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For years, YouTube is considered one of the most important platforms for watching and posting videos, all over the world. Therefore, it is a completely essential means for those people who decide to show their talent or share content of interest, dynamically and at low cost.

In this sense, there are many users of this social network who choose to enhance their personal brand or business through it and, fortunately, many of them report successful results. This, in principle, because they manage to gain visibility with their target audience; that is, get numerous subscribers for their channel.

Now, to continue strengthening your personal brand through the tools that Youtube provides, it is valuable to know how to visualize the number of subscribers your channel has. That way, you can get to know your audience more thoroughly and thus, optimize your marketing strategyConsidering that, it is also possible to see which country those followers come from.

Can I see everyone who is subscribed to my YouTube channel?

Now, before specifying the step-by-step to follow in order to view the subscribers you have on your YT channel, it is important to know certain details of interest in this regard. Taking into account that, one of the most relevant parameters of all, lies in discerning if it is possible to see all the members who are registered in your channel or not. Given this, we specify that, It is only possible to view those subscribers who decided to make their subscriptions public, basically.

In addition to that, the service will show you the people who have subscribed to your channel during the last 28 days. Thus, in order to learn more about each of them, you can click on each user to visit their page. Additionally, we recommend sort the list of subscribers that your YouTube channel has, in order to establish a better strategy around them. Valuing that, there is the possibility of organizing them to look at the latest or most popular first.

On the other hand, we highlight that, there may be certain subscribers who have recently suspended their YouTube account and for that reason, they will not be found within your subscriber list. Other than that, in case you come across the message “There are no subscribers to show”, it means that your channel does not yet have registered viewers and, therefore, it will be necessary to evaluate the reasons for this problem.

Learn step by step how to see the people who are subscribed to your YouTube channel

Having clarified the above, it is time to explain the process to follow in order to see who are the people who are subscribed to your channel and that they have chosen to make said registration public on the platform.

Here, each of the required steps:

  • First of all, access your YouTube channel, either from its web version or through its official application. In case you have not logged into your Google account before, click on “Access” in the upper right corner of the web and enter your email address along with your password.
  • Then, press your YT profile picture icon and there, in the drop-down menu, click on the “YouTube Studio” option.

Learn step by step how to see the people who are subscribed to your YouTube channel

  • Followed by that, specifically in the section Channel panel, displays the information found in “Channel statistics”And in that section, you will find the exact number of your current subscribers. Of course, only those who decide to make their subscription public.

Learn step by step how to see the people who are subscribed to your YouTube channel

Learn how to see which country your YouTube channel subscribers are from

Apart from being able to view the number of public subscribers your channel has Youtube in real time, the video platform also offers you the possibility of knowing which country these subscribers are from.

This, in order to have important data to study your audience, optimize your strategy and share content that meets the interests of those users. However, many content creators who promote themselves through Youtube, they still do not know how to use and take advantage of this functionality present in the social network.

Therefore, below, we show you how you can see from which country the viewers registered in your YT profile are:

  • As in the previous case, you have to enter your channel of the video social network to access the YouTube Studio option.
  • Later, go to the options bar on the left side of the panel and select “Analytics” which is the tool corresponding to YouTube Analytics, specifically.
  • Now, in the Channel Statistics section, you will be able to see from which country the subscribers who enjoy your videos come from, what their gender is, as well as what is the behavior of said users normally. Thus, a functionality that allows you to get more out of the social network to optimize your channel.

Learn how to see which country your YouTube channel subscribers are from

For its part, it should be noted that this YT channel used to visually exemplify the explained procedure does not present such details based on subscribers, since it does not possess and, therefore, does not have visibility on the social network.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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