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You may make your friends believe that you are a real hacker entering fake computer codes at incredible speed, in the same way as they do it in the movies. This will surprise them and you can laugh with them and have a good time.

But this is not all you can do, you will also have the possibility to make them believe that their computers were infected with a computer virus without them noticing.

For you to carry out these jokes and scare your relatives you will have to read this post because we will show you a list with the best hacker jokes.

List of the best pranks to pose as a hacker and scare your friends

Choose the joke you like the most from the following list to make yourself look like a hacker and scare your friends:

Write meaningless codes with extraordinary speed

Write meaningless codes with extraordinary speed

You will be able to scare your friends pretending to be a hacker when you start typing on an empty terminal a lot of fake programming codes. This will make it appear that you do it with great knowledge and in the same way that it appears on television. You must bear in mind that the only thing you will have to do is press keys on your computer, since the filling in the screen will be done automatically. Do not miss the face that those who accompany you will put when they see you write in this way.

To carry out this joke you will have to enter the page with your browser https://hackertyper.net/ and then click on the cursor and start pressing any key. If you press several times in a row ALT on the screen you will see a code denied message or allowed. When you want to change the speed you will have to go to the bottom of the screen and choose the different options available to you from the menu.

Pretends to enter government intelligence agencies

Pretends to enter government intelligence agencies

If you enter with your browser to https://geektyper.com/shield/ and configure the screen completely, your friends will believe that you are trying to enter an official page of a secret intelligence service of one of the safest countries there is.

You will have the option of choose the graphical interface, the type of terminal and even the way to access the scripts. Do not miss the face that your friends will make when they see the logo and the way you access all the pop-up windows that will start to appear. The best of all is when a large number of passwords are automatically unlocked thanks to your false knowledge of a professional hacker.

Modify the interface to Windows 7

Modify the interface to Windows 7

This prank is intended for you to use on your friend’s computer. You will have to enter https://geekprank.com/, then you will have to click on the X to start the joke. You will see how it turns into the Windows 7 desktop, so your friend will get a big scare because he will not find his items or files. Try to do this joke with full screen so that it does not notice the URL in the browser bar.

Show your friends how you decipher all the secrets of a show

To carry out this joke it will be necessary that use a Linux computer. You will have to install the latest version of nms -v.

Then you will have to follow these steps to complete the installation of the tool:

$ git clone https://github.com/bartobri/no-more-secrets.git

$ cd ./no-more-secrets

$ make nms

$ make sneakers

$ sudo make install

When you want to uninstall enter this superuser command:

$ sudo make uninstall

Every time you want to use this joke you will have to run:

$ ls -l | nms

$ ls -l | nms -a

$ ls -l | nms -s

$ ls -l | nms -f green

$ ls -l | nms -c

$ nms -v

Pretend to install the Windows update

Pretend to install the Windows update

When you want to make believe that you are copying the files to install the features and drivers of the Windows operating system, you will have to go to the webhttps://fakeupdate.net/ . Then set the screen to show full mode with the F11 key, this will make it have a greater visual impact. Then click Video Overview and let the content run, you will have your friends idle for a long time, as they will think that they will not be able to use the computer while the update is running.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉


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