Use Messenger Without Facebook  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Facebook Messenger is an application that is directly related to the Facebook chat, it appeared after users could no longer have access to the FB application chat via mobile, so they are forced in a certain way to make use of this instant messaging app. Despite being directly related to the application, it is possible to have a FB Messenger account without having a account on Facebook.

And is that this app instant messenger works independently of the social network even though the messages that are sent and received through the application are displayed there. But the truth of all this is that this messaging account is based on a phone number as with any other app of this type, so you will not need anything else to be able to use it.

FB Messenger is currently an instant messaging program very similar to WhatsApp, from there its users can make video calls, send messages, icons, photos videos, among many other options available there. In the event that you want to use this messaging without having to open an account in Facebook, then here we are going to teach you how to perform this procedure in an easy and fast way, To do this, follow everything that we will teach you below.

Facebook and FB Messenger are not the same social network. Can I have separate accounts?

The first thing to keep in mind is that both Facebook as FB Messenger are two different applications despite being directly related, especially after Facebook will remove access to the chat from its mobile application. As these are two different social networks, it is possible that users can have different accounts in both, that is, they can use instant messaging without even being registered in FB.

Despite this, all people or at least the vast majority of them relate Messenger with Facebook message inbox, since these messages are displayed there if you have associated your instant messaging account with that of the social network, which makes many users think that it is the same platform. If you are one of the users that only uses your mobile device to access FB, then you should make use of FB Messenger to be able to communicate with your contacts on the social network.

But if you constantly use the computer, then you can enjoy the real chat room of this social network. It is important to keep in account that FB Messenger It is an app very similar to that of WhatsApp, so it is also considered independent, so you can use it in the same way as instant messaging without having an account in Facebook social network.

Learn step by step how to sign up for Messenger without using a Facebook account

Considering that they are two completely different mobile apps and that they can be used by themselves, so here we are going to teach you how to sign up for Messenger without using your Facebook account. This procedure will allow you to have an account on both platforms without having to match your FB profile with your messaging contacts.

Therefore, to carry out this process, it will be necessary to follow each of the steps that we will explain below:

  • To start this procedure, the first thing you should do is download the FB Messenger application on your mobile device, either from the official Google Play Store or from the App Store.
  • Once downloaded and started the application A window will appear where you are welcomed to the system. As you can see there, it gives you the possibility to choose between two options, the first of which is Start session with your Facebook account or in this case select the checkbox “I don’t have a Facebook account” with which we are going to work.

Learn step by step how to sign up for Messenger without using a Facebook account

  • Then the application will ask you for some permissions to read your messages to the application, this will allow it to automatically read the verification message that they send you to your mobile with the access code, this way you won’t have to enter the code manually. In case you do not want to accept it, nothing happens, you simply must enter the code yourself. Here you just have to press “Continue” or “Not now” depending on your case.

Learn step by step how to sign up for Messenger without using a Facebook account

  • In the next window you must enter your phone number, keep in mind that the do not log in with a Facebook account, then the instant messaging system needs create an account based on your phone number as it happens in applications like WhatsApp or Line.
  • This account will be verified with a code that will be sent by SMS to your mobile. Once received, the system will take it automatically in case you have accepted the permissions, otherwise you must enter it manually to continue with the process.

Learn step by step how to sign up for Messenger without using a Facebook account

  • This point is very important, in case you have registered a Facebook account with that phone number This profile may appear on the screen so that log in over there.
  • If you select the option to continue as that person you must enter the access password, but if you do not want to log in there or it is simply not you, you must click on “This is not my account”. Keep in mind that a person you do not know may appear there in case you have acquired that telephone number recently and second hand.

Learn step by step how to sign up for Messenger without using a Facebook account

  • In the new screen that appears there you must enter your personal data as it is the first and last nameThese will be your data that all your contacts will be able to see when talking to you there. So it will be up to you if you want to use real names or use a stage name. When you complete these fields, select the option “Continue”.

Learn step by step how to sign up for Messenger without using a Facebook account

  • Later you will be asked to add a photo for your profile, This will be the image that is shown to all your contacts. Here you will have two options to upload the image, one of them is by taking it directly with the smartphone camera by clicking on “Take photo” or the second is uploading it from your gallery. In case you don’t want to add an image at that moment, then select “Not now”.

Learn step by step how to sign up for Messenger without using a Facebook account

  • Will finally appear to you a new window where you must add your contacts, for this the application asks you as the permissions for check your contact list and see who of them make use of the app so you can add themAfter that, you will have to add manually through the number all those people you want to have there.

Learn step by step how to sign up for Messenger without using a Facebook account

It can be said that this is the main difference of registering in Facebook Messenger with phone number or with FB account, since in this case you must check your contact list to see who of them are registered there, while with the account of Facebook, it will automatically take all the contacts you have in your social network, as well as those that are in your contact list.

In this way your application of Facebook Messenger it will be activated and operational on your mobile device without having to use a Facebook account for it. From this moment you can add users either by name or phone number and thus participate in group calls, video calls, calls, individual chat, group chat, among other functions available there.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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