View Saved WiFi Passwords in Windows 8  Guide ▷ 2020

The digital age has made many aspects of everyday life easier for us. Today it is possible pay accounts, perform transfers, log into documents and so many other things from a computer or mobile phone.

However, all this is usually password protected. The problem occurs when all these passwords are mixed and we finish forgetting us or running the risk from write them in some scorer.

This happens very often with passwords to the home network. Because they are stored in the devices, we usually forget them. It is not until a visit or we change smartphones when we become aware of the situation. So, if you use windows 8, we will show you how to view it.

Learn step by step to see the passwords of the WiFi networks of your Windows 8

Learn step by step to see the passwords of the WiFi networks of your Windows 8

Find out what the password of your Wifi network is a very simple process. Of course, the only requirement is that you are connected to it. For the following, do not worry that it is a safe and allowed process.

Just follow these steps:

  • Make sure be connected to the network for which you want to view the password.
  • In the start menu type “Net”.
  • Among the results you must choose “Center network and sharing”.
  • Once in this window you will be able to observe the network name to which you are connected. It is blue. Press with left click once about him.
  • The system will show you a small window called “Wifi status”, there you must select “Wireless properties”.
  • Within this new menu, go to the tab “Security”.
  • Once there, check the box “Show characters”. For this, you need to be the team administrator.
  • If you want you can copy characters and paste them elsewhere.

Tips for creating strong passwords for your WiFi networks

Tips for creating strong passwords for your WiFi networks

You have already seen how easy it is to access this information from your computer. Sometimes it also takes little effort for malicious people access this data. Therefore, it is important to create a strong password. This is one more way to prevent attacks.

To achieve a strong key, we recommend the following tips:

Don’t use easy-to-get data

You for example birthday date or birth, or that of any member of the family. Other common mistakes are choosing the address of your house, including information on credit card receipts or subscriptions. Especially if you live in a building with many neighbors.

Don’t use consecutive numbers

Although this recommendation seems too much, you would be surprised how many people have a password “123456”, “Abc123” and others like that like “QWERTY” or “Password”.

Try to include different characters

Preferably, don’t use words and opt for single characters. If you add capital letters, lowercase, numbers and others symbols your password will be strong. One way to achieve this is through mnemonic rules. For example “Vivo andn andl 7mo piso Y nunca tengo orn anduro ”that could become “Vee7pynt1 €”. If this is difficult for you, the best option is the following.

Use a password generator

One of the safest and impossible to guess or break through programs is by using a password generated automatically and randomly. This way you can choose the length and the character types which will include.
Programs and applications that offer this service often charge a fee or are unsafe. Luckily inside Internet Step by Step we offer you our own tool for free. Just click here.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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