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Every day more people realize the importance of taking care of their bodies and souls, some seek to improve their physical condition, flexibility, strength or control their weight while others through meditation seek to take care of their psyche. But society is also becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the phrase of the Roman author Décimo Junio Juvenal: “Mens sana in corpore sano” that means “A healthy mind in a healthy body” because the balance of both is one of the ways to live a full and happy life.

yoga in india

One of the practices that has gained a lot of fame during the last years is Yoga. But this physical and mental discipline has been practiced since XVII B.C, according to archaeological remains that have been founded. And according to hinduism yoga is everlasting and has always existed. It is a practice that was born in India, a country where you can feel some vibrant energies throw your senses, as it is a cradle of cultures, including Hinduism and Buddhism between many more, which emphasize the importance of meditation and do not consider it as tool for stress reduction or relaxation, but as a way of life. That’s why if you want to become a professional you should find a yoga center in india.

Advantages of attending a yoga teacher training

If you are one of those people who have discovered a new way of life thanks to yoga and enjoys doing it every day perhaps you have thought about the option of becoming a teacher and making your passion to your work. In that case you will be wondering if there are any opportunities and what are the advantages of taking a course in which you will specialize in this discipline.

We encourage you to follow that dream as it is one of the best occasions to be initiated as a yoga teacher.

Nowadays there are more than 500 million people in the world who practice this discipline, and this number increases by 12% every year!

In addition, this practice is attractive both for people who are already sporty and for people who have never done any fitness/health activity.

Another advantage of becoming a teacher today is that you can travel to the birthplace of this discipline and take yoga courses in India. That way you will be able to fully experience and breathe the air in which it was born and evolved. Not to mention that the native teachers have grown up with this practice and transmit it in all its essence.

Where should you search for training

As explained above, it is best to start your journey as a trainer in the birthplace of Yoga. There are many websites from which the courses can be booked, among them we can highlight Kavaalya, a website that offers a variety of courses in meditation centers in india and specialized centers. Taught not by professors, but by masters of this discipline, who have grown up surrounded by it and have “breathed” it during their whole lives. They are the most qualified people to transmit their learning. In addition, in India you will not only be trained but you will also experience a process of integration that will become a part of you. 

“Yoga is not taught, yoga is transmitted”

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