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While it is true, The Nintendo GameCube is one of the most famous desktop consoles in the world, since it is the successor of the legendary Nintendo 64 and the predecessor of the Nintendo Wii. Which, dispenses with the cartridge as a storage format, adopts its own optical format and has a central processor based on an IBM PowerPC.

However, bliss game console was discontinued between 2007 and 2009, so, at present, people do not have the ease of acquiring this machine in the market, normally. Reason why manufacturers have opted for vintage releases based on small devices to recall your gaming experience.

But luckily, there is a better solution to run the titles of the famous GameCube from the comfort of your mobile phone. Given the, several emulators have been created that are able to imitate the operation of this console and that is why, then we will let you know the best alternatives in this regard.

List of the best Nintendo GameCube emulators for Android

In the computing environment, a emulator is defined as software that allows you to run programs, applications or video games on a different platform than the one for which they were originally written. So, it manages to reproduce or imitate the behavior of other hardware to model the device, precisely, in order to function as if the original appliance will be used.

That is why, instead of resorting to another solution, experts recommend using an optimal emulator to run the titles of a certain game console which, in this case, would be the Game Cube from Nintendo. Thus, you can get a great gaming experience, symbolically, on your smartphone and with total quality.

So, without further ado, we proceed to mention each of the Nintendo GameCube emulators compatible with Android devices, in order to start the titles of your choice from the comfort of your mobile or tablet:

Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin Emulator

Specifically, this emulator has been ranked as the best solution on the market to relive the gaming experience of the legendary GameCube. Which is free and is available in Google Play Store. In this way, it is characterized by being a very easy-to-use mobile app, it presents absolute compatibility and reveals optimal performance in general terms.

In addition to this, Dolphin Emulator is characterized by providing an excellent degree of customization and thanks to this, it offers the facility to make adjustments such as: modify the language, choose emulation speed, enable or disable cheats, enable frame skipping, use dual core, etc. Now, before starting a video game, It is recommended to change some options on the mobile in order to optimize the gaming experience.

So, to do this, access the emulator and go to the button on the right side where a processor is shown, below:

  • In CPU Core, choose the Jit ARM64 Recompiler.
  • In Emulated CPU Speed, you can adjust the game speed. Which, you should set between 46% and 54%.
  • You should also indicate the option “Audio Stretching”. Thus, a second image will appear with a microprocessor and at that point, press “Video Backend OpenGL”.
  • Then you have to place “x” to the other remaining settings.
  • Finally, save your changes.

RetroArch Android

RetroArch Android

As an additional alternative, we recommend trying this emulator “all in one” which is also free and you can download it directly from the Google Play Store. Thus, it consists of an app that it has the capacity to load the videogames of practically any classic and recognized game console in this sector.

Therefore, at present, RetroArch can run the native games of the Game Cube Y provides you with an optimal gaming experience, with the highest possible quality. Taking into account that, it allows you to save the games to start them at another time, just like take screenshots and videos of them. Further, It has several menus with which to customize the gaming experience to the maximum.

5 Games from the legendary Nintendo GameCube to release your new emulator on Android

5 Games from the legendary Nintendo GameCube to release your new emulator on Android

Once you have the emulator of your choice on your Android device, you must choose to release it by running one of your favorite video games native to this console.

As a consequence, so that you can have the most fun, we recommend starting one of the following 5 famous titles:

Zelda Wind Waker

Through this video game, you can immerse yourself in an epic and exciting adventure in which, the main objective will be to face various enemies everywhere. Thus, it is based on a story that provides different novelties and has numerous combats or video games that will help you discover mysteries in a compendium of islands separated by the ocean where there are endless hidden treasures.

Pikmin 2

Basically it is a real time strategy video game. In it, it will be necessary to save the debt of the beloved Olimar’s company and obtain giant plates for it. Regarding its design, we highlight that, features various scenarios, objectives, and innovative creatures in a large garden that you will have to explore step by step.

resident Evil

Here, you will have to face a multitude of zombies or undead, face to face. This, personifying the elite body of the Raccoon police who will have to go to an abandoned mansion that bears great similarity to the origin of hell. So, it provides a spooky setting inside a mansion. In which, it will be necessary to solve all the possible enigmas to get out alive.

Super Mario Sunshine

The legendary Mario Bros is also iconic in video games of Nintendo GameCube. In this case, Super Mario Sunshine is based on a vacation set on a paradise island in which another character he finds himself usurping the identity of the real Mario, dirtying the whole place and doing graffiti. Due, the protagonist will have to explore the entire island to unmask the fake Mario and recover 120 suns that give it shine.

Pokémon Colosseum

It consists of a video game that breaks the habit in terms of capturing Pokemon and fighting. In this way, it is based on an adventure developed within the Aura region in which it will be necessary to steal a total of 48 dark creatures in the trainers to later be able to purify them and end the Cepo team and Cifer once and for all. So, attractive, highly exclusive matches will take place throughout the experience.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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