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Nowadays, Twitter is estimated as the leading microblogging service in the world. Thus, one of the largest social networks that dominates the market and this, it achieves because it is about a simple and educational platform that allows you to communicate with millions of people.

In this sense, it is considered a site that reveals notable advantages for its users, who have a total of 140 characters to publish the content they want, in a practical and simple way. Thus, elements that are known as “Tweets” and from which the members of Twitter they can interact with each other.

Therefore, each user has the specific option to comment on the posts of others on the social network. However, many people do not know what type of users can freely comment on your publications or how to access these comments or even, what to do to leave comments on other people’s posts. Which, we’ll clear up right away.

Which users can comment on my Twitter posts?

First, it is essential to know who are the people who can comment on your Twitter posts or your tweets, without any limitation. Which basically it will depend on the nature of said tweets, since they are handled so much “Public” as also “Protected” in Twitter. In that sense, if your tweets are public, Anyone active in the social network will have the power to see your publications and comment on them.

Taking into account that, this type of post is designated through the default settings in your account. But, if you have decided to protect your tweets, These can only be viewed by your followers on Twitter and, failing that, they will have the option to comment on these posts. However, this particularity will allow them to take screenshots to your tweets and share them.

For its part, it should be noted that, when you choose to establish your tweets as protected, They cannot be retweeted by your followers. Furthermore, they will not appear in third-party search engines and consequently will not show up in Google results.

Learn step by step how to access the comments made by other users on your Tweets

Luckily, see the comments that other members of the platform leave in your Twitter posts, it is extremely easy. But, to be much more specific and provide solutions to those users who do not know how to do it, we proceed to explain the steps to follow to access these comments directly from your smartphone or using your computer.

Let’s see below how to access from the different devices:

From the phone

Many people today prefer manage your social networks from the comfort of your device mobile.

That is why we will begin to teach the indicated process to read the comments of other users in your Twitter post, through the smartphone:

From the phone

  • Open the Twitter mobile app Y access your account, entering the corresponding data. If you do not have this application yet, you must proceed to download and install it from the app store corresponding to your operating system.
  • Then when you are in the Home section, press the icon of your profile picture located in the upper left corner of the panel and there, select “Profile”.
  • Followed by that, at the top of all your tweets, you can see several available tabs and among all of them, it is necessary that click on “Tweets and replies”.
  • Once this is done, you will access the specific section that show your posts along with comments left by other users.

However, such comments can also be observed from the Notifications section of your account.

From the web

In case you want to carry out this procedure using your computer, you will simply have to access the official website of the platform, to carry out the following steps correctly:

From the web

  • Once you log into your account using the corresponding data, it is time to click on the option “Profile” found in the left sidebar of the Home part.
  • Later, as in the previous case, you will find a series of tabs available at the top of your tweets. There, press where it says “Tweets and replies” to start seeing the comments of other members of the social network.

Find out how to comment on the posts of other Twitter users

Yes, beyond observing the comments of other users on Twitter, you want to comment on posts other than yoursYou also have the opportunity to do it from your mobile phone or using the web version of the social network.

Here, we show you how to do it:

From the phone

To leave comments on other tweets, it is important to keep in mind that you can do it from the Home section of the platform or in the profile of the platform member; regardless, if you do it with your smartphone or computer.

Having said that, below, we detail the steps to run it through mobile:

From the phone

  • Once you find the post to comment on, you can simply press the cloud icon dialogue located at the bottom of the tweet, to leave your answer there. Specifically, in the window that indicates the message “Tweet your answer”.
  • Also, you can choose to click on the tweet you want to comment on and with it, said publication enlarged with a bar that says “Tweet your answer” and from there, you can enter your comment so, click on “Reply” and ready.

From the web

But, if instead of using the twitter mobile app to leave comments on other users’ posts, you prefer to do this directly from your web version, for convenience or for any reason; we also explain you the proper procedure to perform it correctly.

Let’s see the steps to follow below:

From the web

  • First of all, proceed to find the post you want to comment on. Either from the Home tab, through the user’s profile or from any section of the social network.
  • After that, go to the bottom of the post in question and click on the dialog cloud icon. In this way, a new window will appear and the complete tweet will be displayed along with a bar where you should tweet your answer.
  • To conclude and publish the content, you only have to click “Reply”.

In any case, that is, using the mobile app or the web version of Twitter; you can insert images, GIFs, polls and emoticons in your comments. You even have the possibility of schedule the exact date and time of posting those responses.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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