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It is time to have a control of the work tools. For many people it is difficult to work keeping an exhaustive record of what they do, in this article we will show you what you can achieve with a file extension .XLSX, that in itself is the fundamental piece of what we know from Excel.

For all those people who like to work in an orderly manner, a file with extension .XLSX fits perfectly so you can keep order in your company or undertaking, in addition, of a personal use.

Here you will find the complete information of what is a file with an .XLSX extension and how to get it on your computer or Smartphone, a short list of applications that you can use with this type of files and how to convert an .XLSX file to a lower rank such as XLS.

What is .XLSX files and what are they used for?

files with extension .XLSX

Files with the .XLSX extension are the cornerstone of Microsoft Excel, With them you can build spreadsheets to keep track of an infinity of exponent things.

The truth is that This .XLSX file is an enhanced version of Microsoft Excel 2007, with functionalities perfected to its previous model .XLS. The main difference between one and the other is that the latter is quite heavy, which of course is not the case with its most current version of the digital file.

There will always be improvements, but for now this is the most current, and It is excellent at completing complicated math tasks and other more everyday functions such as keeping several spreadsheets in the same document. In it you can use multiple instruments such as data sources or entire accounting notebooks.

How to open and mount .XLSX image files on Smartphones or computers?

To open .XLSX files on Smartphones or computers, you only need the appropriate tools, for each of them there is a key way to activate. We will show you below how to open the files on the main devices.

On Windows PC:

To use this file or open links with spreadsheets, there is Microsoft 2019. This brings with it an excellent and promising Excel with a memorized extension of .XLSX. To use it just go to the Microsoft tray, choose the one that says “Microsoft Excel” and press the button that says “Open”. After this you should be able to view the document.


This program also gives you the ability to create documents with an .XLSX extension from scratch. What you should do is simply open it from the Windows programs list and then click on “Blank book”. After that you will see a blank excel sheet that you can fill in with the information you need to register.

On Mac computers

To open spreadsheets on a Mac, you need an external application since it does not have Microsoft packages because it is part of another company.

One of the best recommended applications on the web is iCloud Drive, which allows you to do much more than just open the programs because with it you can edit, create and calculate as you would in Excel. To use it you just have to press right click and in the list of options you will see the one mentioned “to open with”, Find the app on your list and double-click to access its usage.

On Android mobile phones

In an Android cell phone it is necessary to use an application, for this today there are many that can access a spreadsheet including Excel 2019, an App to open sheets with .XLSX extensions. You can download it from the Play Store easily, and you don’t need a lot of memory to get it, all this thanks to the current version of .XLSX.

Download OfficeSuite Pro Android

When you already have the App for spreadsheet files, just press twice and it will almost automatically open. Say that there is also the free version that is the one we leave in the link, although the Pro version is much more complete and works

On iPhone devices with iOS

Like the previous two, you need an App to access a spreadsheet on an iPhone, search among the many that There are in the App Store the closest one in 2019 and download according to the description the one you like the most. We leave you an option:

Double click, when it is already downloaded, on the document and you will be able to access to view, edit or create files with the extension .XLSX.

List of the best alternative applications and programs to open a document with a .XlSX extension without using Microsoft Offices

In addition to the apps that we mentioned in each of the devices mentioned above, there are many more that also have the ability to edit, create and read XLSX files with amazing ease.

So that you have a variety of alternatives, we are going to present you 5 of the best.

  • Google Sheets: is a application that works online and you don’t need to have Microsoft to use it. As in a Microsoft Excel, you can create the spreadsheets as you wish, as well as edit or open from a link. The difference between using this App and the Office tool is that one works with the internet from Google Drive and the other does not need online access. To access there is only one requirement and that is to have a Google account with which you can open Google Drive.
  • Office edition for Chrome: With this application you don’t need to have the office package at all. With her You can enter documents that you have already made in Excel office, but it is not necessary to have it installed to have access. In addition, you can use all the tools of a spreadsheet and at the same time you can save the changes or the document on your computer or Google Drive if you wish.
  • Onlyoffice Personal extension pFor Google Drive: This is one of the few spreadsheet tools that allows you to send your .XLSX files to all the spaces that the cloud gives you, such as Mega, Yandrex, Onedrive, dropbox, among many others.
  • ThinkFree Office Calc: this is a web application that has the ability to freely create, read and edit XLSX files as if it were Excel itself. What makes it special is that it has an entire virtual office where you can organize all your files and keep them secure in the cloud.
  • Numbers: this is the Mac version to Office spreadsheets. It is completely free and it is very easy to create, edit or read XLSX from its interface.

How to convert an .XLSX file to .XLS or any other format?

This is a fundamental point. Although .XLSX files are better than .XLS files because of the memory weight that each of them have, there are documents that work much better with the .XLS extensions, although most likely you have an old version of Excel that only reads the oldest version of these files. That is why I will show you how to change a file with an .XLSX extension for a .XLS.

There is a page that works great to specifically transform these files. The first thing you should do is have the file on your computer or Smartphone, then you must go to this web page which is basically a page to transform an XLSX document to an XLS one. There load the file and press transform, wait a few minutes and it will be ready.


You are already ready to use and create files with extension .XLSX, don’t miss the opportunity to use the best spreadsheet tool in the world and keep track of what you do.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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