Use Mobile as a Router  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

You can use your mobile device such as a router and thus access the Internet on your computer. This is something really advantageous, especially when you are in places where wired connections do not reach and you want to use a PC. Also with this you will get infinite functions.

Currently, there are many ways to connect to the web all day or when you need it using a mobile phone containing data, because with this you distribute the Internet to other computers.

This is an excellent option when you are away from home, traveling or working, because you can link your computer or several devices to the network to transmit the WiFi signal without having to have a modem and, best of all, without having to pay any kind of service. In addition, you will also have the option to connect via Bluetooth.

What methods to convert the mobile into a modem or router exist?

Many of the mobile devices that have data to surf the Internet act as a modem so that you can reach share them with other devices, be it a tablet or a computer.

There are several methods that are executed to distribute WiFi from our cell phone, among which we have:


Its translation in Spanish is “network anchor”, this being the procedure through which you access the Internet using a smartphone and connect as many terminals as we want.

USB docking

One of the ways to link the computer to your mobile phone is through one of its accessories, such as the USB cable. This is one of the best options because while we browse our favorite pages the phone will be saving battery.


When we are in a place where there are a large number of people and we do not want them to use our connection, we can connect through Bluetooth.
With this method we can control who connects to our network, for which only computers that are authorized will enter.

Steps to use your smartphone and connect to the Internet to your computer and any other device

There are times when you need to access the Internet on a computer but you do not have a router at hand, because that is not a problem because just having a smartphone that has mobile data available will solve your problem.

Follow the steps indicated below:

With Tethering

Through tethering you will share the Internet to a computer with your mobile device. For that you must verify the Windows that has the same and the operating system of the cell phone that you are going to use as a modem.

In case you want to have much more detail about this, you should go to the device menu, option “Settings”, then enter phone information and make a note of the model number.

Later, you must install the drivers to connect the smartphone to your computer using a USB cable. Then go to the settings option, choose wireless connection and networks, choose the option “Access point“and click where it says “Tethering and WiFi Zone”.

Enter USB Anchor and WIFI Zone

The next thing you should do is connect your mobile to the computer through the USB cable and select the option “USB tether”. After that your computer will identify the new connection and voila, you will have Internet.

USB docking

With WiFi anchor

Usually, to surf the web with your Android, you use mobile data or the WiFi signal, which means that you have a router in your hands where all the devices around you will be able to connect. To execute this, the initial thing you should do is go to the settings choice and give “More”, where it will quickly appear “Tethering and Wi-Fi Zone”.

Through this you can activate each of the techniques you need to use the Internet. You can also choose the option “Portable WiFi zone” to display an icon in the notification bar.

configure wifi zone parameter

On the other hand, in case you want to connect your Android to your iPad, you must enter the settings option and then choose the Wi-Fi option to activate it and thus be able to get the list of networks that your smartphone has created. Subsequently, you must press the name of the WiFi with which you share your Android, where you will have to put the password set and voila, it will connect to your device.

With bluetooth

With the Bluetooth of your cell phone you get an Internet connection.To do this you should know that it is almost similar to using WiFi connection, which was explained in the previous point.

To do this, you must activate Bluetooth on the devices you are going to connect. Then, you must choose the option “Tethering and Wi-Fi Zone” on your mobile device, and follow each of the steps indicated above. This with the intention of being able to activate the option “Bluetooth tethering”.

With bluetooth

List of the best applications to share Internet from your smartphone

Here is a list of the best applications to share the internet from your mobile. What these apps will do is simplify the processes that we have just explained:

WI-FI Tether


It is a free application that you will find in the your mobile app store, through which you can make it become a modem or router, be a WiFi receiver, and solve any type of problem that arises at a certain time.

WiFi Tether Router, you can increase the range of the network you use by using your cell phone when you put it to work as a router, so you will have free Internet and connect the devices you want and have a signal in every space you want. But, as always when you install any type of application, do not forget to be careful, since sometimes these programs manage to damage the devices.



Through this program you will transform your mobile device into a proxy server, with the intention that your computer can connect to the web through it.

Its way of using it is very simple and what you should do is connect your device to your computer and proceed to go to its menu, and then choose the configuration option. Then enter applications. Once there you will only have to enter the development option to enter the part that indicates USB and thus activate it.

Download Proxoid Android APK



It is an application that must be paid to enjoy its benefits, where its price is around € 2. Users indicate that it is one of the best services used when you need to share the Internet from your cell phone to a computer. In addition, one of its advantages is that it is an application that does not cause any inconvenience, however users consider that its price is high.

160 WiFi


Through this application you distribute the Internet to other devices easily and safely. It is very simple and when using it you will notice that it has many features that you take advantage ofapart from the fact that it performs well.

When you use this application you do not get any type of advertising, so you will not have to close those windows that are often annoying, much less “popups.” You also have security through a password that you enter, which makes this application protect your device when you use it.

Download 160 Wifi Windows


MyPublicWiFi app

This is another option for you to obtain, through your smartphone, a router to distribute the Internet to your devices. This application is totally free and has the benefit of use it as a firewall, with the guarantee that you will achieve security, something that is extremely important today.

It should be noted that this is a hotspot app, being that to use it you must have WPA2 encryption, with the option of being able to view the browsing history of each of the devices that have been connected to it, making it a good alternative to put it to use.

Download MyPublicWiFi Windows



It serves so that you can distribute WiFi from your mobile device to your computer for free. Further provides the option to save it on a pendrive, so you can connect it to any computer or tablet when you are away from home or the office.

Thanks to this benefit you should not install this program, since it serves as a portable app. When you are going to use it, you just have to press the execute button and that’s it, you will be able to enjoy each of its functions.

Download Hosted Network Starter Windows



It is an effective, modern and easy-to-use application, since with it you manage to distribute the Internet to each of the devices that you want or need to connect. Its wonderful functions help you quickly to use each of the features of this program, which makes it an option for use when you have an outdated computer.

Download MHotSpot Windows

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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