Windows Security Issues  What are they? + List ▷ 2020

Windows is one of the operating systems most used around the world. This is due to the ease of use, its business strategies and also the architecture of the design it presents.

But this does not imply that it does not have security problems to protect private data of computers. To solve these problems, Windows requires its users to perform the updates that throws.

So that you know in greater depth what are the problems of the analyzed OS, we have prepared this post for you. You will be able to find a complete list with the weaknesses and also different alternatives to Windows.

Security in Windows How secure is this operating system?

While is true that Windows provides updates twice a year at least, due to the vulnerabilities that are detected with the use of the operating system and also with the appearance of new manuals, It is not considered one of the most reliable and secure OS out there. This is due, in principle, to the rigidity that the system offers in its architecture and also to the ease with which some hackers they have been able to breach their security barriers.

What are the main security problems that users have in Windows?

Before starting, you should keep in mind that these security problems are fixed by installing patches that ran with the operating system updates.

If you want to know what the main security problems are, keep reading:



The virtual voice assistant that offers Windows is a vulnerability presented by the operating system. You can access documents stored on your computer, even when it is locked. In this way, any intruder could be filtered by this means and access private data.

Adobe flash

While it is a complex vulnerability that is related to this software, it is a manipulation of an unknown input that acts on the operating system. Through Adobe flash, a hacker can execute commands on the computer and have full control of the device to access confidential data.

Crypto API32

These files, belonging to the library dynamic links Win32 DLL, count among their lists with the crypt32.dll. It is housed on the hard drive to carry out different operations, which were compromised by attackers to install malicious software posing as legitimate. That way, hackers could enter through this security flaw to affect the user in different ways.

File manager

Through a USB memory that connects to the computer with Windows 10 operating system, an intruder can access privileges and download malware that will affect the privacy of the user putting the security of the system at risk.

Microsoft Office 2016

Through the creation of a program that is inserted into a HTML to be executed in the browser through a file of Word, an attacker can run files to perform DDOS attacks or any other threat to the computer.

Internet explorer

Although this browser is no longer the one that is predetermined by Windows 10 due to the appearance of Edge, at some point it presented vulnerabilities. Through these, it was possible to enter the virtual memory of the operating system thanks to a failure called Double Kill.

List of the safest alternative operating systems to Windows that we can use on computers

Here are the best computer operating systems you can use instead of Windows:


This is an exclusive Apple OS so you can work on Mac computers. This code closed and it is considered one of the safest that exist today due to the design of its infrastructure. It has exclusive tools that will allow you to save private data in the cloud and associate it with mobiles iOS.



An open source operating system characterized by its robustness. It is one of the most used today due to the high level of trust it offers to its users. There are a large number of distributions that adapt to different needs and users. Every time a vulnerability is detected, the same users make the necessary changes to keep the system safe. New versions are released approximately every two years being responsible for modifying the kernel a single company.


As you will already realize, this operating system It is designed by Google and is open source, since its kernel is based on Linux. Its graphical interface is very similar to that of the browser, so the windows that open are the same as the navigation tabs. Its development is still ongoing and offers a good number of elements that help protect user safety.



It is an operating system of Open Source with architecture x86. It is considered one of the best open source OS due to its great versatility It offers to adapt to different architectural designs with its more than 24 thousand applications available. It is based on UNIX and is ideal for multi-user they need to have two or more processors at the same time.

Wave OS

Born in 2010 and is developed with Open Source. It is one of the lightest operating systems that exist today due to controllers that adapt to obsolete technologies. It is highly sought after by those users who do not have advanced computer knowledge.

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