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Over time, Microsoft Word has been identified as the most used word processor around the world and, therefore, is the program that the vast majority of users use when creating, editing, personalizing or managing their digital writing. Especially, because it is installed on almost all computers, by default.

In this sense, one of the greatest advantages of Word is that it offers numerous options and functions that simplify practically all processes of this type. One of those functions, It has to do with the Document Views that it provides, according to the requirements of each user.

So to know more What are they about, what are their most important benefits and what types of views exist within this word processor, we recommend you continue enjoying this post.

What is the Document View section in Microsoft Word and what is it for?

While it is true, directly from its main page, Microsoft Word offers a full ribbon at the top, through which users have the ease of navigating the many functions it provides. Which have been distributed in the form of tabs and depending on the types of tasks to be carried out.

In that sense, one of the most useful sections when preparing and managing the documents in this program, undoubtedly, is the Document View section. Since, it is a tab through which it is possible to handle various types of view regarding the presentation of digital text.

In this way, it is possible to point out that, specifically, the Document View tab serves to choose the way to display the writing on your computer screen. Therefore, when creating and before sending, sharing or printing said text, you will have the possibility of observe how it will appear, depending on its use.

What are the benefits of the tool “View” Microsoft Word?

What are the benefits of the tool "View" Microsoft Word?

Since it is a very complete word processor, Word brings notable benefits to its large number of users. Which means that both from the tool “View” as well as all the functions it offers, this program aims to meet the needs of people when making any digital text.

Now, as well as ensuring excellent advantages in each of its available utilities, of course it also reveals important benefits around what is the Document View tab. Hence, below, We proceed to mention the most special pros of it:

  • It is a key element for ensure user comfort while brewing. Well, you will not have to resort to third-party tools to obtain the required visualization according to the purpose of the writing.
  • This tool allows you to achieve an ideal view, easily, according to the task to be performed (page design, text input, rereading, among others).
  • As well as ensuring user comfort, it also helps you save time when preparing your documents. Since, directly from the program, you will be able to make the pertinent changes based on its timely viewing.
  • Depending on the task you want to achieve through digital text, the tool of “View” allows to display greater professionalism in it, thanks to its much more technical aspect.
  • Due to all the types of document views that are available in Word, you can get excellent results in your writing. In other words, you will be able to do a very good job with total simplicity.

Types of document views What are they and what are they for?

As we have pointed out throughout the post, the Microsoft Word View section provides several options that can be adapted to the requirements of all users of this program. But surely you wonder What are these types of document views and what are they for?

Therefore, below, we proceed to name and detail each of these types, so that you can use them correctly while projecting a digital text in Word:

Page design

Page design

It is also known as “Print layout” and it is the most common sight in this program. Since, from it, you can view and edit the document as it will appear on the paper once it is printed. So, in this type of view, Word will display the sheet with its respective margins.

Among other characteristics, of course, the text can be seen as if it were on the printed sheet and contains its essential elements, such as the font, color, header, footer, columns, and breaks. These utilities being the ones that are basically displayed in the page layout view.

Reading mode

Reading mode

Consists in a view designed to read the document, solely and exclusively. In other words, once you select this type of presentation, you will not be able to write or edit the Word document in question. Therefore, it serves to maximize the space available to view and interpret your writing, in order to avoid distractions when reading and thus verify that it is totally correct, for example.

It should be noted that it is also known as “Full Screen Reading View” and, basically, it offers the possibility of making comments and carrying out those actions that are similar to those carried out when analyzing a book. Either highlight words, search for specific words or phrases, and put the words bigger, temporarily, to simplify the entire reading process (using the zoom bar).

Web design

Web design

If what you need is publish your Word document on a website, this type of view can be very helpful for you. Because it basically allows you to view digital text as if it will be exposed on a web page. Which is why Microsoft Word currently allows create documents with HTML extension so that the user has the possibility to post it on the web directly.

For its part, in this kind of Word view, the “dead space” seen around the document sheet, will be deleted automatically; being that, its main peculiarity. Taking into account that, in addition, the other elements that are suppressed with the web design view are: headers, footers, the watermark and the left margin rule.



Another type of view available in Word is the Outline View that, simply, shows the document as an outline and has the necessary tools to do so. This means that only the titles of each of the contents of all the pages corresponding to the document in question can be seen specified in the document.

In this sense, if you need to see the sections of the document with points or flags, the Outline View is the most appropriate for it in Word. Considering that, therefore, the vast majority of the elements of the writing will disappear temporarily (except comment numbers) and each paragraph is exposed behind a bullet point. Thus, all levels of bullets that appear can be moved up and down, formatted, as well as quick searches.



As its name implies, it is a view of the document that provides the option to visualize it as if it were a physical draft. This, in order that the user can modify or edit it quickly, as well as making the changes that you consider appropriate to ensure an optimal presentation of the document, in a very easy way.

That is why, once you select the Draft View on the ribbon, the display form with which it is displayed will change. the text displayed on the pages of the document will be observed, solely and exclusively. Consequently, several elements will not be manifest in this type of view and among them are: headers and footers.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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