Differences between Telegram Lite and Telegram -  What are they?

Differences between Telegram Lite and Telegram -  What are they?
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The Telegram instant messaging app has two official applications in the official Mac store. If you are interested in knowing what are the differences between Telegram and Telegram Lite, or why are there two versions on the Mac App Store, then continue reading.

Given the Telegram releases its source code periodically, some developers have taken the opportunity to design clients that adapt to the different existing operating systems.

In the case of MacOS, you can find two clients named as Telegram Lite and Telegram for MacOS respectively. Each one aimed at teams and users different from the Apple brand.

What is Telegram Lite and what is this exclusive application for MacOS for?

What is Telegram Lite and what is this exclusive application for MacOS for?

The vast majority of versions of the instant messaging application are simply known as 'Telegram'. So, it is common that doubts arise about this other version. If you ever wondered what is Telegram Lite and what is this exclusive MacOS application for, here we have the answer you were looking for.

In simple terms, Telegram Lite is the multiplatform client designed for MacOS. It is an application designed for users who have equipment that does not have the newest features of modern models. The application is optimized to function in work and administrative environments for large communities. The interface consists of three columns, which provide quick access to multimedia content and shared links.

Telegram Lite, like the rest of the versions of the App, is cloud-based. All your files and multimedia content are synchronized instantly, without the need to activate it with a mobile device. Also, Telegram Lite It has the vast majority of basic Telegram functions. For example, you can join or create groups or channels. Groups can be up to 200,000 members. As it is cloud-based, your conversations will not be stored on the device.

On the other hand also supports the sending of large files, in any format. You can send stickers and animated GIFs. Similarly, it is possible to configure bots to carry out specific tasks. Like the other versions, Telegram Lite prioritizes the security and privacy of the user. To protect chats, groups, multimedia and more, the application provides a combined encryption system. The data sent through Telegram Lite is not given to third parties.

Know the main differences between Telegram and Telegram Lite for MacOS

Know the main differences between Telegram and Telegram Lite for MacOS

After having explained what constitutes Telegram Lite, it is essential to also explain the main differences between Telegram for MacOs and Telegram Lite for MacOs. This way you will get a better idea about which scenarios it is recommended to use each App and what each version offers. First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that Telegram for MacOS is an application specially designed for the platform, since it is capable of supporting certain characteristics. Such is the case with the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro models.

Telegram for MacOS integrates gesture navigation and Mac sharing menu, among other exclusive functions. Similarly, it has all the functions provided by the Telegram version for iOS. Therefore, it is the most complete in the catalog. In the case of Telegram Lite, the application has a somewhat slower development. The version for iOS and Telegram for MacOS receive updates much faster, so you are the first to enjoy the new features.

However, sooner or later the news comes to Telegram Lite. Latest update of Telegram Lite allows you to turn groups into voice chat rooms, conference-style. It also gives you flexible administration tools to manage groups. Of course, this function had already been implemented in the other versions.

Definitely, the biggest differences that one application presents with another is the interface. The Telegram interface presents a different aesthetic, by providing three columns optimized to work with massive communities. On the other hand, the application of Telegram for MacOs is much more similar to that of iOS.

Why are there two different Telegram apps on MacOS? Know the story behind

What MacOS have two Apps of Telegram it is quite a curiosity. It is common for users who join the platform to wonder why are there two different Telegram apps in MacOS. If you are among them, here is the story behind. As mentioned above, Telegram is a cloud-based application. By providing access to its source code, developers have the opportunity to design clients for other operating systems.

In that context, both Telegram for MacOS and Telegram Lite were created by two different developers. Telegram for MacOS started as an unofficial native client. Since its functionalities served to meet the needs of Apple users, quickly became an official App.

The same goes for Telegram Lite, which was originally an unofficial Windows client. However, after a series of modifications in the multi-platform client, it became the official client of MacOS. Thus users with less modern equipment would have the opportunity to enjoy Telegram no need to update your devices.

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