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One of the versions of Microsoft’s operating system that has stood out the most from the rest, refers to Windows 8. Since, it is an OS that has given much to talk about, due to its remarkable changes that transformed different legendary elements of Windows. In view of this, it has received numerous criticisms, but also is distinguished by its benefits.

So, Windows 8 is defined as an operating system that features high compatibility with external devices, offers efficient operation regardless of the hardware to be used and includes different utilities that, previously, Windows users did not have. As, is the first operating system to provide an app store and also admits a great notable of personalization.

Now, to acquire an optimal user experience, they look for different solutions through which can customize your PC to the maximum. Therefore, they are interested in customize the characteristic Windows 8 Start Menu which differs from the other versions of this operating system. Therefore, in this post, we will focus on provide you with information of interest about said section.

What is the Windows start menu and what is it for?

Basically the start menu refers to an element of the user interface used in Microsoft Windows since its first version. Thus, it is classified as an elementary section of the system whose objective is make a presentation of the main possibilities that the user has to perform tasks.

In this way, the Windows start menu is characterized by being a graphical list of shortcuts to different functions such as common programs or options, such as: Shut down the system, folders, documents, etc. Therefore, it is very useful to access the various options of the system and with it, have a quick access. Thus, it is an element that It serves to have as a reference the most used software or applications on the PC.

In general, these are displayed vertically and with this, in a privileged way, the menu in question presents the most used from the top positions. Additionally, this menu also provides the possibility of show all installed programs that are hidden, due to space. Even another of the visualizations provided by the start menu is based on an interface to control the settings available in the OS.

What are the differences between the Windows 8 start menu and other versions of the operating system?

What are the differences between the Windows 8 start menu and other versions of the operating system?

The main distinction between this element with respect to Windows 8 and all other versions of Microsoft’s operating system, lies in the disappearance and the great change that said menu showed, simultaneously. Since, in W8 the corresponding home button was eliminated and, therefore, it cannot be obtained the same way. For its part, instead of offering the different options by pressing the button located in the lower right corner.

The new Windows 8 menu focuses on a new interface to run any program that occupies the full screen. Thus, users can have direct access to much of the content on the computer in one place. The reason why, it was so revolutionary and criticized at the same time. Therefore, in order to understand the operation, it is recommended to bear in mind that the start menu will occupy the entire screen. When, in fact, this is the new interface known as “Modern”.

In which, necessarily, users must enter to run any program that do not have your shortcut on the desktop. Unlike the traditional start menu that offer this as a list. However, since the suppression of the menu was not very well accepted, the company decides to have back the legendary system Start button through Windows 8.1. However, when you click on it, the common start menu does not appear, but instead toggles between the Start screen and the computer desktop.

Learn step by step how to customize the start menu of your W8

Beyond the different criticisms for which W8 was pointed out, this is an operating system that is also distinguished by the different advantages it provides to users in order to improve your experience. One of them refers to the remarkable level of customization that it allows to acquire and, that is why, also offers the possibility to customize the start menu in W8 easily.

In this sense, below, we show you several tricks of interest so that you can optimize the controversial Windows 8 start menu, correctly and depending on your requirements:

Change order of icons

Change order of icons

While it is true, the Windows 8 start menu is proportional to the home screen presented by this operating system. In which, by default, you can manage the icons corresponding to the shortcuts you use the most. As a consequence, for optimize the appearance of said screen, it is possible to modify the order of the icons as you wish.

To do this, the steps to follow are:

  • From the desk from your computer, proceed to right-click any blank area.
  • Followed by it, Choose the option that indicates “Organize icons”.
  • Then you have to click on the command that indicates how you want to organize the icons. In this case, it can be by: Name, type of element, size and modification date.
  • Done the above, if you wish organize the icons on your own, you have to uncheck the “Auto-organize” box.
  • If you prefer the system to order them automatically, keep the “Auto-organize” box enabled.

Modify classic desktop icons

Modify classic desktop icons

For a better level of customization, you can also use this functionality. Through it, it will be possible optimize the appearance of your home menu or home screen by changing the classic icons it displays. Taking into account that, through Windows 8, the icons can be modified without having to resort to a third-party application.

To do this, the procedure is based on:

  • From the section start, choose the icon to customize and right click on it to be able select the option “Properties”.
  • Second, they will show you a new window in which you have to click on the “Direct Access” tab.
  • Now, locate the option “Change icon” and click on it to obtain another window from which it is possible to search for the new image of your icon, in the different folders available on your PC.
  • Finally, simply you must click on “Accept” and apply the changes to modify the icon.

It should be noted that, for this to work, the image of the icon to use it will have to be in .ICO format.

Improve the start menu background

Improve the start menu background

With the new start menu that offers Windows 8, its users have more advanced settings to optimize the appearance of it through different colorful backgrounds and even allows you to modify the color of this so that each person make the combination you like the most.

If you want to make this change in order to have a personalized desktop (start screen or start menu), the steps to carry out are:

  • Mainly, make use of the keyboard shortcut “Windows + C” with the aim of opening the famous Charms from Windows 8.
  • Then it’s time to select “Settings” to there click or press on “Personalize”.
  • After that, they will provide you with different options from which you can choose a background image, a color and even an intonation hue.
  • Also, if you don’t like the pre-existing funds in W8, the operating system also gives you the ability to use a custom background by clicking the background in the lower right corner.

Install the traditional Start menu

Install the traditional Start menu

If you are one of the users of Windows 8 that, in short, does not get used to the start menu so different from this operating system, there is a solution for you. In view of the fact that, from this trick that we will introduce you, you can bring back the traditional start menu to W8 installing it manually.

Thus, the required procedure consists of:

  • First of all, locate the taskbar in this operating system and right click on it.
  • That way, a menu with different options will be displayed in which you have to select “Toolbar”. There, you will be presented with another additional menu that allows you choose “New toolbar”.
  • Then a new window will open and in it, you have to go to the disk that contains Windows. Usually it corresponds to disk “C:”.
  • Then click on “ProgramData” and proceed to click “Windows”.
  • Now, it is time to select the folder “Start menu” to be able to press the button “Select folder”.
  • In this point, The famous start menu will appear on the taskbar, automatically. Considering that, when using it, you must click on the “>>” button located on the right side of the Start menu.

Thanks to this technique, although you cannot change the way it is used Windows 8 by default, if possible switch from desktop to start menu easily, through the toolbar.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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