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Surely you have been presented with a situation on more than one occasion in which you have seen a video on YouTube and want to watch it again, but you can’t remember the name or the author of that content. For this, the YouTube history.

As the name implies, It is a registry where all the contents that you have seen within the platform are stored in chronological order. In this way, at any time you can keep an eye on it and have access to videos of which you do not remember the name or author.

However, there are users who still do not know how to access this section. Therefore, in this post we will tell you what is YouTube history, what it is for and some procedures to manage it correctly.

What is YouTube history and what is this section for?

What is YouTube history and what is this section for?

As we indicated previously, the YouTube history It is a kind of section within the platform where they store all the content that a user has seen for a certain period of time. In this sense, are organized chronologically, so that if someone wants to access that information, they can do so by time and date.

One of the reasons why a user may go to it is because it makes it easier to find recently viewed videos. For example, if you listened to a song and can’t remember the name of the song or the artist, just enter history you will be able to check what were your last views or searches. This section even helps to the algorithms of the platform know what recommendations can serve you based on what you are constantly looking for.

What are all the types of histories that exist on YouTube?

What are all the types of histories that exist on YouTube?

Basically within Youtube you have two ways to access content that interest you. On the one hand, the most common is through written search of the names of videos or channels in particular. On the other hand, it may be through reproductions you have made.

Here we talk a little more in depth about the difference between each one:

  • Search histories: are those that are archived in the search bar of the platform. The last videos that you have searched are stored there in writing.
  • Playback histories: is the list of videos you see. This type of history is created from audiovisual content and, based on them, the platform gives you suggestions of others that may interest you.

Whatever the case, it is possible have access to both types of history to see your recent searches, or just to remove them. In each case, the procedure varies a bit.

Learn how to delete the history of your YouTube account so that nobody knows what you see on the platform

Learn how to delete the history of your YouTube account so that nobody knows what you see on the platform

Before deciding delete your history on your YouTube account, you need to know that the changes will be applied to all the devices you access. Therefore, you must be very sure of your decision. Another consideration is that if you removed the record While you didn’t have an internet connection, it might take a while for the changes to sync.

With this in mind, here’s how to view and delete your YouTube search and watch histories:

Playback history

exist 3 Ways to View and Delete Your YouTube Account Watch History. This depends on the device through which you access. The first thing you must do to access is to enter the section of “Record” within Youtube.

Then apply the following procedure:


Go to library and click on the option Record. Click on More, which is located next to the details shown on that same page. Tap on Remove from watch history to remove a video. In case you want to erase everything or pause it, press on More and then select between Clear watch history or Pause watch history.


Enter YouTube and click on the option Record located in the left menu. Once inside, click Clear all watch history, which is located on the right side. You can also simply pause the history in the option of Pause watch history.

iPhone – iPad

Inside the page Record, click the option More on top. Then click on History controls. Then select Clear watch history.

Search history

If you want to search for a specific video that you have already seen, you can also find it through the YouTube search history. Added to that, you can clear history completely, pause it, and even remove specific searches.

However, before doing so there are certain aspects that you should take into consideration:

  • All searches you delete They will no longer influence the recommendations made by the platform.
  • When you clear your history, previous searches don’t appear as suggestions within the search box.
  • While you have the history paused, your searches are not saved.

Once you have those points clear, the way to clear your search history It is very simple.

We explain how to do it in each case:


Go to Record located inside the button Guide (It is represented in the form of a listing icon). Then you have to click on Search history. If you want to delete it completely, choose the option Clear all search history. To delete a specific one, select the X which is located to the right of the entrance. You can also pause in the option Pause search history.


Enter the YouTube app Y click on your photo Profile. Then go to Settings / History and privacy and tap on Clear search history. To delete a specific search, click on the icon Search for who has a magnifying glass. Hold down on the search result that has the history icon (represented by a clock) and finally touches Remove.

iPhone and iPad

To delete search history from your account go to YouTube app Y click on your profile picture. Later, go to Settings / History and privacy and then in Clear search history. If you want remove a particular search, within YouTube click Search for (It has a magnifying glass icon). Then swipe left on the search you want to delete and press Delete.

Game console or TV

Within YouTube, go to the menu on the left and click on Setting. Click on Clear search history and tap on it Clear search history button.

Automatically clear both watch and search history

This is another very interesting alternative, through which you can configure how often you want your search and playback histories to be cleared automatically.

To do it from a computer you have to:

  • Go to your Google account “Https://”.
  • Inside of the navigation panel left, click Data and Personalization.
  • In the section of Activity controls, click on Youtube history. Then click on Manage activity.
  • Go to the upper right and select on More. After in Save activity for.
  • Select how long you want to keep the activity.
  • Finally click on Next Y Confirm to save the settings.

Why is it important to delete your history from time to time on YouTube?

Why is it important to delete your history from time to time on YouTube?

Clear YouTube history it can be a great idea in different settings. For example, when you saw a different content than what you usually look for and you want to prevent the platform from giving you suggestions for other similar videos. In this sense, if you only carry out a specific search for a topic, but that you do not want to repeat, it is better to pauses search history momentarily. That way, everything you investigate with the active function, will not be archived.

Added to that, another valid reason is because security and privacy, so that others do not know what your interests are or what you generally review on the platform. It can be applied for example when you do a quick investigation by Youtube on the work computer. You may not want that YouTube share more content about it. It may also happen that you simply want to keep what you are looking for private. For all this, the pause or delete history solution is very effective.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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