Why Should I Encrypt My Data?   Reasons to do it ▷ 2020

When you browse the Internet, you connect your device with the hosting that hosts the web you want to visit. This generates round-trip data traffic, which can be intercepted and decrypted if it is not encrypted.

It is convenient that you know why it is important to encrypt the information and encrypt your data of the Internet to avoid the main online security risks. You will find this in this post.

Further, We will explain to you if you should worry that companies know your consumption habits and we will talk about how governments act on this issue.

What are the main security risks for your online data?

Within the main security risks suffered by your data is the possibility that companies obtain your information without the corresponding authorization. In this way, companies know your consumption habits and use this information for their own benefit, sharing your data with third parties or for the development of their marketing plans.

Another important risk to online security is when untrustworthy users obtain bank or credit card information and they steal money from your accounts without you knowing. This also happens with social networks, email and any other platform that is managed by you and that to access them you need to know your private data.

Do I have to worry that companies know information about my consumption habits?

Do I have to worry that companies know information about my consumption habits?

The most important thing to know is that no one, without your consent, can know your movements and consumption habits. For this reason, when a company finds out about your preferences on certain products it is violating the law, since you are not informed of this and trample your rights established by regulations.

However, companies likewise access this type of commercial espionage to offer you invasive advertisements that generate needs that you do not have. In addition, as we told you before, your data is sold to interested third parties, so it also violates your personal rights. This is why the Cookies Law established by the European Parliament through Directive 2002/58 / CE has been created in Europe.. Which regulates access to private information with the express consent of the user.

Snowden and the NSA How do the governments of the world violate our privacy?

First it is important to say that Edward J. Snowden is an American born in 1983 and that he had a failed attempt to enter the Marine Corps of that country. Then decided to join the counterintelligence service of his government due to the great potential it showed for computer analysis and espionage.

Sonwden began working for the National Security Service (NSA) and for the CIA where discovered that the United States government recorded telephone calls and accessed the servers of the main Internet companies. So he was aware of all the movements that his citizens made. This prompted Edward Snowden to give an interview to the British newspaper The Guardian in which he expressed his discontent and expressed his concern for his freedom and possible death sentence.

This movement resulted in the Russian government granting asylum to this computer genius and it will provoke great diplomatic tensions between both countries. Today Edward J. Snowden is considered a traitor to the country by the United States government. All of this reflects the capacity and habits of governments of the world in violating the privacy of our data and of the activities carried out on the Internet by maintaining an espionage on each citizen.

List of the best tools to be safe while connecting to the Internet

We will show you below a complete list of the best tools to be sure while browsing Internet.

Let’s get started:


Linux is an open source operating system that allows you to choose a distribution, also open source, to install on your computer and be able to work with any type of task. The advantage of this OS is that updates are received permanently because users have access to comment on the security problems found and to propose solutions quickly.

You can also adapt, if you know about the computer language, Linux to enforce your privacy using only the kernel It is distributed by the person responsible for the operating system. This will benefit you, since you can configure all the parameters and use them to your advantage.



This is a web browser that is characterized by the encryption of user data when connecting to the Internet. So it allows you to browse safely and anonymously, since the connection is made in layers avoiding being tracked. Its use is simple, you just have to install the executable and then access the pages. If you prefer, you can use the search engine DuckDuckGo, which does not keep records and improves privacy substantially.

Download Tor Windows

Download Tor MacOS

Download Tor Linux


It is another of the most secure open source browsers that exist today. It is developed with Chromium and offers its users the service of data storage, login and location lock, in other aspects. This generates a great browsing speed being able to use incognito browsing tabs. The interface is similar to that of Chrome, so its use will be familiar to anyone.



As we mentioned in previous paragraphs Linux It has distributions that specialize in certain tasks, so you just have to choose the right distro for your needs. This is what happens with Tails, which is a distribution that is intended to preserve anonymity and privacy when browsing the Internet.

When you use this distro you do not leave a trace on your computer, for this you will have to resort to using a USB memory. This allows you to have another operating system independently on your computer and you should not worry if the PC has viruses, since it runs independently.

Download Tails SO


A browser that you can use in any operating system and is characterized by incorporate an ad blocker for free. In this way you will avoid being tracked by connecting to a virtual location different from the real one and you will be able to use incognito browsing tabs to improve privacy.

Download Opera Windows

Download Opera macOS

Download Opera Linux


The advantage it has is when you use an antivirus is that the program detects any spy files that you may have installed in your team or what are you about to download without you noticing.

In this way, every time you browse, you will be sure that you will delete cookies and any other program that may harm your privacy. You will find a large number of antivirus that you can download on the InternetSome are paid and others you can download for free. Try to choose a known antivirus that offers permanent updates so that you are protected all the time.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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