YouTube Restricted Mode  What is it and How to Activate it? ▷ 2020

Currently, YouTube is the most used video platform in the world to search for different content and therefore, it is a social network managed by all kinds of users. In other words, both adults and young people and the smallest members of the household access YT.

However, due to the constant insecurity that occurs on the Internet, parents have focused on looking for tools that allow them control the tasks that your children carry out on their computer or smartphone. Therefore, the same streaming platform was concerned about offering the famous option of “Restricted mode” that can be activated and deactivated, according to the requirements of each user.

But well, surely you are wondering What is this restricted mode of YouTube? and how it works, as well as what happens when you enable or disable it. Therefore, in this post, we will inform you all about it and also the steps to follow to make use of this functionality.

What is YouTube restricted mode and how does it work?

Although YouTube has a series of alternative resources to parental control, which are based on methods to report cases of harassment or inappropriate comments and videos in order to moderate the actions of certain channels, the truth is that it also has other passive tools that allow you to subordinate certain content.

In this sense, one of these tools is that of the “Restricted mode” which is based on a kind of filter or optional configuration very similar to the famous “Safe search” from Google, available in all languages. With which, it helps to restrict potentially objectionable videos that you do not want some members of your family to watch, for example.

In this way, the restricted mode of this social network takes care of hide adult-oriented content, as far as possible. In other words, it has the ability to make invisible content that the same platform considers inappropriate, but without the user knowing that it is activated. Since, you can only find out if you check that option.

However, the G giant does not specify what type of content it is blocking through YouTube’s “safe mode”, as it simply qualifies it as “Inappropriate”. So, based on the categories by which the streaming platform allows to report clips, we can affirm that said inappropriate content has to do with what it shows sexual, violent, or repulsive, dangerous and harmful activities.

Notably, this YT configuration it’s not totally infallible As a result, inappropriate video clips often manage to bypass this filter.

Since it is simply an intermediate point and not from a total and absolute block, but with the advantage that it is practically imperceptible by the user which, in this case, would be the little ones in the house. Taking into account that, to achieve a total content filtering, the only alternative is YouTube Kids.

What functions are activated and deactivated with YouTube in restricted mode?

What functions are activated and deactivated with YouTube in restricted mode

Surely, you will also wonder what happens once you enable the restricted mode of this renowned social network. In other words, when using this filter, there will be some functions that are activated automatically and also others that will be disabled, by default.

However, before clarifying said recurring doubt of YT users, it should be noted that the platform uses various indicators to filter content.

These indicators are based on the title, description, metadata of the clips, age restrictions, the norms of each culture and also the compliance reviews of the “Community Guidelines”. This, of course, in order to identify the user and restrict content to adults, as far as possible.

Here are the features that are affected when the user enables this restricted mode on YouTube:

  • Immediately, the comments of all the clips uploaded to the streaming platform will be hidden and in the same way, it will be impossible for the user to comment. Which means that, comments are disabled and therefore, the message “Restricted mode has hidden comments for this video” is displayed on the comment site.
  • If you activate the restricted mode and at the same time, you block it; other users who access the platform from that computer will not be able to change the settings of this function in the browser, in case they realize it.
  • Activation of this function it does not apply, automatically, to all the devices or profiles that you manage on YouTube. In other words, it will simply be activated in the account and the computer or mobile that you are using. Therefore, you will have to activate it in each of your profiles.

Steps to enable and disable YouTube restricted mode

Now it is valuable to know each and every one of the steps to carry out to activate or deactivate this content filter in YT. Therefore, in this section of the post, we detail the procedures to perform both on a computer and also directly from the mobile:

In the computer

In principle, we will focus on the step by step to carry out to enable or disable the “Restricted mode” in question on the desktop. Next, the process to execute to activate it:

  • Enter the official website from your preferred web browser and if you have already logged in with your account, your home page will open immediately. Otherwise, you have to log in with your email and password by clicking the button in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Second, you have to click on the profile icon that is located in the upper right corner of the page in question. When the drop-down menu opens, click on the option “Settings” or “Settings” (identified by the gear icon).

In the computer

  • Now, in the configuration screen, you have to scroll to the final part where you will find a box that prints “Restricted mode”. There, click on said drop-down box and a small section will open at the bottom as well.

In the computer

  • Next, you will see that the box “No” is checked, which means that it is disabled. Therefore, you will have to press the box that says “Yes” and then click “Save”. It should be noted that if you want block restricted mode on that browserYou can press that option and thus prevent other users from deactivating it; of course, this is done before pressing the button “Save”.

In the computer

  • Finally, to make sure you save the changes correctly, you have to close the website and open it again.

For disable this restricted mode, the process to follow requires the same steps detailed above. But of course, instead of checking the “Yes” option before saving the changes, it will be necessary to click on the “No” option to disable it. Taking into account that, this option is only shown if you have logged in with the same account where you activated the restriction.

Besides that, it should be noted that once you click on “Save”, you will also have to close the YT tab to open the platform again. So, you can reset the cache of the social network and in addition to that, the videos that were restricted, will already be shown in your searches with total freedom.

On the other hand, if you have configured the restricted mode in your browser, it will persist even when you log out of the YT account. Unless you log into your Google account and you deactivate it directly from there.

On the smartphone

In this case, you will have to run the procedure from the mobile application from the streaming platform, regardless of whether it is an Android or iOS device.

In that way Let’s start with the step by step to enable the YouTube function in question:

  • To start, open the platform directly from your application icon. Which is identified by a white triangle with a red background. If you have already logged in with your account, the home page will open automatically and if not, you have to press the profile icon and there, touch the “Login” option to do it with your email and password.

On the smartphone

  • After that, press your profile icon that is in the upper right part of the terminal screen. Once the drop-down menu opens, you will have to click on the option “Settings” or “Configuration” identified by the gear icon.

On the smartphone

  • Once the above has been fulfilled, among all the options shown, access the one that says “General” if you use an Android mobile or tablet. Otherwise, skip this step.

On the smartphone

  • Now, you will come across the restricted mode option among the last selections out there. As you will see, the switch it contains is in gray, indicating that it is deactivated. Therefore, you have to slide the same switch to enable the function (now shown in blue).

On the smartphone

  • To conclude, close the mobile app and reopen it in seconds. After that, you will see that there are many restricted videos on the platform, depending on their content.

On the other hand, for disable this YouTube option on your smartphone, you simply have to execute the same process that we indicated above, but with the difference of move the switch to the other side, so that it is shown in gray (synonymous with disabled) and voila.

Finally, to save the changes correctly, we also recommend close and reopen the app. That way, the content that was shown as restricted will be released in a matter of minutes. It should be noted that, as it may take a certain time, it is possible speed up the process by opening and closing the application again.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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