Virtual Communities  What are they? + List of Alternatives ▷ 2020

Virtual communities have become one of the most important factors in recent years, where more and more users that are included in this type of activities where they share a information series with third parties.

This is how these communities are used especially for exchange a series of knowledge with other people in order to complement different ideas raised by some of the members. All of this has helped solve endless problems thus offering great results to its participants.

That is why here we are going to explain a little more about what this type of activity is about and what are the best options to discuss all this over the internet.

What is a virtual community and what is its history from its origin and evolution?

What is a virtual community and what is its history from its origin and evolution?

All of this is known as a group of individuals or institutions who pool all their efforts for what is the ordering of data processed on the Internet, where they are transmitted through an online service or virtual channels as emails, forums, newsgroups among others.

These virtual communities they can be very diverse and specific, where they end up involving individuals from different countries and cultures in one place.

Usually these groups or forums are made up of people from different geographical locations but who have a common interest or theme, where they take advantage of a online space as website or online service to share all your knowledge.

All this activity began to develop from the 70s of the 20th century, where it was especially used for what it was the exchange of data and information from military, scientific and academic academies.

However, all this has been increasing and improving as the Internet has evolved, being the same as today virtual communities have become a massive phenomenon which has expanded to social networks.

What are the main goals for creating an internet community?

What are the main goals for creating an internet community?

These sites of brainstorming are formed from common interests among a group of individuals, who are organized to carry out a series of proposed objectives where any type of issue can be handled as long as all its members are interested.

They are generally characterized by being spaces within the net where users or students exchange ideas, publish content and store information in different formats in order to increase your knowledge. According to this, here we present the main objectives of this type of activity.

Exchange of information

Perhaps the most important of all, these activities are created mainly so that each of the people who make up these forums or groups can start increase your knowledge by sharing information of each of the users, taking into account that they all have the same interest is common on a particular topic.

Offer support

This point ends up being very important for everyone, and perhaps one of the most key points to the success of this activity. This will largely depend on the good development of the group or forum, where each of its members has the mission of offering support to the other with each of the doubts raised. This will help create a greater empathy between each of the individuals.

The communication

It is important that each of the users is fully aware that they have to offer all your knowledge openly, for this the conversation between all and that it be achieved socialize informally through simultaneous communication. All this will allow each of the people to express your ideas and in the same way receive the necessary help on each of your concerns.


All these online sites are specially created so that a group of people can begin to discuss information on a specific topic, where each of the users is interested in it and knows about the subject or simply wants to learn.

According to this, it is essential that there is a healthy debate where everyone express your ideas and knowledge with the aim of complementing each other, thus clarifying any type of doubt.

What are the most outstanding characteristics of a digital community?

What are the most outstanding characteristics of a digital community?

Virtual communities have been characterized throughout all these years for being virtual learning spaces or channels where a group of people exchange ideas, publish information and store with the aim of increasing their knowledge on a specific topic.

This is how here we present the main characteristics of these activities:

User loyalty

When we talk about loyalty, we refer specifically to the degree of user commitment to the forum or meeting website. This will be marked in the number of visits, participation and type of participation.

The participation of the person

Each of the members is in the obligation to participate in the group so this can contribute your knowledge the same. In the same way, you can offer an active or passive participation, mark a leadership or prestige within the community and ultimately value all this participation.


Here it will be reflected what commitment has each of individuals with respect to the forum And what respect does he have for the group’s demands.

Common interests

It is important that all members have common interests, this will notably help meeting site success. If everyone works for the same purpose, the objectives will be clearer and more precise.

Sense of belonging

For any organization or activity to function successfully, it is important that each of its members have sense of belonging. That is, each of the members must work and contribute everything that is within your reach so that it is recognized in a successful way.

The ability to influence each of the members

Each of the members will work in a different way, this is where you can see the capacity of each one of being able to influence before others, reaching a point where a specific person takes the leadership of the site.

The identity

It is very important that none of the individuals have a anonymous identity, that is to say that each of them must be shown real shape, either with a specific nickname or avatar that reflects it. All this indicates that for participation it will be necessary to have a user and password.

Establishment of relationships within the meeting place

Each user must begin to establishcreate different relationships with other forum membersEither one-on-one or group relationships. All of this will help each person to create a stable and comfortable environment inside the place.

List of the 10 best virtual communities to learn and debate on the internet

List of the 10 best virtual communities to learn and debate on the internet

Today there are different web platforms that allow their members to create different idea exchange forums so that they can gain new knowledge or simply reinforce it. All this through different debates created by a group of people who have a single theme in common.

In this way, here We present the 10 best virtual communities on the Internet:


This is known as one of the oldest communication tools on the web, it was one of the first technologies that were created on the Internet and that today continue to be one of the most used tools in the world.

Currently, it has been used email lists as one of the most important factors for CV management, but in turn is associated with platforms that serve support and mechanism for the virtual community.

Therefore, this type of medium is commonly used to establish different communication groups between different individuals either to carry out themes educational, information, research, among others.


One of the most popular social networks around the world and which allows each of its members to create or establish an ad wall where share information so they can be seen by others. In addition, they have the opportunity to comment and interact in each of the publications published there.


Wikipedia is known throughout the world for being a open communication medium for everyone to consume on the Internet, where you can often find all kinds of information.

However, it also has a association made up of collaborators and people who constantly debate on specific topics, and in turn correct it, translate it or create new articles with the aim of maintaining each of updated projects for the reader.


Known to many as a P2P connection software that gives each of its members the possibility to establish communities for what is the exchange of data and virtual information from their computers. In this way, each of them can create your own database to later be shared and be of personal interest to others.

Microsoft Community

One of the most popular virtual forums on the net, where a daily group series of individuals who can interact with the company in order to obtain solutions to technical problems, and in turn make or receive recommendations, as well as express their opinions.


It is a social network which works mainly as a association of romantic interests, where each of its members have the opportunity to meet other people and in turn get in touch to exchange information.


This website is currently in a important information association about different literary matters, where they are constantly being published books, contests, news, calls among others of public interests.


Facebook is other of the most popular social networks all over the world and one with more Active users currently, it gives you the possibility of create an open data and information sharing partnership with the public. It is characterized by being very easy to manage, which will not be any problem using it.


This network has been designed primarily for professional purposes In all areas. However, if we compare it with Facebook or Twitter it is less expanded.

In fact, the main objective of LinkedIn is power create and improve all organizations between professionals and companies, thus creating a medium where all its members can perform a knowledge sharing with the aim of collecting those who have better performances.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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