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The Internet, along with social networks, have greatly changed the processes of human interaction. Traditional methods to enter into a love relationship, or friendship, are displaced by the connections that are generated by means of a computer or mobile.

Today, it is possible to start a fleeting or long-lasting romance through specialized dating sites. In these portals, language barriers and distance are not impediments to meeting a new person.

Do you want to meet someone special? You do not have a partner and you want to formalize a relationship? Are you looking for an adventure? Fortunately, on the Internet there are many places to flirt, and that is why we offer you a list with the best dating websites.

List of the best websites to flirt and find a partner online

Websites to flirt and find a partner online

As we mentioned earlier, the Internet is full of dating sites. Some are unreliable or a scam, others offer many advantages and good results. Here, we leave you 10 infallible websites to find the love of your life.


Flirt on Tinder

Nowadays, is the most famous dating portal worldwide, with more than 30 billion appointments made to date. Its way of using it is really simple. As simple as uploading your best Facebook or Instagram photo, and waiting for someone else to react to the photo.

If the person catches your eye, you can return the reaction and start a chat. It is available in both a web version and a mobile app.


Flirt on Badoo

The platform Badoo is aimed at a young audience. It is the ideal portal for starting new friendships or occasional encounters. The website consists of a photo scoring system, a fast search engine and the function of starting a chat.

The web is designed to make new friends; however, it is possible to find love among its millions of users. Most of the services offered by Badoo are free, although you can invest some money to better position your profile. It is available on computers and mobile devices.


Flirt by Lovoo

The portal specializes in holding one-night stands or occasional meetings, no strings attached. So it is not recommended for people looking for a stable and lasting love relationship. It is freely available in a computer version and a mobile App.

Its operation is really simple. The profile will receive photographs of potential partners who are close to your location. If one captures your interest, you can start a chat with the person. On the other hand, you can filter users according to their location, gender, among other specifications.


Flirt by Meetic

Is a french online dating site who gained international renown after purchasing the famous match.com portal in 2009. Meetic is one of the oldest dating sites on the Internet. It works almost the same as a blog. You must create an attractive profile, talk about your tastes and interests. In addition, you can create photo albums that captivate the attention of users.

If someone attracts you, you can start a chat conversation quickly. On the other hand, Meetic offers occasional events so that singles make themselves known and can make an appointment. It is a reliable and fairly secure site.


Flirt by eDarling

It is a website that specializes in finding the ideal partner for a solid relationship. Registration is free and you only have to take a personality test after logging in for the first time. The system will take care of suggesting people who match the test results, in conjunction with your individual preferences. If you are convinced, you can start a chat.

The portal takes care of your personal data, and guarantees that the information provided will not fall into the hands of third parties. You also have to opt for a paid account, where your profile will look better positioned.


Flirt by Twoo

A website that is available in more than 200 countries around the world. Its main objective is not precisely to form romantic relationships, but to allow one or more people to interact with each other and to start new friendships. You can use the filtration functions to choose who to relate to.

In 2012, its developer Massive Media, was bought by the creators of Meetic. However, Twoo’s service remains active. It is aimed at a young audience, and gives you the possibility to upload photos, chat and, of course, flirt. It is available in web version and in mobile App.


Flirt by Be2

It is considered one of the best dating sites on the Internet. Even above Meetic. Registration is completely free, and your service is based on a personality test.

The information you provide about your personal tastes will allow the system to suggest possible partners that suit you. In addition, it offers a Premium subscription service for payment. The site is available in more than 37 countries in the world.


Flirt by c-date

The particularity of this love relationship platform is that, from the beginning, it asks you about the type of experience you want to have. C-Date is a website specialized in occasional dating between singles, without any commitment. However, it is possible to find lasting romances between its users.

You can choose between looking for a love relationship, single people, voyeurism, flirting or simply chatting. On the other hand, its system is characterized by the good compatibility of its recommendations, as well as the care they guarantee to your privacy.

Plenty of Fish

Flirt by Plenty of Fish

It is also known simply as “POF”. It is a very popular online dating service platform in Europe, Latin America and the United States. Although its registration is free, it is also offers Premium memberships to users, seeking to improve their experience.

It is intended for long-term relationships. You just have to take a small personality test, which will generate user recommendations based on the answers provided. Plus, every time you log in, you receive points that you can redeem for additional features.


Flirt by Parship

In the last place in the list is located Parship, an online dating service based in Germany. The objective of the platform is promote long-term relationships, so her personality test is a bit more complex than other dating sites. Based on your answers, a minimum of 5 people will be recommended monthly.

Although the registration is free, to have access to the special tools of the page; like interacting for a longer time or having access to the photos, you will have to pay for a Premium membership.

What are the risks of using this type of portals to flirt?

Risks of using portals to flirt

Looking for a relationship online is a good alternative to traditional dating methods. However, browsing through dating sites is no game. You must be very careful with the information you provide, or who you are going to meet.

Among the most common risks of frequenting dating sites are:

  • Little personal safety: In some cases, it is not possible to know for sure who you are going to meet. It can be false profiles, or antisocial. Normally, the pages are responsible for eliminating suspected accounts. However, it is an evil that does not go away.
  • Privacy violation: Dating websites are responsible for protecting the personal data you provide. However, users with whom you interact are likely to not have the same respect for your private information. Therefore, be very careful with what you say online.
  • Prone to blackmail: Due to the nature of dating services, it is normal to share intimate or sexual photos. If you are in the presence of a stalker or scammer, you could be the victim of blackmail. Be careful who you share erotic content with, and verify that your face or any other detail that may be related to you is not visible.
  • Exaggerated costs: Many dating sites provide better services as long as the user pays for a Premium membership. Although, initially, it may not represent a large investment, in the long term it can hurt your economy. In addition, it does not guarantee that you can make an appointment.
  • Susceptible to scams: Users on dating sites seek to gain your trust in order to enter into a romantic relationship. Sadly, this means that you could be manipulated by scammers into delivering small sums of money. If you plan to subscribe to one of these portals, avoid being manipulated.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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