Use Skype on my SmartWatch  Step by Step Guide 2021

Smartwatches are smart devices They are used in the same way as a watch and are dock to our mobiles to provide us with a wide variety of functions and services.

One of these useful functions is the possibility of read, reply to your text messages and answer voice and video calls, although it will not give you the possibility of communicating through the smartwatch.

Using this feature on your wearable is a bit misleading and to guide you through this, We will present you with everything you need to know about how Skype works on your Smartwatch for any operating system.

How does Skype work from the smartwatch? Can I make calls from the smart watch?

How to sync your smartwatch to Skype

The method of integrating a smartwatch with your smartphone is through Bluetooth, which is used to synchronize the data of applications such as Google Fit, and other health apps. In the case of Skype, it is synchronized in the same way, and it will give us the option to receive notifications of calls, video chats and conversations on our smartwatch. However, it doesn’t go much further.

The truth is that Skype function for smartwatch, so much for Android Wear as for Apple Watch, allows us reply to text messages with short sentences using voice dictation, or with predefined responses.

In the same way, we have the possibility to start new conversations through the voice dictation function of the smartwatch, so it does not limit us to simply replying to incoming messages. However, the function that many expect is the possibility of answering and initiating calls and video chats through the smartwatch, a feature that, to date, is not yet available for any clock operating system.

Learn step by step how to use Skype on your Android Wear Smartwatch or Apple Watch quickly and easily

At the moment, you still won’t be able to use your smartwatch to answer Skype video calls, but we can still take advantage of the integration with our mobile phone, through which we will have access to very interesting functions.

Let’s see next:

On Apple Watch

The smart watch designed for iPhone and iPad It is one of the best on the current market, with a seamless integration between mobile and smartwatch. By being connected, We can receive all our notifications on the clock, allowing us to manage them more easily. The first step is to connect the Apple Watch to our iPhone, with the aim that both devices synchronize and the notifications reach the watch.

To do this, just follow this procedure:

  • In you iPhone, open the control center and activate the Wifi and the Bluetooth.

IPhone Control Center

  • Since the connection functions of the smartwatch are permanently active, You just have to bring the watch closer to the mobile so that it is linked automatically.

Once both devices are connected, notifications will be sent automatically. automatic to our smartwatch if you have the Skype app installed. If not, you can get it very easily in the AppStore.

To reply to a Skype text message on your smartwatch, just follow these steps:

  • Click on the notification from Skype on your smartwatch.

How to reply to Skype messages from a smartwatch

  • Select option Answer.
  • Choose from one of the predefined responses.
  • If you want a more specific answer, select the microphone icon and dictates the response of the message to the smartwatch.

On Android Wear

Android Wear is the Android operating system dedicated to smart watches, and has a wide variety of applications that make it an extension of the mobile, once the connection between both devices has been made. Although the Skype application for smartwatch will not allow us to communicate by video calls or voice calls, Yes, we will have access to other functions of the application.

To start using Skype services from your smart watch, you can do so through the following procedure:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth on both devices.
  • Open the smartwatch connection settings and enter the Bluetooth section.

Activate features on Android

  • Select the mobile in the list of Bluetooth devices that you will see on the clock screen.
  • Follow the steps to pair both devices

Once the watch is paired with the mobile, you can start receiving notifications from your applications on your smartwatch. In the case of Skype notifications, we will be able to see incoming calls, and we will be able to reply to text messages. To interact with the call function, we must bear in mind that, although we can answer, we will have to use the telephone to be able to speak with who calls us.

When you receive the call notification on your smartwatch you will have two options:

  • To answer the call, select the green iconOnce it is answered, you will have to use your mobile to speak.

Answer calls from a smartwatch

  • To reject the call, select the red icon on the clock screen.

As for texting, we will have much more freedom to manage them from the smartwatch.

We can read the content of the messages received, and we can respond through various tools, as follows:

  • Open the Skype text message notification on your Android Wear.
  • After reading the content of the message, you can press the option Answer.
  • You will have the possibility to choose between Redefined responses to sendr, just by pressing on the template and pressing send.
  • To send personalized responses, you will have to activate the voice dictation option, with which you can dictate the desired answers.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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