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Social networks have become one of the most important tools for most human beings, especially for those who are promoting your business through them. And is that power monitor in networks is very important to be able to make a mainly follow your brand.

Due to the importance of power monitor trends on all these platforms, a large number of tools that help you do it much more easily. This is how it can currently be found TwitterFall, a tool that will help you monitor all trends and patterns posted by other users of the same platform.

Thus, TwitterFall will let you know what is currently being spoken on Twitter, what are the most used words, offers you the option of geolocation, among many other important functions. In accordance with the importance of this tool, here we are going to explain a little more how you can use it on your Twitter social network.

What is TwitterFall and what is its main use on Twitter?

What is TwitterFall and what is its main use on Twitter?

East website has been designed primarily for users of the Twitter social network, which will be able to use it to know what are the trends and patterns published by other users within the platform. It works as a server in the cloud in which tweets fall across the screen, what makes it an option ideal for presentations.

This platform works through all social network search trends, so you can discover what are the current topics and share them with all members of the community. Another advantage this offers is that it allows you to do geolocated searches, this way you will know what Tweets are the most published in your place of residence.

This way you have the opportunity to know what topics are the most searched in a specific place. A very important tool for those who They are promoting any type of business on the platform. You also have the opportunity to see your timeline on the social network, This will let you know how much time you spend on it.

Other important options that can be achieved in this website, is that it offers you the possibility of change a variety of presentation options, where you will be able to modify what is the size of the letter, the speed of reading the tweets, the color of the font, among many other customizable elements that you will find there.

Learn how to use Twitterfall to monitor trends on Twitter

Learn how to use Twitterfall to monitor trends on Twitter

This website as already mentioned above provides you with a series of advantages when wanting to know what it is the most popular within the social network, either to worldwide or in your area of ​​residence.

Based on this, here we are going to explain how you can start using Twitterfall to monitor Twitter trends:

  • To make use of this tool it will be necessary that go to the Twitterfall website, there you must enter your Twitter login details.
  • Then a window will appear where you should authorize the website to access your account. To do this click “Authorize application”.
  • To know what are the trends of the moment, you simply have to go to the search bar, there it will appear which are the most searched words and topics of the moment.
  • In case you want to filter these searches by geolocation you must click the general feed and there follow the most popular message trends on the portal, in this case you must configure the search criteria and there in the location item select the place or country where you want the search to take place.
  • If what you want is to adjust the speed of message flows, as well as customize the tool to modify the size of the letters, the color of the font and many other aspects you should go to the section of “Setting”, which you will find in the panel on the right column of your screen.

List of the best alternative tools to TwitterFall that you should know

Today you can get a wide variety of online tools that you they will allow you to monitor everything that is trending on the Twitter social network. That is how TwitterFall It has become the number one option for this today. However, it is possible that for some reason you do not want to use said website, but you want try other viable alternatives for it and what do they offer you Very good results.

This is how here we are going to show you a list of the best alternative tools to TwitterFall that you can start using:


In this website you go to have the possibility of having all the necessary tools to discover what are the most popular tweets of the moment, as well as knowing what are all the upcoming events available in your city. In addition, it stands out for being very simple to use, for this it allows a full screen display without advertising. It also offers you three types of transitions between tweets.

To do the respective searches within the web platform you can do it either by entering keywords, users, place or country where do you want me the search is carried out or through the hashtag.



This is another of the websites currently available for perform advanced searches within the social network, for this you will have a form professional that will allow you to filter searches either keywords, by tweet language, by username, geolocation or hashtag. It also gives you the possibility to combine tweets with background images to make it much more attractive. To access go to the following address “”

It also has an excellent appearance that will help you have a much more pleasant experience in it, you will have animations and transitions in tweets, animations of background images, you can modify the colors and fixed background image, among many other options that you will have available there.


It stands out mainly for its ease of use, and it is that this website has a very good organization of all your tools, which are organized through columns where you can see details as they are keywords, hashtags, among others. One of the advantages is that it is very little customizable so you must adapt to their appearance. Here you can simply choose if you want appearance is black or gray.

To use this portal you simply must link it with your Twitter account, for this you enter your login details, that way you can start interact with other users of the net, either mentioning them in tweeting or retweeting. It also has a Premium version where you will have many more functions.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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