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Windows has different tools that allow the user to save time and work more efficiently. But to improve the level of experience, it is necessary to know all the functions and tricks that the operating system has.

Few people know that you can avoid going to documents to find the spreadsheet you work with every day. This can be done in a much simpler way and it is through the creation of a direct access to that file.

Just as there is this shortcut, there are also others that we will show you in the following paragraphs. When you finish reading this article you will know how to better organize your desktop and taskbar so you always have what you need on hand.

How is this workspace composed?

How is this workspace composed?

The Windows desktop It is an area that was created so that the user can find programs, functions, Gadgets and any other type of tool that are necessary to generate a better experience in operating the OS.

The desktop, or main screen, is made up of a lower part in which the start button. This is used as a command to access the different functions that the operating system has, it is represented by the Windows logo.

After the Start button follow the Search bar, in which you can write the name of a section or application to facilitate its location. For this case, you can also enable Cortana, which is a voice assistant that allows, through dictation, to find the necessary functions. Because of this, at the end of the search bar the microphone icon which you have to press to activate the wizard.

Next to this bar are the anchored programs, which are shortcuts that the user uses frequently and avoids going through other paths until they find these software. Next to the pinned programs you will see the taskbar. Which permanently shows what files you have open. This tool helps to go faster, since you can skip, by means of the mouse, the programs.

Finally, at the bottom of the screen you will find the Notification area, is made up of startup software and drivers. For example, language, clock, system notifications, WiFi connection, antivirus and many others. It may happen that on some screen you cannot find this taskbar, this is because it is hidden. In order to see it, you will need hover over that area in order to show up.

So far we have talked about the taskbar, but this is not the only thing that makes up the desktop of this operating system. Most of the visual field is used by a background or wallpaper, which can be changed according to user preferences.

In addition to this wallpaper, you can find icons of programs that have direct access. Although they are similar to the anchored programs, they differ from each other, since when you open a window, the shortcuts disappear while the software that are anchored in the bar do not.

You can also find Gadgets. They are tools that help the user to obtain information about the weather, the calendar, the world time and any other information they wish to download.

Steps to use the Windows 7 and 8 desktop like an expert

You will be able to get the most out of your Windows 7 and 8 operating system according to the tricks that we will teach you below:

Add shortcut

Add shortcut

When you are at the desktop you should follow this guide:

  • Right click on an empty area.
  • A window will be displayed in which you must choose “Select New.”
  • Then you must click on “Direct access” and then you must choose where the element that you want to incorporate as a direct access is located. To do this, you must press “Examine”.
  • Tap on “Next”.

Remove shortcut

If you want to delete a shortcut, you just have to select it by right-clicking on it. Then you must choose “Remove”.

Move icons

To organize your icons in a way that is easier for you visually, you will have to click on the one you want to move it to and, while holding down the mouse, you must take it to the place you want.

Put custom icon to a program

All icons have a default icon. Windows is given the option to modify the appearance of these by changing them to the one you like best. To be able to carry out this task you will have to right click on the application that you want to edit it. Then you must choose the option “Properties” and then you will have to look for the tool “Change icon …”.

When you click on it, choose “Examine” and an area will open where you can choose the available icons. Click on the one you like the most and then you will have to click on “Change icon” and then on “To accept”.

Pin charms to the taskbar

Pin charms to the taskbar

When you need to have applications at hand you can pin it on the taskbar. For this you must choose the program you want, keep it pressed and take it to its destination. You can also do it by pressing the right mouse button and selecting the option “Pin to taskbar”.

Disappear the taskbar

If you need more visual space to work on your computer, you can make the taskbar disappear. To do this you will have to right click on the taskbar and select the option “Properties”.

Once the window with the menu opens you will have to search “Automatically hide the taskbar”, click on it and press “To accept”.

Organize all items automatically

Organize all items automatically

The steps you will need to automatically sort the icons and all the elements that you find on the wallpaper will be the following:

  • Press the right mouse button somewhere empty on the desktop.
  • Choose the option “See”.
  • In the submenu that will appear you will have to choose “Organize icons automatically.”

Learn to use the Windows 10 desktop like a pro and be more productive

Windows 10 is prepared to save the user time and thus be more productive. For this, has developed different shortcuts that allow you to have different programs at your fingertips. We will teach you how you can become a professional using this operating system.

Add shortcut

To add a shortcut to the desktop you must right click on an empty place on the screen, choose the option “New” and then click on “Direct access”. A dialogue window will open in which it will ask you what item you want to add to the desktop.

To choose the program or file you must click on “Examine”, choose its location through the file explorer and then click on “To accept”.

Remove shortcut

If you want to delete the shortcut that you no longer need, you just have to select it with the right mouse button and choose the option “Remove”.

Move icons

When you want to move icons within the desktop you must press and hold it and, without releasing the left button of your mouse, you will have to take it to the place you need it most.

Put custom icon to a program

Put custom icon to a program

A fun way to have your desk is to change the icons of the programs that you have on your screen.

To do this you must select it by right clicking, then you must choose “Properties” to display a menu of options. In this window you will have to look in the shortcut tab for the section “Change icon …”.

If you want to choose quickly, you can search for them in the area where the default icons are. Otherwise, you must press “Examine”, The file explorer will appear in which you must choose which one you want. You must bear in mind that the same must be in icon format.

Pin charms to the taskbar

You can pin an icon to the taskbar simply by selecting it and holding the left mouse button. Then you will have to take it to the taskbar.

If you want to do a slightly longer path, you must right-click on it and select “Pin to taskbar.”

Disappear the taskbar

If the programs that you have open in the task bar deconcentrate you, you can make them disappear. For this, you must press the right button of your mouse on the taskbar and choose “Setting from the taskbar “.

A blue window will open where you will have to activate the option “Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode”.

Make the taskbar transparent

Make the taskbar transparent

The taskbar has a black background, but this does not mean that it will always be like this, since you can transform it to a transparent appearance. In this way you will gain visual space without losing the icons and programs that you have open.

The advantage of this system with respect to hiding the taskbar is that with the second option it takes a few seconds for it to become visible again. Also, if you are used to seeing all open programs, you will always need the bar at the bottom.

The steps you must follow are:

  • Download the Microsoft app, Translucent TB. “”
  • Follow the installation steps and when finished click on the icon in the notification bar.
  • To make it transparent, you should bear in mind that you must first have the option unchecked Open at boot. Then, you should go to Regular and choose Clean.

When you want to deactivate this option and return to the original task bar, you must right-click on the icon and then on Exit.

Arrange all icons automatically

If you want to automatically organize the desktop icons, you will have to right click on an empty place on it and then choose the option “See” and then click on “Arrange icons automatically”.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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