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Without a doubt, one of the most used programs in Microsoft’s office suite, it’s PowerPoint. Which, consists of a tool that allows you to create presentations of any kind, through slides which are defined as panels in which the information to be displayed can be entered.

Thus, in this software, there is the possibility of enter any amount of text, add formatting and edit it, like enrich it through visual and audiovisual elements, such as images, animations, graphics, audios, videos, etc. Considering that, it is a program that is distinguished by support a high level of customization.

Added to that, Microsoft PowerPoint is characterized by its great versatility and flexibility. Reason why, besides everything, it also allows you to use various types of templates to create a new presentation that exhibits remarkable originality. To know what are they and how can you use these templates, we invite you to read this post.

What is a PowerPoint template and what is it for?

Basically a PowerPoint template defined as a master or layout outline of a slide or group of slides that contain certain elements based on a specific purpose (one class per classroom or a business plan, for example).

In that way provide fonts, colors, effects, background styles, and even content. In this sense, a PowerPoint template It is a model that aims to display content according to some established guidelines, with the aim of satisfying the needs of users and meeting their requirements.

Therefore, these types of patterns are used to:

  • Save time: Since you won’t have to design each slide of your presentation from scratch, you can save a great deal of time around the design and layout of the content to be exhibited. So, you will improve your productivity greatly and you can illustrate your ideas with further help.
  • Get a guaranteed customization: Despite the fact that PowerPoint templates are schemes that start from a pre-designed base, the truth is that each user has the power to customize all the aspects they want (typography, colors, distribution of the elements, etc.).
  • Choose from a wide variety: The templates of this software Microsoft too serve to have great versatility. In other words, you can choose the scheme that best suits your needs, with total freedom. Considering that, on the Internet, there are numerous packs that have various uniquely designed slides for preparing presentations.
  • Get professional results: In view of the fact that, in general, PowerPoint templates They are created and designed by professionals in the field, from them, you can ensure you obtain completely professional results and with that, you will increase the technical image of your work in the eyes of the spectators.

Learn step by step how to edit a PowerPoint template

In view of the fact that pre-designed PowerPoint templates support high levels of customization, of course, it is possible to edit them to the point of achieving the result you expect to present the required information. Therefore, it is relevant to know how you can modify a Powerpoint correctly.

Next, we detail the processes to follow in these cases:

Edit texts

First, to change the content that the clipart template, what you have to do is edit the text found there.

For that, the steps to follow consist of:

  • Once you are inside the file PowerPoint, you have to find and select the slide to edit.
  • After that, double click on the section in which you want modify panel text.
  • Now, you must choose said text to delete it with the indicated key on your computer and thus, proceed to introduce the words you want to present in your document.

Edit texts

  • When you place the text you want to display, you can edit it to your liking through the tools in the tab “Start”. Specifically, in the Source and Paragraph groups; in order to adjust it as you prefer.

Edit texts

It should be noted that the same procedure must be carried out with each and every one of the sections in which you want to edit the text of your slides, throughout your presentation of Powerpoint.

Edit graphic elements

Just as there is ability to edit text found in templates downloaded and used in PowerPoint To create new presentations, the program also allows modify graphic elements that contain them.

For which, you will have to carry out the following procedure:

  • To get started, go to your new PowerPoint presentation and find the panel that contains a certain graphic element that you want to improve, edit or change.
  • Then, locate the item and begins to carry out the editing required to obtain the expected result.
  • If you want remove it, you just have to double click on said element and press the “Del” key on your computer. Thus, immediately, it will proceed to be deleted.

Edit graphic elements

  • If you prefer to change it, double click on the element and go to the tab “Image Tools”> “Format” to adjust all the parameters you want from there. For example: modify color, change image, compress image, transform artistic effects, remove background, add outline, effect or image design, fix size, etc.

Edit graphic elements

It should be noted that the options or tools for editing the graphic elements, basically, it depends on what kind of elements are treated.

Change colors

Among other things, if what you prefer is to choose to optimize the colors of your presentation, so that it looks more similar to what you want to display and you can achieve better customization, it is advisable to change the colors of the predesigned template.

In this case, the steps to be taken would be the following:

  • Initially, as in the other procedures, it is essential that you enter the document of Powerpoint to edit and open your downloaded template.
  • After that, you have to find the slide from which you want to start changing the colors and choose a section of it for it.
  • Once this is done, proceed to double-click on the element to optimize and go to the tab “Drawing tools” and “Format”.
  • Now, go to the Shape Styles group, click on the option that says “Form fill” and from the box they show you, choose the color to show.

Change colors

  • To change the colors of all other elements in the presentation, you will have to carry out the same procedure. Taking into account that, it is advised modify the colors to match each other in order to present a truly professional presentation.

Change colors

  • Also, if the slide has an image and you prefer to keep it in your presentation, but modify its color to add a bit of originality; you can also do it. In this case, select that image, click on “Image Tools”> “Format” and in the Adjust group, click on “Color” to choose one of those that are available.

Change colors

List of the best portals to download PowerPoint templates

Even though the same program Microsoft has numerous solutions to download the predesigned templates directly from the platform and use them with total freedom, the truth is that, many users prefer to download these patterns from other sites.

Therefore, in this section of the post, we will specify which are some of the best portals out there to obtain templates compatible with PowerPoint and ensure complete productivity:


Being a website which is characterized by being responsible for transforming design into a much more didactic and accessible environment, given that it has various graphic design tools, It is considered an ideal alternative to download templates to use in PowerPoint. Considering that, it has different models for presentations in the particular style of said software.

Thus, you will only have to enter the web in question, access the section of “Presentations” for choose and download your template to open it on the platform and edit it as we teach you in the previous part. Considering that, there is no need to transfer a model to the PowerPoint. Added to this, the design of the Canva slides have the particularity of exhibiting a high level of innovation and thus, it guarantees you professional results.


It is an online platform that brings together numerous styles of PowerPoint templates And for that reason, it manages to adapt to the requirements of all types of users, considering that it has from the simplest to the most elaborate schemes. In that way hosts around 900 models that are editable and customizable.

Among its main characteristics, we highlight that, Visme gives you the possibility to navigate around the objectives of your presentation, in order to find the best possible option to create the document of PowerPoint. It is even a site that deals with suggest certain templates compatible with the topic you want to discuss. It is appropriate to distinguish that, is a platform that allows you to register for free and offers different prices.

Creative market

Consists in a Web page which provides a lot of options for create PowerPoint presentations of any kind and thus, it is characterized by providing innovative and high-quality solutions for its users. In that sense, offers several free models, as well as other patterns that are paid (which are much more exclusive).

For their part, in addition to obtaining the presentation outline, users who choose to use Creative Market will also be able to acquire the graphic and typographic elements to introduce along the slides. In this way, it guarantees greater exclusivity and also focuses on providing infinitely customizable solutions. In addition to this, the platform allows buy slides for google, website layout, logos, CV patterns, etc.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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