Walkie Talkie on Telegram  What is it?

Walkie Talkie on Telegram  What is it?
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Telegram has opted to consider itself as the main platform to communicate online, over time. Therefore, it has numerous updates that optimize the user experience.

One of the best functions it has added is the one that acts similar to a walkie talkie to provide a change regarding the sending of voice notes within the app. That is, Allows you to create voice memos with Walkie Talkie claims.

Given its efficiency, many users of Telegram they are interested in knowing more closely what it consists of and how it can be used through the different devices. Here, you can learn more about it.

What is Telegram's Walkie Talkie feature and what is it for on the platform?

Also known as "Voice chats", Telegram's Walkie Talkie function is a tool that facilitates the recording of audio on the platform to send a certain message or listen to one of the ones you have received. To enable it, through a conversation, the user will have to place the device on his ear (as if he were going to make a call).

Later, when you take off the equipment from your ear, recording will stop automatically in order to send the new message. Thus, instead of opening rooms in which everyone communicates at the same time, the application opts for this kind of conversation groups that resemble a walkie talkie channel and not to a call itself. Therefore, this function is used to create voice messages more easily.

To listen to a voice memo that has been sent to you still jumping to another conversation window. In the Telegram groups, each administrator will have the power to create a voice chat and select group members to establish it. Every time a voice chat is operational, the other participants will be able to see a banner that indicates that there is a voice chat in progress and also, contains a button for quick join and see which are the other users that have connected.

Learn step by step how to turn your Telegram into a Walkie Talkie from any device

For use Telegram voice chats as a Walkie Talkie and so, create another conversation layer within a group where each contact can intervene using their voice, it is indicated to carry out a step-by-step procedure, depending on the device.

Next, we explain the different processes:

On Android and iOS

If you use the Telegram mobile app, either from its version for Android or with the version for iPhone and iPad, you have to do the following to transform your account into a Walkie Talkie:

On Android and iOS

  • Sign in to your Telegram account.
  • Go to the upper left corner and press the three horizontal lines icon.
  • Choose the option of "New group", add the members you want and set a name for the group.
  • Join the group in question and click on their name at the top.
  • Right next to the edit icon, the voice chat appears and you must press it to start the function Walkie talkie.
  • In the voice chat window, tap to activate or place the device on your ear as if you were talking on the phone.

On PC and Telegram Web

On PC and Telegram Web

In Telegram for Windows and in its web versionIt is also very easy to enable and make use of this application functionality.

In this case, the step-by-step to follow is based on:

  • Enters in your account Telegram.
  • Click on the menu icon which is located in the upper left corner.
  • Choose the option "New group" and choose the participants you want to personalize the name.
  • Access the window of the group created and press the voice chat icon which is located right next to the search magnifying glass.
  • Start the voice chat by clicking on "Continue" and click to activate or hold down, failing that.
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