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Youtube is a of the most used streaming platforms today. It has a huge amount of content uploaded by the authors and owners of large channels, being the center of distraction for millions of users.

If you are just starting out in the world of the Internet, it is very normal that you do not know how the system of Youtube, nor what are all its sections. For this reason here we will explain everything.

With the intention that you can develop in Internet properly, will always leave all kinds of guides for you. In this case a mini tutorial, which will allow you better understand and locate all sections of YouTube.

What is the YouTube interface and what is it for?

Youtube It offers us different functions and elements in its interface thanks to its latest update, allowing us to obtain, view and enjoy all the content that is uploaded to your platform, in a fast and comfortable way. The purpose of an Interface on a page is to offer us as users all those characteristics and services for which we visit the site, in the case of Youtube, allows us to load a video, until enjoy all the content and channels that are available.

A good interface can attract a greater number of users, so it is very important to keep updates that make life easier for them. Youtube knows very well this detail as well as; how should you use your interface and what updates to push. Thanks to its interface we can enjoy a night mode, or under a paid subscription the contents that are uploaded to the platform, without advertising. An interface in other words it is the organization, aesthetics and functions of a site.

What are all the sections of the YouTube interface that you need to know to master the platform?

As we mentioned, the YouTube interface offers us all the elements we need to enjoy your platform as it should be.

If you still do not know which sections we can find on YouTube, then we will show you:



Home or main page, is the first section that we will find in Youtube, distinguished by your house icon. By clicking on it, it will direct us to all the videos recommended by the platform, related to the latest searches we have made. It is not necessary to search for this option to be able to enter it, since, by simply loading the YouTube, shows us Home, as the main.



The trends section is located just below Home, there we are shown all the most famous videos of the moment. This list is assembled according to the ranking of the videos uploaded to the platform. When entering the trends section we can see that it is divided according to the category that we like the most (Music, Videogames, News, and Movies). Without a doubt it is a good option if we do not know what to see in Youtube.

Subscriptions (channels to which I am subscribed)

to subscribe

When we want stay up to date with a channel, to know when new content is loaded, we must click subscribe. This option is located below the video player, characterized by a red button with white letters.

When content is loaded in the channels where we are subscribed, the bell is activated at the top of the page, informing us about channel update, although is broadcasting live. Subscriptions are used in YouTube as the channel quality indicator. The higher the number of subscribers, the better the content they publish.



In the libraries section we can find all the videos that we recently enjoyed. Is a YouTube history that saves all the content that we enjoy, organizing itself, from the most recent reproductions.

When we enter this section, we can see how is organized according to the valid classification for this. The types of items that can be seen are: History, Playlist, Watch later, Videos I like. With this function, we will not have to go to the history of our browser every time we want to see the contents of Youtube, recently closed.



Record, is the section where all reproductions are recorded that we have made, unlike the previous section, here, we will find content that we recently reproduced, and those that we have seen for weeks. We can organize the history using the filters that he offers us Youtube, as if we want to empty our registry, by simply clicking on “Clear play history”, all the saved data will disappear.



In the buy section is where we can pay for a service premium. There, we will find all the offers that YouTube has for we, including its trial modes, to enjoy content without advertising. To enter it, we simply select our user, and from the list that is displayed, we click in paid subscriptions. For this we must register our cards, and thus make payments properly.

Watch later

see later

Whenever we want to see a video, but at the moment we cannot, click on “See later ”, It is an excellent option to save it and then enjoy it. This option is identified by taking the form of clock, in the videos in list. It is normal that we are enjoying a playback in Youtube, and by simply viewing the list of suggestions, one or more videos catches our attention, the way to save them without leaving where we are, it is by clicking on “See later”.

Videos I like

Videos I like

Youtube like other platforms allows us to indicate when we like or dislike a video, indicating in turn its quality. Whenever we indicate that we like a content, it is stored in a section, where only all the reproductions that we liked. We imagine that Youtube When creating this section, he thought: if you liked it, you will most likely want to see it again and again, and so that you do not get lost among so many content, it is better to store it, so it is easier to find it.



By simply clicking on settings we can change all the settings of our profile on YouTube, modifying the privacy of our content and what we do on the platform, just as we can modify the performance of our reproductions, to guarantee better quality in the content we see.

Among the options that we can find in the configuration section, is the account linking and watch on TV, which allows us to request Youtube that shows the content we want, through our Smart TV.

Complaint history

Complaint history

The history of complaints is a section created with the purpose of keeping a record of all our complaints or irregularities that we have seen while playing a video. With this history we will be able to see the progress of the case opened by the complaint we process. Youtube, will not remove any content because we report it, it will first assess whether it truly violates the rules, and if positive, the video will be removed, otherwise our complaint will not be taken into account.



The help section is completely full of answers to frequently asked questionsTherefore, if we have any questions about the operation of the service, or we want to monetize our channel, we simply enter there and we will find the solution to all our concerns. Although fine, if even using the answers to frequently asked questions, we do not get the solution we want, we can communicate with the YouTube community, that surely everything we are looking for will be there.

Send suggestions

send suggestions

The most important section is the send suggestions, since it is through it, where users communicate concerns, or recommend functions, improvements, innovations to Youtube.

These suggestions, yes, are taken into account by the team, although of course, depending on the type of request that is made, since everything must be focused in a direct and professional way. We hope that by taking this walk through Youtube, you can locate, and function as an expert in this great platform. Like Youtube, we also accept content recommendations, because our goal is to instruct you in this world as wide as the Internet.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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