Write in Vertical in Microsoft Excel  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Microsoft Excel is a program of spreadsheets, at least that’s its main function. However, it is in addition to a very versatile software and recommended for making any type of comparative tables. Also works great for sort information.

Reasons for this are for example its coloring tools, layouts and text orientation. These utilities, along with others, serve to facilitate reading at the same time that they take away monotony from the document.

In particular, changing the orientation of a cell can be very useful in that sense. If you want to know how to modify this parameter, we recommend this post.

When is it better to write vertically than horizontally on a spreadsheet?

When is it better to write vertically than horizontally on a spreadsheet?

The main reasons for making this change are above all aesthetic and dynamic. We recommend using it when the title of a column is disproportionate to the width of the content subsequent. That is, when you have columns with very short texts or numbers with few digits and the title is too wide, you can rotate it.

For example, a column that contains “yes” or “no” and its heading is “Dominican Republic”. It can also happen in a weekly stock control, where the values ​​are numbers less than one hundred. In such a way it will remain “Monday 18th”, “Tuesday 25”, etc.

But it is not only possible to orient a text horizontally or vertically. So is choose any angle of rotation. This is especially useful for double entry boxes. Being able to fill the first cell with the column and row description. (As shown in the picture)

Learn step by step how to write vertically in an Excel spreadsheet

Ultimately, the reason why you decide to rotate a text will always depend on your needs. What we can tell you precisely is the method you must follow to make it.

To do this, continue with these steps:

Learn step by step how to write vertically in an Excel spreadsheet

  • Start Microsoft Excel. If you don’t have a shortcut on your desktop, you will find it in the “Start menu”.
  • Create a new template or open one that you want to modify. You can perform either of these two options from the welcome page.
  • Select the cell or cells that contain the text to be verticalized.
  • Inside the tab “Start”, you will find the section “Alignment”.
  • Click on the icon made up of the letters “Ab” on a diagonal arrow.
  • Doing so will display five direct shapes. Which are “Angle up, down, vertical text, Rotate text up and down”.
  • You will notice that none of them contain “Horizontal text”This is because if you need to return the text to its original orientation, you will only have to deactivate the button that you used to rotate it.
  • Among the quick alternatives offered by this drop-down, there are two ways to put a text vertical. The first is “Vertical text”, which arranges the characters one on top of the other, without rotating them themselves. The second preserves the respective angle of the same, but rotates the set.
  • It is important to say that, in the latter, the alignment actions take the cell as horizontal.

In the event that you want to rotate the words included in one or more boxes to a specific angle, you must do the following:

Rotate words to a specific angle in Excel

  • Select them.
  • Press the secondary button of the mouse on them.
  • Choose “Cell format”.
  • In this new window, you must choose the tab “Alignment”.
  • Within it you will have to indicate the degrees of rotation in the section “Orientation” or do it freehand with the interactive table.
  • To undo this transformation, follow the same steps as in the previous case.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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