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A computer is much more than just connect to the internet or do office work. In other words, it is a small world that we must know to know how to walk in it.

A system and a PC are made up of different characteristics. Don’t you know what your computer’s are? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here we will show you how to access that team information and the different methods that exist to extract it.

If you don’t know the importance of information that the device offers usIn the last section of this post we will explain what each of the characteristics that we can observe are for and what to do with them.

Methods to view operating system information in Windows 10

Know the information of our operating system lets us know what to do with our equipment. For example, if we want to install software, we must know which version is compatible with our PC: 32-bit or 64-bit? We will obtain this information from the operating system.

Do you know why we must have the information of the operating system? So you can know the information of your OS, we leave some methods that really work.

From “About”

To be able to enter the information of our system in Windows 10, this is the simplest method. To start We just have to click on the Windows 10 search engine which can take the form of a magnifying glass on our taskbar. Note that the icon is the wizard symbol “Cortana”.

Follow the steps:

  • Entered in this we must write in the blank field “About your PC”, and immediately we will see a list of results, having first the option that we must choose.


  • Clicking “About your PC” A configuration window will open where it will show us all the information on our computer.

make sure your pc configuration

From “System Information”

Like the previous method, this is a very simple procedure. Only we must go to our taskbar and place in the search engine “This team”.

Follow the instructions below:

  • By clicking on it, a window will open where we will see the available discs.
  • In the section of “Devices and drives” we right click on the disk and from the drop-down list that appears we press on “Properties”.

devices and drives

  • When we click on “Properties” We will see a window that shows us all the information about our system, from the version we use to the name of our team.

team information

Systeminfo at CMD

In this case we will use the command prompt, many do not like to do anything with it CMD, but it is many times provides a better result:

  • To be able to access the command prompt we must press the “Windows + X” key.
  • In doing so we will see a list of options, among them is PoweShell ”(Administrator). That is the one we must select.
  • The command prompt for administrators will open. To see the information we write Systeminfo “ press enter and wait for it to load all the information about our PC and operating system.

symbol of the system

What kind of information about our system will we see in this section?

We can find a lot of information about our system, but Do you know what to use that information for? If you do not know the importance of what we can find.

Here we will show you what to do with the details of your system and equipment:

OS Edition and Version

 windows edition

In this section we will see that shows us the type of Windows that we have installed. It should be noted that there is more than one version of Windows 10 and each one has different characteristics.

Each version of Windows 10 is adapted to a need, so if you want to change or modify any feature of your version, you will first need to know which one you have installed on your PC. For example, as you can see in the image we have Windows 10 Pro installed.


windows system

With the information from the RAM, we will know how much is the capacity of our equipment, how much we have occupied and the amount of space that we still have free. Knowing this is very important, since if we want to install software, we must first check whether or not we have the space so that it can function normally and does not affect the health of our PC.


If we know the processor of our equipment, we can also know what are its capabilities. So not knowing it would be a total risk that we take if we want to start in the world of technology on the right foot.

Type of system

As we already mentioned, the type of operating system is very valuable information that we must handle if we want to install any software, since A 64-bit program cannot be run on a 32-bit computer. Knowing this, we will know what version of programs we can install.

Windows Status

Knowing if our Windows operating system is active or not is of the utmost importance, because A computer that is not active cannot upgrade to new from Microsoft. In addition, we are subject to different privacy hazards.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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