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The clipboard is a tool one of those that go unnoticed, but that without them our way of using the computer would be very different. Imagine that, if it didn’t exist, we would have to transcribe everything we do now with a few simple clicks. In the same way, we could only paste images by saving them on the device and then inserting them into other documents.

Knowing its utilities is that we understand the true importance of the clipboard. But there is still more. And it is that with the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system several additional functions have been added.

For this reason it is essential that you do not miss any of these upgrades that this important tool has received. To know all the new functions that you can perform, in addition to copying and pasting, we invite you to read this post.

Steps to use the W10 clipboard like a pro

Steps to use the W10 clipboard like a pro

We all already know the basic function of this tool and how to use it. If you do not remember, we will tell you that three key combinations are used to copy, cut and paste. These are “Ctrl + C”. “Ctrl + X” Y “Ctrl + V” respectively. It can also be done from the menu that appears when you press the right mouse button on a selected item and you can only keep one at a time. But surely you already knew this.

What really interests us are the new clipboard utilities. To activate them you must perform these steps:

  • Press the right mouse button on the Windows logo found on the taskbar.
  • Choose “Setting”.
  • Then select “System” It is one of the first options.
  • This section in turn contains several types of modifications. They are located on the side panel. Among the last we will find “Clipboard”.
  • Within this you can activate the new features added with Windows 10.
  • One of them is the “Clipboard history”. This makes us expand the limit of saved items from one to the ones we want. That is, unlike the traditional, now we can copy and cut the amount of text and images we need without losing the previous one. They will only be deleted when we turn off the equipment.
  • Activate it and start copying multiple items. Then, to paste any of them, press the combination “Windows button + V”.
  • This it will bring up a small window with everything that we have been collecting throughout the session. Choose what you want to paste and it will appear in the selected place.

As optional, it is possible to anchor some elements to that record. This will exclude it from being manually removed. And how is this last process done? Then.

How can I delete the clipboard history from my PC? Learn to do it step by step

How can I delete the clipboard history from my PC?  Learn to do it step by step

With this new feature activated it is likely that we do not realize the amount of things that we have been copying. This runs the risk of reducing the efficiency of the equipment. Fortunately can be reversed by emptying the history.

There are two methods to achieve this. Both will remove from the same everything we’ve copied and cut except for whatever is pinned:

  • The first is accessed from the history itself, that is, by pressing “Windows key + V”.
  • Once there we will give click on the three vertical points listed in the corner of the boxes.
  • Within the options we will choose “Erase everything”.
  • If you want to do it individually with each item, scroll between them with the keyboard arrows and press “Suppress”.
  • The second way is through the settings menu. As we mentioned before, it is accessed from the right button on the Windows logo or with its shortcut “Windows button + I”.
  • We will go again to “System” and then to “Clipboard”.
  • We will find there the button “Delete” which will clean up all the history content except for pinned items.

Discover how to share items from your clipboard with all your Windows devices

Discover how to share items from your clipboard with all your Windows devices

This is the other great novelty that Windows has prepared for us in version 10. The same allows us to store the texts and images that we place on the clipboard in the cloud. This content will be available for all devices in which we have logged in with the same credentials.

It is important to say that all of them They must have Windows 10 and the same Live account login information:

  • To share the clipboard content on other computers and tablets, go to the system settings. This is done by pressing the gear icon listed in the start menu.
  • Once there you must press “Clipboard”.
  • Active “Automatically sync the text you copy”. It is necessary to mention that this function does not allow the transmission of images.
  • You can disable this of the same mode in this window.

We hope this text helps you your way of copying and pasting information evolve. You will see that in time it will be just as essential as Control + C and Control + V.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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