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OnlyFans is the newest trend in social platforms. Founded only 5 years ago, the popularity of this platform has skyrocketed through the roof, changing forever the way we perceive sex workers. But, who is behind OnlyFans? What is the purpose of this platform? What does OnlyFans have that other platforms don't? 

The raising of a new platform

OnlyFans is an unknown platform for many of us, but its popularity is definitely on the rise.  This platform was created very recently in 2016, but it already has more than 1 million creators and 90 million users registered. 

OnlyFans was conceived as a tool for creators to connect with their fans, giving them the option of sharing exclusive content with them. This content is usually behind a paywall, giving full control to the creators. We can look up for examples of this type of content in the many OnlyFans Packs available online.

Fans can support their favourite creators by paying a monthly subscription to their content or paying for a one-off tip. In addition to that, freebies are usually provided by the creator as sneak peaks of the unlockable content you will be able to find in their page. 

This simple concept has created over $2 billion of revenue for the creators in the platform, making it many influencer’s sole livelihood. However, the earnings are split between the platform and the creators, with creators getting 80% of the earnings and the platform getting 20% of what the users pay.

OnlyFans features many tools that make it easier than other platforms to address your favourite creator, giving you the option of even having a 1:1 talk if you pay for it. 

But, how did OnlyFans end up being mostly known as an adult content site? Although not all creators in this platform post adult content, the majority of the creators in this site are part of the sex worker industry, completely revolutionizing the way this industry works and how it is perceived by the society. 

The faces behind the platform

2020 was the year when OnlyFans reached its peak. Many creators and sex workers struggled to make ends meet because of the pandemic, and desperately looked up for a new source of income. Creators quickly realized the willingness of many men to pay for the chance of finally being able to see their favourite creator naked, and before any of us could bat an eye, the popularity of OnlyFans as an adult content platform reached its climax.

The faces behind the platform vary from fitness models, to sex workers, streamers, Instagram influencers, etc. To see the type of person behind these accounts, we can take a look at OnlyFans’ top creator, Dannii Harwood. People may masturbate to Ms Harwood content, but since there is no physical contact, she can not be considered a prostitute, or they may purchase erotic videos from her, yet she is not a porn star.

Models like Ms Harwood quickly realized that the hottest their content was, the more money their subscribers were willing to pay for it. And in an era where everyone has access to the internet and a smartphone camera, many were quick to join in for a chance of getting some easy money.

OnlyFans allows their creators to feel more comfortable around showing their body, since it gives them total control about how to manage their content and who gets to see what at a given price that has been determined by them.

Overall, OnlyFans popularity keeps increasing, and it does not seem like the trend is going to stop any time soon. OnlyFans is here to stay, gaining its spot as one of the top social media platforms and helping people from all over the world connect with their favourite creators.

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