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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Gadgets, Hardware |

Smart TV owners do not take advantage of team roles

Smart TV owners do not take advantage of team roles

Smart TVs have tried to position itself as the future of TV, offering multiple capabilities that depend on an Internet connection, and access to social networks or surfing the web. However, a study by NPD in the U.S. indicates that most people use this equipment just to watch TV, using the capacities “smart” to access a greater variety of content sources.

Of those who have your connected to the internet, almost 60% use for from services, while 15% access music services like Pandora. Almost 10% browse using the TV, and then the rates drop dramatically for activities such as video, casual gaming, social networking or for reading electronic books, among others.

According to NPD, this behavior was not due to lack of applications to access different activities using the TV, but the way we are accustomed to using this device – to watch video instead of using other online services. “In general, have failed to attract the audience, particularly because there are better platforms such as PC, tablet or smartphone, for such services,” says the study.

Apparently this does not stop the manufacturers or to changes in the TVs, which have progressively integrated with other devices, allowing start watching a movie on a tablet and then go on TV, or transfer content from a mobile the apparatus of living. Perhaps the complexity being achieved TVs still confuse users, who have no desire to explore complicated functions to enjoy a good audiovisual content from the comfort of the couch.

Link: Internet connected TVs are used to watch TV, and That’s about all (NPD)

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