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The cache is the copy of a web page, That stored instantly when the browser enters a portal. In this case, Google, as main search engine, make a backup copy of the site.

The shelf life of a copy is 6 to 11 weeks, since the original page is in constant updates, so Google you need to refresh the stored information.

This copy is used by the search engine to coincide with the searches made by users on the Internet.. In case the page does not respond, loads very slowly, or is not currently available or has been deleted, you can still visit the version of the portal that is stored in the cache of Google. Find out how to view cached web pages!

Steps to view cached web pages on your computer

Steps to view cached web pages on your computer

Review cached web pages it is relatively simple. The procedure can be carried out from any browser. This includes: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, among others.

The steps to follow are the following:

Open the browser

Go to “Start” and select the browser of your preference. You can also access it from a shortcut on the desktop, or on the toolbar.

In the case of Chrome and Firefox

Open the browser from Google Chrome or Firefox. Go to the address bar and enter the URL of the search engine you use. Mainly, Google is the most common, although there are others like Bing or Yahoo!

Enter a search

  • In the search box, search on any topic, object, or website you want to enter.
  • In the page results, locate the URL in green letters and click on the arrow pointing down. A small menu will be displayed with two options: Cached Y Similar.
  • Clicking “Cache”, you will be entering the backup copy of that website, which is stored in the computer’s memory.


View cached web pages on your computer via URL

  • Another way to view cached web pages is via the following URL: “Http://”.
  • After the colon (:) you have to enter the address of the page you want to enter. For example: “”
  • Similarly, to further simplify the process, it is enough to enter in the address bar: “Cache: domainweb”. For example: “cache:”
  • The procedure is exactly the same in any browser, since they all use Google as the main search engine, and it is in charge of storing the backup copies of the sites you visit.

However, the procedure is practically the same in other engines, therefore, view web pages stored in cache It is very simple.

Opening a web page through cache is very useful in various situations. Especially when:

  • A website has been deleted by the domain owner. If you have a backup copy of the portal, you can access the latest version loaded on your computer.
  • The page is collapsed. Massive web traffic influences the download of the portal. If you receive many requests at the same time, it will take longer to open. To save browsing data, it is preferable to use the latest stored version of the site.
  • Charging is slow. Using the cache copy allows the page to download much faster, since it has elements that are already uploaded to the website.
  • The content of the page is blocked in your region. You can access the previous version of the cached portal, although you will not be able to receive the next data updates.

What are the main limitations of websites loaded from cache?

What are the main limitations of websites loaded from cache?

Use a cached website is not always the solution. Although it offers many advantages, it also has notable limitations.

Among the main negative points, we can mention:

Limited life time

Backups stored in the computer’s cache have an expiration time, that is, it will remain stored for a certain time. As mentioned above, it is normal for it to last about 6-11 weeks. After that time, if the page remains inactive, the copy will be disabled, and you will not be able to access the portal.

Deletion of data

For performance reasons, the system takes care of delete the oldest data from the computer, to allow entry to new backups. Web browsers have tools that clean up storage space, and delete all the copies that they consider unnecessary.

Last version

You can only enter the last cached backup. However, this means that you will not be able to interact with the content, as the portal is not being updated. Therefore, the web page only works in read mode, until it is updated.

Data consistency

What appears on the screen is not always the same as what is stored in the cache. This is a common problem, caused by frequent modification of cached data, which disrupts the backup, and does not display all the items it should display.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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