WAV File Extension  What is it and how to open it? ▷ 2020

WAV files are known to maintain fidelity in the quality of the original audio. This is due to the method of safeguarding and storing the data in wave form that it presents.

Although .WAV audios are heavy, you can find a quite practical solution to use them on your Windows or MacOS computer. You will also be able to listen to your favorite songs on an Android or iOS mobile.

If you want to know how to do it, you will have to continue reading this post because we will explain in detail what a WAV is for and how you can use it according to the OS.

What is a file with a WAV extension and what is it for?

A .WAV file, commonly called WAV or WAVE, is a byte set that save audio information. It is used professionally, due to the ease of being edited with certain software. They can work in conjunction with other types of formats to avoid loss of audio quality. It has a large number of channels that allow the user to decide whether or not to compress the data.

If you want to work with first generation audios, the format Wav It is ideal thanks to the quality it offers, but if you are not going to compress it, it will be difficult for you to share it over the Internet due to its size. You can also use a WAV to save data, for this you will have to use a program that helps you do it. There are a large number of programs that support files Wav in systems Windows, MacOS Y Linux.

Steps to play audio in WAV format from any device

Actually, you shouldn’t do anything special to play audio in WAV format. Unless you have space problems on your device so you will have to delete some files to free up storage. But this does not imply that WAV audio playback has its secrets.

We will show you below the steps you must do in OS for computers and mobiles:

On Windows and MacOS

On Windows and MacOS

The first thing you should do on the computer is download an audio player application that supports .WAV. We recommend you Windows Media Player Y Manzana Quicktime for Windows and MacOS, respectively. If you want to know more details about these apps, we will explain it to you later. Once you have installed the player, you just have to choose the Wav that you want to listen to or work on. The program will automatically run it.

WAV files are generally heavy, and you will often get them in compression format to save space. You must bear in mind that, with these conditions, you will not be able to reproduce the file. For it, you will have to use a program to unzip it previously, it can be WinZip.

Download WinZip Windows

On Android and iOS

On Android and iOS

In the case of mobile platforms, you must also download an app to play audio. You can use VLC or Winamp, any of these may execute the WAV, But this does not mean that you cannot use others or those that come in your phone factory installed.

When you have the player ready, you will have to choose the file to be able to listen to your music and press Play. If the file is compressed, it will depend on the player to decompress it automatically. In case this does not happen, you will have to work with WinZip.

List of the best applications to record files in WAV format

The best applications to record files in WAV format can be found in the following list:

Windows Media Player

It is the audio and video player program par excellence of Windows. Can play files Wav and another large number of files in different formats. In addition, it is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. It has tools that allow you to equalize and adjust the sound according to user preferences. It is lightweight, making it an ideal choice for computers with little computing resources.

Apple Quicktime

It is the default program for Apple for MacOS computers. It has the ability to play a large number of audio formats, among which are the .WAV. You will be able to create libraries of artists or songs, according to what you need most. It has functions that are perfectly adapted to the browser Safari.

Download Apple Quicktime Windows

Download Apple Quicktime macOS



This open source program with the ability to play audio Wav you can download it for a large number of operating systems. Developments for Windows, MacOs, Android and iOS. It has permanent support that allows the software to be updated. This means that it is always fast, simple and efficient.

Download VLC Windows

Download VLC MacOS


It is another media player that is available for various platforms. So you can use it in Windows. It is very famous for its lightweight interface and the ability to play a large number of different files, the ones being .WAV one of those on that list.

Download Winamp Windows

RealPlayer – RealTimes

This renowned player for the environment Windows has the name of RealPlayer While for Android and iOS has another name, RealTimes. With this platform you will be able to enjoy the best videos and with excellent image quality. Its ease of use allows users to select and enhance different aspects of multimedia content.

Download RealPlayer – RealTimes Windows

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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