+10 Platforms to Listen to Music in Streaming  List ▷ 2020

Music is the companion of man For hundreds of years, having an application on your mobile or PC is a recurring custom that occurs today.

To access streaming music, you need to download applications or visit platforms so that you can enjoy your favorite songs and artists.

But, this is not always easy since there are different tools that are fake. That is why we will present you in the following paragraphs the best apps for you to install on your mobile or enjoy from your computer. Let’s get started!

List of the best platforms and applications to listen to music streaming

List of the best platforms and applications to listen to music streaming

In the following paragraphs you will find a list with the best streaming applications so you can listen to music from your computer or mobile, regardless of the operating system you have.

Go for it:


We couldn’t start this list without naming one of the best music streaming platforms. This Swedish company offers an app for you to download on mobiles with iOS or Android operating systems. You will have a free and a premium version in which you can listen to music without interruptions, without advertisements or access to the Internet. Which makes it one of the users’ favorites.

You can create lists to have your favorite singers according to each category. Its price will be around € 10 per month including VAT. But you will have a special discount for 2 years for which you will only pay half of that value. You must bear in mind that these monthly installments are at the beginning of the period.


It is also available for Android and iOS devices where they must pay according to the OS for the Premium version. That is, they will have to pay € 10 per month or € 13 / month respectively.

You can create a profile and upload the music you like the most in a very simple way. This will make you have followers (just like Instagram) and you can see the followers and followed of the rest of the users. In addition to having a list of recommendations and radio playbackThe platform can also show you the latest trends according to your tastes.

Apple Music

People believe that this platform is available only to users of ios or MacOS, which is not true since you can also download the streaming platform created by Manzana in you Android. This way you will have access to a significant number of artists and albums. in which you can customize the design of the interface.

It has a free version and a paid version, if you are interested in not seeing advertisements and being able to access your music without having to be connected to the Internet. You can create albums as you like. The price that you must pay in our country of € 10 per month.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music

The company created by Jeff Bezos could not be absent from our list of recommendations. You can pay 8 euros as a monthly fee to access a very large list of artists and thus enjoy the best streaming platform without interruptions or cuts. You must bear in mind that you will have 2 months free since you register as a user. While it is a new application and does not have a free version, it is in direct competition from Spotify since it allows to play offline.


For only € 5 / month enjoy an application, available for Android e iOS, that will allow you to access the best of music of all time. That is, you can find artists from the 60s and 70s, as well as the most modern singers. If you don’t want to spend money and you don’t mind listening to advertisements, you can download the free version with which you can also access more than 40 million songs.


The Pandora platform It has the possibility that you listen to the best songs and you can see the videos with the best quality on the market. If you want, you can download, for your iPhone or any other Android mobile, the paid version in which you will have to pay € 10 per month. The best we can say about this streaming app is that the quality stands out above all else.

Movistar Music

The telecommunications giant also had to enter the streaming platform market. You can download their music app to ios Y Android, but you must be a client of Movistar to access benefits.

The first week will be free, then you will have to pay € 1.79 / week so you can download all the music you want legally. It is characterized by having functions in which you can listen to them before downloading them and you will have the possibility of keeping your music if you decide to unsubscribe.


It is Google’s streaming platform and that says it all. You will be able to find all the videos you want without any kind of interruptions or advertisements, as long as you hire its Premium version. For which you must pay € 12 per month, but if you prefer, you can buy a family plan for which you must add to that monthly fee only 6 € more.

This is not to say that you cannot listen to the best songs of your favorite artists for free. But for this you must spend some time to see advertisements that you can suppress them at first.


You can download all the music legally you want for around € 8 / month. In this way you will access a service that has more than 20 million titles which you can listen to without having access to the Internet. It has a trial period of 30 days, but you must bear in mind that you must provide all your data and those of your card in order to subscribe. In case you don’t like the service, always within that first month, you can unsubscribe without paying any type of penalty.

Google Play Music

Available for iPhone and mobile Android both for the free version and for the paid version. If you want to access all the rewards benefits you will have to pay around € 10 per month, but you can access a discount and hire a family rate for 6 people for only € 15.

You will have the possibility to access all streaming content and expert recommendations either through mobile phones or via computer. If you are one of the people who likes to download music and listen to it offline, with this application you will not have any problem, you only need to have a good Internet connection.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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