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Virtually all users have mastered clipboard functionality on your computers, because you only need to copy or cut and paste or move files to use it. In addition, to get these files on the PC is much easier.

The task is a bit more complicated when it comes to the clipboard of a mobile device, because there is no Control key that you can use (unless you have a physical keyboard connected to it).

However, all smartphones include clipboard functionality to keep previously copied texts, images and videos on hand. Throughout this post, we will explain how to use clipboard on your iPhone and get the most out of it.

Steps to use the clipboard of your iOS smartphone quickly and easily

Use clipboard on iPhone

IPhones have the built-in clipboard tool, even though they are not visible. This means that there is no specific location on the mobile where you can go to manage or consult the files stored on your clipboard, unless you install an app for it.

But you should know that it works the same as anywhere else. Enough with copy or cut any type of file and stick them back in other apps. The general rule that you should keep in mind is that you have to select what you want and then paste. In more detail, follow the steps below:

  • Select the text, image or other file you need by long-tapping it until the selection mode is displayed.
  • When the different buttons are displayed, choose “Copy”.
  • Go to the location where you want to paste, click on that place and choose “Paste”.

In case you want to delete what is stored on your iPhone’s clipboard, you just have to select another item or wait a while.

How to access the clipboard?

Your iPhone clipboard is inside the system. In this sense, as we explained previously, you will not be able to view it as on a computer. So the only way to access it or the files stored there, is through the copy and paste function.

List of the best clipboard manager apps for iOS

It is possible to manage the clipboard of your iPhone, but you must make use of an app designed for it. Therefore, we decided to talk to you about the 3 most popular and trusted.

Learn how they work !:

Paste 2

Paste2 clipboard manager app

When it comes to popular apps to manage clipboard of your iOS devices, without a doubt Paste 2 ranks first. One of the most interesting details is that it stores everything you copy so that you can have quick access to that information.

Among the aspects that highlight it above the competition can be mentioned:

  • Intuitive and comfortable.
  • Helps organize different types of content.
  • You will have information about when information was added, the location from which it was made, character count of the texts, etc.
  • ICloud support to sync it with your devices.


Copied clipboard manager app

This is another good option when referring to the best clipboard manager apps for iOS. It is responsible for saving any text, image, video, link and much more that you have previously copied.

When you are going to use one of these files, just open Copied and copy it to the iPhone clipboard. Added to that, it has a very special function known as the “Third party keyboard”.

Using the third-party keyboard, you can access all the clippings when you need to enter text in any app, including Messages or Safari. It is also possible give different formats to the text, as well as executing other types of functions.

Clip +

Clip + clipboard manager app

Finally, there is Clip +. This app does much more than just store copied information. In this way, automatically recognizes different types of content with which you can perform different functions. For example, if you copy a phone number you can call directly from the app, which means that it is not necessary to copy it into your iPhone’s directory.

Apart from that cool feature, Clip + can sync with iCloud to keep information updated on any of your Apple devices. Finally, Apple Watch users can also enjoy it, since they can use voice dictation on the watch to dictate text directly in the app.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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