YouTube Community  What is it? + How It Works ▷ 2020

More and more people are join the YouTube platform to share content. This has meant that sections or functions have been enabled so that content creators keep in contact with each other and with their followers.

Such is the case of a new area known as YouTube Community. This is nothing more than a space for youtubers interact with your followers without having to do it through another platform.

However, there are certain details to take into consideration regarding the issue. Therefore, we will explain what are the requirements to publish, what is it, how to publish and much more. Pay attention!.

What is the YouTube community and what is this section for?

What is the YouTube community and what is this section for?

Is a space dedicated exclusively for YouTube content creators to have contact with their followers. In this way, they can interact with them and keep them informed regarding news, developments and much more.

Among the contents that can be shared in the community are:

  • Texts.
  • Live videos.
  • Playlists
  • Images.
  • GIFs.
  • Records.

The idea of ​​this section, is to create a fun space where you can improve the links between youtubers – audience, without having to go to another platform or another social network. This means that you no longer need to follow your favorite youtuber on Instagram, Facebook or any other network. You just need to access your community.

What are the requirements for posting to the YouTube community?

Youtube It is very clear with the requirements that creators who wish to publish within the community section must meet. First of all, it is a section that is enabled for channels with more than 1,000 subscribers. When you get to that amount, for a maximum of one week you will already have access to this section. However, you may have the problem that you meet the number of followers but still cannot see it. To solve that, they recommend enable custom channel layouts.

The instructions to change those settings are:

  • Login to YouTube from a computer.
  • Click on your profile picture.
  • Then go to Your channel.
  • Click on Customize channel.

After you have done it, you can create a channel preview for new visitors, or add channel sections to customize the design of it. In addition to that, another fact that you should know is that those channels that have the public configured as “Created for children” some functions may be disabled. If this is your case, check how to set the audience at the following link: “”.

Why use the YouTube community tab? Main advantages

There are many advantages to consider over using the community tab of Youtube. First, it is a slightly more exclusive area reserved for all your followers and people who are really interested in your channel or content. This causes a link between the youtuber and his audience.

Without a doubt, it is ideal to keep your community informed without the need for them to have to move to another platform to stay updated. Also, if users have done the proper configuration, will receive a notification each time posts are made of the community. This way you will be able to notify the publication of a new video, contests and much more.

Who can see what I share in the YouTube community?

The people who can keep an eye on the content you share within the community are your followers, and other YouTube creators. This means that the community is a kind of social network more, in which the creators and the followers live. The only difference is that in order to publish you must have a channel with at least 1,000 subscribers.

On the other hand, if you also want to see what you have shared, you should do the following:

  • Enter YouTube.
  • Click your profile picture.
  • Select the option Your channel.
  • Click on the tab Community.

Learn step by step how to post to the YouTube community

Learn step by step how to post to the YouTube community

Yes you meet all the requirements to be able to publish within this section of Youtube, It is important that you know that there are different ways to do it. It will depend both on the device from which you do it, as well as the type of publications.

We explain how to do it from the Community tab on different devices:


  • Log in in Youtube.
  • Select the icon Upload which is represented with a video camera. It’s at the top of the page.
  • Click on Create Post.
  • Inside the box at the top you can:
  • Write a message to create a text post or add text to an image, video or GIF post.
  • Choose the type of publication that you will create, that is, if it will be a video, survey or image.
  • Finally, click on To post.

If you want to mention another channel within the publication, you should only write @ followed by the channel name. A notification will come to the mentioned channel to notify you. In the event that users want to enter that channel, it will be enough for them to click on the mention.


You can post to the Community tab from an iPhone, but not from an iPad because the function is not available on these computers.

Taking that into consideration, the way to publish on iPhone is:

  • In the tab Community, tap on Create (icon with a video camera).
  • At picture located at the top, write the text that will accompany your publication and the type of content to share.
  • Click on To post.

You can mention another channel in your post by typing the @ symbol, along with the name of that channel.


The procedure in Android is the same that in the other devices.

In this way, to be able to make a publication in the YouTube Community from Android you have to:

  • Enter in the eyelash from Community.
  • Click on the button Create.
  • To select To post.
  • At picture shown below, proceed to write the text that accompanies the content and select the type of publication to create.
  • Finally, click on the option To post.

As in the other cases, to mention an account you have to write @ followed by the name of the account. That way, those who want to visit that profile only have to tap on the mention.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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