. And thanks to this platform you will have the opportunity to manage your entire account, knowing each of the statistics of the most relevant functions.

In this way, you will have the opportunity to meet advanced statistics that allows you measure all the actions you carry out within your account, as well as knowing the evolution of them. In this way, you will have a system that will allow you improve communication with your audience at the time of integrate all messages that you receive from each of your followers.


Squarelovin is characterized by being a platform that offers two types of services, one of them free that will allow you to carry out a complete analytics of your social networks and a payment service that is focused on ecommerce for what is to improve the dissemination of content. In this way, you will have the opportunity to get analytical data with which you can measure each of the metrics available on the social network, as what They are the followers, the scope of the publications, likes, among others.

Therefore, this tool has become a visual and attractive form to be able to carry out a complete analysis of the behavior of your account, what will let you know what are the strongest and weakest points at the time of apply digital marketing to your brand.


Minder is a tool that is completely specialized in what it is the Instagram social network, which is based exclusively on the hashtags, but with the passage of time it has been adding new services. All this has led her to become one of the the most complete statistical analysis tools for this social network.

Thanks to all this, Minder has become a very good alternative for everyone businesses that need to know advanced data to carry out an analysis of the different actions they are taking.

This is how this tool will be able to provide you with information on the following points:

  • He offers you the best videos according to the filter applied.
  • The best photos according to the filter applied.
  • Detailed activities of each of the followers of your account.
  • A exclusive section for the hashtags.

Sprout Social

Finally we present you the account of Sprout Social, which is responsible for combine analytics with content creation and management tools, thus allowing you to have a greater control in everything you do from your account. In addition, it has a editorial calendar which has all the functions available, either for schedule new content on multiple platforms.

Also, this online program has become one of the best options for what are the largest organizations, which have a centralized media library to manage built-in editing tools.

In this way, you will have the opportunity to perform a complete analysis of the behavior of each of your followers, as well as knowing the scope that each of your content published on the social network. An excellent alternative to start wearing a control of the analysis of your account at all times.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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