Why you should have a staff augmentation model

Why you should have a staff augmentation model
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In software outsourcing, there are many ways to develop your project. You can choose between a staff augmentation model, managed teams, or managed services and delegate the overall development of your project to a third party using a project-based model. Similarly, you can hire local or foreign service providers according to your budget and needs.

But how do you know if one of these options is the most convenient? How is a staff augmentation model the right choice for your project? Here on the blog, we'll delve into that topic and talk about scenarios in which the staff augmentation model is the most appropriate method.

Reasons to work with the software outsourcing method.

  • Firstly, it reduces the cost of software development, which means budget savings for the company. 
  • Reduce the time of hiring developers. In a short time, you can get the required profiles without complicated recruiting, testing, and hiring processes.
  • This is a flexible way because you can add skills to your internal team whenever you need them. 
  • You can concentrate on the most important and strategic aspects of your business while the outsourcing team takes care of the rest.
  • Product and application development is faster.

What is the staff augmentation model?

Employees thus employed are employees of the company, even if they are temporary. Under this practice, the provider of this service provides companies with the personnel they need to work directly on their projects. And although they are not permanent employees, they are integrated into the internal team as if they were one of the team.

There is a vast pool of technical talent around the world, and with the staff augmentation model, there is no limit to temporary hiring. This service broadens the range of professional profiles you can incorporate into your project, improving its quality and excellence.

One of the main advantages of implementing IT staffing is that it allows companies to quickly expand their team according to the project's needs. You don't have to spend long weeks recruiting employees, but you can get qualified employees by picking up the phone and calling the staff augmentation model.

Differences in traditional outsourcing

What is the difference with outsourcing? For this service, project management and product delivery are the vendor's responsibility, so they are primarily responsible for the results.

IT companies often outsource when they need an experienced software development team with the capabilities they need or when their engineering team can't provide it. However, the staff augmentation model offers much more value. That's why we're going to tell you about the benefits.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Staffing has several advantages for companies that want to integrate it into their business strategy:

  •  Increased efficiency and productivity.
  •  Increased scalability of projects.
  •  Cost reduction.
  •  Highly specialized team.
  •  Less contracting power.

How do you choose between adding IT staff or outsourcing projects?

This is one of the frequent requests from companies. Although they know that outsourcing is the most appropriate strategy to speed up project development and improve quality, sometimes they need to know which service to choose.

Companies should carefully evaluate their team and the project context before outsourcing. Defining their needs makes it easier to select the most appropriate software outsourcing.

For companies with a strong in-house IT team and reliable management, a staff augmentation model can be a good option. Companies often choose this solution when they need to maintain a certain level of control over a project.

Even if you have your developers, you will need to supplement or enhance your existing expertise when launching new products or starting new projects. In this case, hiring employees through a staff augmentation model is appropriate.

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