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You don’t need to purchase another device in order to use an iPhone keyboard. Did you know that there are alternatives to adapt your keyboard to one with this appearance? Today it is possible to install this type of tool exclusively for Android, but with an iPhone format.

Surely you were a user of the iOS brand and you chose to change the manufacturer and now you use Android, if this is your case you may miss some things about it. Well, as we know, each operating system has its own background design and these are no exception. One of the things that change the most is the input methods, since in this keyboard has many more features than just letters at first glance, as is the case with the iPhone. So if you want to have a different appearance with this terminal, keep reading.

In this article we are going to explain to you which applications bring better functions to change the style of your keyboard and how to install them on your device, so that you can start enjoying this version of iPhone keyboard without really being it. You dare?

Steps to use iPhone keyboards on your Android phone or tablet

Currently there are a number of applications in iPhone format for your Android device. Which offer a wide range of customizations that you can apply to it, among them are the colors, the size of the keys, sounds and even vibration when pressing.

Frankly these keyboards are very eye-catching and are very easy to use and at no cost. That is why this time we want to show you how to install the best iOS keyboard for your Android device.

Next, we detail the basic and concrete steps to access these in a simple way:

It should be noted that these were previously in the Play Store, but currently they are no longer so you have to install them from other sources. Therefore you must activate the Unknown Sources function, for this you are going to go to the Settings ”>“ Security ”>“ Unknown sources ”or“ Unknown sources ”.

Unknown sources

With iPhone keyboard

iPhone Keyboard Emulator FREE is a free tool for Android that can give your device the appearance of an iPhone keyboard. With this you can write much easier and more comfortable than with any other.

Download iPhone Keyboard Emulator

  • Basically from your device in this case Android, you must go to Google and place the word in the search bar “IPhone keyboard”, and you’re going to download the one that says iPhone Keyboard Emulator Free “ or enter directly from the link that we provide you above. This considering that it is one of the best alternatives that works very well according to the recommendations forum of the app.

keyboard emulator

  • After installation you will add it to the operating system in the following way: You will click on “Settings”, then look for the settings menu of your device and click on the option “Language and text input” found in the block “Personal”.
  • There will appear several options, you will locate the one that says “IPhone keyboard”, It should appear right at the end of the window, you just have to select the grid to activate the keyboard and voila, you already have one of these without being it properly.

iphone keyboard on android

  • By last, you can enable the option boxes like keyboard sound, vibration, emoticons and others so that you have a super personalized keyboard. Great!

You will see that it is a very complete keyboard that works very well for what you want to do, since it has nothing to envy that of the iPhone. To this you can add the characters you want additionally. You will love the dynamism it has when you start typing on it, for the sounds it makes and the color you will see with each touch.

With iKeyboard EX

This tool was mainly developed by iPhone Style Studio. Its main function is to make your Android keyboard the closest thing to an iPhone. The only noticeable difference from the original is that the letters are not always capitalized like on iPhone. What determines how they will be displayed in the text is the Shift key as it is in Android.

To achieve this, do the following:

Download iKeyboard EX

  • Enter the link above to download the app or search in Google iKeyboard EX ”.


  • Once you have downloaded it, access the “Settings” from your terminal to set it as default.
  • Then go to the option Language and text input ”.
  • Locate in this the name of the tool, in this case IKeyboard keyboard ”, you can disable all other input methods so you don’t have trouble typing.
  • Now proceed to configure this keyboard. Go to “Settings” next to the name you have selected to open the settings menu.
  • From there you have to make all the changes you like, like auto-correct, auto-complete, and more.

iPhone iKeyboard

Besides these you have the app called SwiftKey, Although this does not keep much similarity, it does achieve a very similar effect. In it there are several themes but the most similar to achieve this effect is the Light.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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