Voice Internet Protocol  What is VoIP and how does it work? ▷ 2020

Technology has advanced so much that even phone calls have improved. VoIP is one of those remote communication improvements that a call service offers us via internet protocol.

This system transforms voice into data packets that are sent to their recipients in order to communicate, offering excellent audio quality, and without interruptions. If you want to know more about this new technology that will help us improve our communication, in this post you will find everything you need.

We also leave you in the last section the best VoIP platforms, whose functions offer us good advantages in business communication.

What is voice over Internet protocol and what is this technology for?

The Internet Voice Protocol, is the new modality that allows us to make voice calls using only the bandwidth or some Wi-Fi network connection. This is a group of resources that make it possible to send the voice by means of a signal, which travels over the Internet using an Internet Protocol (IP).

Computer computer networks

The shipment it is done by means of data packets, totally different from what happens in normal calls that It is sent through the telephone circuit. VoIP circulates over any IP network, even those that can be found on the Internet, such as local area networks also known as LANs.

We can say that its main characteristics are:

  • Fast and simple integration video and POS.
  • It is considered totally independent of the network that supports it.
  • Establishes link to the common telephone network or also called as traditional telephony.

We can’t confuse voice over IP with IP telephony anymore that are different, and many of the people tend to confuse them.

One of the differences is that VoIP technology allows us to communicate over the IP protocol, while IP telephony is those that offer telephone services to the public, made with the help of VoIP technology.

What are the main elements of voice communication over the Internet?

Different elements are involved in IP communication. Next we will see what are those elements that intervene in VoIP communication:


Terminals are those that can be implemented both in software As in hardware, they are considered as substitutes for current telephones, the most used are Softphones and ATA.

The IP Phone

Physically we can say that an IP phone it is very similar to a traditional phone, but what if we can say that it is nothing similar is the way the voice is transmitted. The IP phone connects to the Internet through the router, hub, or cable modem, then makes and receives calls over the Internet. For this process we do not need to have a computer on, we just have to have good broadband Internet access.


This software completely simulates a conventional telephone through a computer. It allows us to make calls to any destination we have in mind or terminal, typically it is part of a VoIP environment and is based on SIP Proxy standards.

Analog ATA phone adapter

This analog telephone adapter or also known as ATA (acronym for Analog Telephone Adapter), is that device that allows us to connect a classic phone to a packet network or an internet protocol (IP) network, where its main function is as an adapter that transforms the analog phone into an IP phone through an Ethernet port.


It is a link that connects with the traditional telephone network, that acts in a transparent way for the user, in other words, it is the one in charge of bridging the signal from a conventional telephone to an IP telephone or vice versa.


This is the perfect substitute for current exchanges, since it organize everything we need in a VoIP call. It is usually implemented in softwares, which is considered to be the brain of the IP telephony network.


Finally, we have the Routers that allows us to link with other IP networks without having to use the conventional telephone network, resulting in an unlimited amount of free IP calls, which, when compared to cost, gives a great savings.

VoIP vs Traditional Telephony, which is better and how are they different?

VoIP calls transform voice into data packets without the need to go through any exchange until reaching its recipient in a digitized way, while conventional calls require a central where the voice is transmitted to the recipient, which is known as a connection between interlocutors.

While the conventional telephone requires physical lines to establish communication, IP telephony does not need them, but depends on a network structure, which does not generate no type of limitations, and thanks to this functionality, different users of the world could make a conference at the same time (multiconference).

Another advantage that is considered very important at the business level is that since it does not depend on any physical line, companies can establish a network connection between stores, forming an interconnected network with customers and suppliers, with the same single header number.

We can use our IP line with a Smartphone and multiple contact numbers, thanks to the fact that the contact numbers are hosted in the telecommunications operator’s cloud.

VoIP technology can positively help businesses, due to its wide range of reach and economic viability.

List of the best VoIP platforms to hire the service

Now that you know the most important aspects about voice over Internet protocol, it is time for you to know the best platforms that exist to take advantage of this technology that can change the way we communicate in the future.

Look at the following platforms:



East is a system that offers us digital telephony, with full-featured entrepreneurial qualities to enhance the company’s communication with its customers. To be able to use it you need a good internet connection. All numbers are saved digitally and we can always find them available no matter where we are located.



This is one of the applications that offers us a reliable source of communication. We can always find supports for our companies, with a technology service capable of communicating different people by means of a bandwidth.

It offers a VoIP sofphone which offers a comprehensive search of all contacts anywhere in the world. Offering compatibility with any operating system, such as Outlook, Windows, Mac, LDAP; XMPP, XCAP, Android, and more



This application is part of the Aurea family of solutions, which offers a complete experience for its clients. With this platform our communications system will be much simpler, and we can always maintain communication with all the people around us, or with all those people we need to connect with.



This platform is excellent for optimizing our communication. We can create a network, to be able to communicate effectively with all our suppliers or clients, where we can create a single head for the different contact numbers.



Is is a platform that offers us the latest functions in VoIP communication, whose technology allows us to maintain communication with all our users, has the most advanced cloud storage, which allows us to save all contact numbers, addresses and more information of everything we keep.

It is a platform used by large organizations such as Motorola, Uber and Netflix, Dialpad which offers the best connections, to make HD voice calls, video, messages and meetings on all devices.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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