YouTube Playlist  What is it? + How to Create ▷ 2020

Nowadays people with access to social networks and television receive thousands of visual impacts a day. These might be advertising or content. The YouTube online video platform is not alien to this question.

It is enough to enter the site to get bombarded by recommendations, subscriptions, and other categories. This can be overwhelming.

Similarly, it happens that sometimes we come across interesting content that we want to see later or that they fall into a category that matters to us, but we cannot visualize at that moment. Not to mention the old habit of create musical mixes. For all this and more there are playlists. Learn more about it with this post.

What are YouTube playlists and what are they for?

This is one of the first functions added by the platform. It is also very useful when playing multiple videos continuously. Thanks to this tool it is possible collect the content we like the most.

Also, there are no limits on the number of lists we can create. In this way, it is possible to separate into categories all the videos that we want. East “Inventory” personalized will remain available, even if we close the page or turn off the computer. With which there is no reason not to use them to continue viewing a set of videos later.

What are the advantages of using YouTube playlists?

What are the benefits of using YouTube playlists?

As we anticipated in the previous title, the main advantage of using this tool is to keep what we are going to see orderly. Similarly, being the owner of a channel, categorize the material that we offer to other users. Also, if you want position your videos you must add them to playlist.

As The lists and individual contents are indexed separately in web search engines. In the same way visitors will spend more time watching your channel. Which will add an improvement in your ranking within the platform.

Another benefit is undoubtedly that of not having to press play every moment. That is, we can automate playback of selected videos. And if you also have a premium account they won’t interrupt you even the advertisements. One of the qualities of the lists that you can take advantage of is that of make your own music mixes. Even of collect a disc full of your favorite artist. This can help you raise a party or accompany your mood when you need it.

Learn step by step how to create playlists on YouTube

Now that you know some of the most important advantages of playlists, it is time to learn to use them. It is not complicated at all and it will be of great use to you. Before you start, you should know that in any way you use them you need to be registered and logged in in If you don’t have an account yet, enter here Create Youtube account

And then follow these steps:

On your channel

No matter how much your channel deals with a single specific topic, offer your subscribers or eventual visitors a organized content is essential. This way it will be easier for them to locate what they need making contact with the rest of your videos.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Once you have joined to the site left click on your profile picture and choose “YouTube Studio”.

Learn step by step how to create playlists on YouTube - profile picture

  • Inside this panel, click “Lists” which is in the sidebar options.
  • A new window. Click the button “New playlist”, choose a name and press “Create”.

Learn step by step how to create playlists on YouTube - create playlist

  • Once the above is done you will find that does not contain any video. To add one or more, you must click on the three points found by above description. Followed by this, press “Add videos”.

Learn step by step how to create YouTube playlists - add videos

  • A pop-up window with three tabs. Choose “Your YouTube videos” and select those that belong to the category created.

In your account

Do it from a mode “viewer” it is much simpler. Remember that you must have entered your data on the site (login) First.

Followed by that, continue with these steps:

  • Browse among the recommendations, perform a search or enter the URL of Youtube what you wish.

Learn step by step how to create playlists on YouTube - on video

  • Below the video, locate and press the button “Save”.
  • Within this window the lists that you have previously created will appear. If you don’t have any, press “Create new list”.
  • Indicates the name and privacy of said playlist and then “Create”.

Repeat the process for each video you consider. You can too do this without displaying the content. Pressing the three low points of the thumbnails and choosing “Add to playlist.”

Learn step by step how to create playlists on YouTube - on the main page

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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