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Know what are the best websites to learn programming, is the first step to join a profession that is increasingly in demand around the world. And the most interesting thing is that you will be doing everything from the comfort of your home and at your own pace.

It is no secret to anyone that the Internet offers us an impressive battery of educational possibilities, and you can also access them in search of obtaining the necessary skills to become a great programmer.

That is why we have decided to make the following content available to you, in which we put you in contact with the ideal programming languages ​​for beginners, and of course our recommendations of the best rated sites to register and start learning.

What are the easiest programming languages ​​for beginners to learn?

What are the main programming languages ​​used today

One of the main doubts that assail the minds of those who are preparing to start learning as programmershas to do with deciding on the programming language according to their level of knowledge in the matter. In that sense, here are some names with which you should familiarize yourself, especially if you are among those who do not have no prior knowledge in programming.

Let’s see below:


Being able to easily process all kinds of data, both numeric and text, Python is today one of the programming languages preferred by a large number of beginners, who see it as a general purpose tool in this area. Being open source, the beginner can draw on a wide range of support literature provided by the large collaborative community of the free software. This, of course, allows to clarify any doubts that may arise during the learning.

While with Python You cannot develop tools for mobile applications, it is possible to work in the programming of Artificial Intelligence, web applications and desktop applications. All this through a simple syntax that allows you to move forward without many obstacles.


There are so many features of this popular programming language, which is seen as a true heritage within the community of developers and programmers of all levels. Undoubtedly an important piece of information for those who take their first steps to enter this world.

If you decide on this language to learn programming, you would be doing it in possession of the first language implemented in all browsers, which has ideal package managers to simplify the task of learning web development or IoT, for example. Also, from the start you will go integrating to the community of JavaScript, which is the same as saying that you will be part of a group whose north is none other than to present new frameworks and characteristics at the command of everyone who wants to learn.

C #

The fact that it is a programming language designed by Microsoft, it is already a temptation to start learning using C #, which we often refer to as C Sharp. The reasons why it is considered very useful for beginners are many and varied.

To begin, you can verify that just by downloading Visual Studio Community now you can start working on your projects console programming, web development and mobile applications. Another point in favor of C #, we see it in the friendly development environment that contribute, especially thanks to the option of autocomplete tasks through Visual studio, which undoubtedly keeps you away from possible mistakes in your learning cycle.

Ruby on Rails

It is one of the best options for whom to dedicate exclusively to web programming, since this programming language has been designed specifically for that purpose.

If you do not want to have excessive complications during your learning in the programming area, it is worth taking into account this language that you will help simplify in great way many of the tasks that you have to face. Many of the programmers who work for the business area have it as their cover letter when looking for clients or employment, since numerous websites of important companies have been developed with Ruby on Rails language.


Obtain a programmer’s certificate chaired with the logo of Java, is without a doubt one guarantee of employment or of many clients interested in your developmentsAlthough to achieve it you may need an extra effort.

It is a general-purpose, object-oriented, class-based development and programming language. This makes this platform the ideal for the creation of modular applications, which allows you to have countless own and third-party functionalities. To give a better idea of ​​how important it is for a programmer to master even part of the programming language Java, suffice it to say devices running it number in the billions.

List of the best elearning sites to learn to program from scratch and at your own pace

Day after day the number of people with aspirations to become programmers grows, which also increases the supply of web pages to learn from to do so, which makes the latter number in the thousands.

That can make saying which one of them to register can sometimes be somewhat tedious, and we have taken care of making a selection of the best, hoping to save you time in that task:


Internet step

In InternetPasoaPaso.com you will find one of the most powerful computer and mobile programming courses, with a pedagogical methodology that will allow you to learn everything no matter what level you are at. As is customary on this website, you can find from the simplest to the most complex, since the premise is go from 0 to 100.



It is a Youtube channel that has managed to position itself very well in the preferences of who are starting in this programming, especially dedicated to the Spanish-speaking public. Once you register, you start with an introductory programming course to acquire the fundamentals, and from there you will go up the level until you have fully mastered the language or the programming languages ​​of your choice.

The offer is quite wide, with courses ranging from the basic level to a specialization in areas such as development Android, frontend, backend, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and many others. Although most of the courses are free, we recommend that you access the Premium versions of them to obtain a certificate of professionalization, with which you will be opening doors in the labor market.



This website is ideal for those who are serious about becoming professional programmers. His slogan “The world’s programming lab” is patented in your interactive and practical courses, in addition to being multidisciplinary on the subject.

You can check your progress yourself, as it allows you to go completing forms and exams interactively from the very beginning of each course, which of course are available for each level of programming knowledge. Another of their positive aspects is undoubtedly that they have a platform whose code editor It is among the best in visual appeal and functionality.



This is a platform that allows you to learn to program with the language of your choice, and at the same time integrate to a large open source community with members in virtually every country. All the contents of the courses are completely free, and the only thing they commit you to is to allow everything you develop, while you remain on the platform, to be used by open source non-profit organizations in their projects.

Apart from obtain certificates by overcoming each of the challenges that you face during learning, at the end of the whole process you can be benefited with a job full time as programmer, since many companies commit to it.



It is one of the most widely recognized platforms worldwide, and the most interesting thing is that within it you will find a section with programming courses entirely in Spanish. Many beginners choose it because from the beginning they can develop simple programs based on what they have learned. In the middle of each topic, they usually present tests that each one will solve, and the same website is in charge of correcting the errors that may be incurred.

With this it is clear that it is going very well in the interactive aspect. The courses are divided by subject, so it is important that from the beginning you focus in some of them in particular, such as web programming or the creation of interactive websites, as well as knowing which programming language you want to start with.



It is a great initiative that involves contributions made by companies such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter and others, in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of teach children to program from an early age. So if you have young children, you would be presenting a great opportunity to learn programming. with them in an easy and fun way using this platform.



This is another interesting institutional initiative, but this time it is presented mainly by several of the most recognized universities in the world, including the Autonomous University of Madrid, Harvard, MIT and many others. The offer of courses on programming, which you can access for free, covers practically the entire spectrum on the subject and, of course, this includes starting learning from scratch.

At the end you can request your certificate by paying a practically representative sum. A certificate in programming endorsed by one of these institutions, there is no doubt that it can be your best cover letter when entering the working market, not only from Spain, but from whatever destination you choose to work.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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