+10 E-commerces to Buy in the United States  List ▷ 2021

Platforms e-commerce (e-commerce) are very popular on the Internet. Among many reasons, for the advantages and comforts they provide, by allowing you to make purchases from your home, anywhere in the world. Their catalogs range from clothing, household items, electronics, and more.

USA It is one of the countries that enjoy the presence of e-commerce giants. Companies that offer their customers, high quality products at the best prices on the market. They also offer discounts and special discounts on their portals to optimize the experience.

The e-commerce advertising is everywhere, and with a simple click, you can access the various web pages and get carried away with online shopping.

List of the best E-commerce to buy online in the United States

The European and Chinese markets are not the only they own renowned companies. In the United States you will find some of the most influential brands on the market.

Here is a list of the best e-commerce platforms in the USA:


Buy online in the United States at Amazon

Amazon is an e-commerce company, with worldwide availability. It is the best known and, therefore, the most used. At first, it only sold books. Today, its catalog includes video games, furniture, clothing, mobile phones, food, cosmetics, jewelry and technology. As a buyer, you can purchase the company’s own products, or make your purchases with third parties, who use the platform as a virtual store. Its prices are affordable, and the interface is comfortable and intuitive.


Buy online in the United States on eBay

It is an e-commerce page that has a focus on auctions. It has more than 120 million active users, which is why it is considered the second most used, below Amazon. The products in its online catalog are varied and include: Clothing, footwear, mobile phones, technology, sporting goods, among many others. Sellers using eBay are responsible for setting prices of their articles, which is why it is common to find cheap products on that platform.


Buy online in the United States at Walmart

Is a multinational hypermarket chain, headquartered in Arkansas. Although it is a physical store, it also has an e-commerce platform. Walmart offers all kinds of items: Video games, furniture, appliances, clothing, toys, among others. It should be noted that its catalog is not as large as Amazon’s. However, it is possible to find better prices, compared to other platforms.


Buy online in the United States at Best Buy

It is a store dedicated to electronic devices. Cell phones, consoles, computers, appliances, televisions, health items, are just some of the products that comprise the Best Buy catalog. Many times, their prices are cheaper than Amazon, so it’s worth checking out.


Buy online in the United States on Etsy

It is an online market that is dedicated to the sale of crafts, antiques and other products classics or “Vintage”. The web works like any other e-commerce, except that in this case, the sellers are mostly artisans, who offer their creations to the client. On Etsy you can find vintage clothing, footwear, jewelry, antique toys, home decorations, or collectibles.


Buy online in the United States at Newegg

It is a store specialized in computing and computing. In its catalog you can find computers, programs, video games, RAM memories, processors, hard drives, video cards, and everything related to the subject. Also, if you are looking for the new items that have just been released, it is very likely that you can find them on Newegg. Since it is the largest hardware store in America.


Buy online in the United States at Mr Porter

It is a retail online store, focused on the sale of women’s clothing to wear, inspired by vintage style. Its main headquarters are located in San Francisco, and it has been active for 18 years. On the other hand, there is Mr. Porter, a store dedicated to men’s clothing. Although it is not typical of the United States, it has a headquarters in Manhattan.


Buy online in the United States at My American Market

They are not American stores as they are in Spain, but their products are totally American. These platforms are in charge of selling around 700 American food brands, among which are chocolates, soft drinks, sweets, snacks and much more. It is a cheaper and more attractive option to buy groceries.

Tips for buying in the United States and getting the best possible price

Tips for buying in the United States

At the time of make purchases online, you should take into consideration some recommendations not to spend your entire budget. Shopping on web portals offers many advantages, such as saving on mobility and ease of access.

However, you must make sure of certain aspects:

Credit card

Before carrying out any transaction, verify that your credit card is active and affiliated with the portal where you want to buy.

SSL certificate

It is a coding system which ensures that the data entered remains safe. You can do it in the URL, with the “s” at the end of the “Http”. Sure, all renowned portal, like Amazon or eBay, they have it.


Keep your computer protected by update antivirus frequently. In this way, if you are browsing an unreliable website, you will be safe.

Beware of customs

Shopping online has become routine. There are many users who connect with the intention of making their purchases in the United States to send the article to their country. Although the process is simple, it presents a small difficulty: customs. Said organism is responsible for providing tax fees and duties which are calculated based on the value of the product. So if you are careless, you may end up spending a lot of money shipping when the package crosses customs.

For this reason, It is recommended that you study the conditions of customs procedures, through the official website of the United States Embassy. Some people prefer to buy directly in the United States, instead of doing it through an online platform. If this is the case, remember that you should also take your precautions when making your purchases.

Baggage without taxes

The weight of each package is used to determine the amount of taxes to be paid., at the time of re-entering the country. You can distribute your purchases to avoid exceeding the limits. For example, put some products in your carry-on luggage. If you exceed the established weight, it does not mean that you lose the item, but you will have to pay a tax.

Something similar happens with the value of the products. In some cases, it is only allowed to re-enter the country with a cumulative of $ 500. If you exceed this amount, you will have to declare it and pay a flat rate. Laws and procedures vary by country. The same goes for online shopping.

Prohibited Products

Each country has a list of the products that cannot enter the country. These can include: fresh or canned meat, cheeses, fruits, defective electronics, exotic animals, among others. Check the information in the corresponding entity in your country.

Declare everything

Everything that enters the country must be declared before customs. If there is any irregularity, you must present proof of the purchase, reasons and allegations that explain the need for the product. Otherwise, the item will be seized.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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