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The comics, comic books or Comic strips they have been with us for several centuries. Although there are people who consider them as something banal or of little importance, They represent a powerful form of communication. And it is that, through them, ideas and concepts can be captured in a more effective way.

On this day, they are still used in the graphic media. But they have also gained great prominence with their popularization through superheroes. To say that the films that have raised the most money in recent years are based on comic book characters.

They are also used in a pedagogical and educational way. As the youngest are attracted to this type of content.

List of the best websites to make your own comics and comics

List of the best websites to make your own comics and comics

Whether the examples raised above or others, those that motivate you to make your own comics or comics, you will need some help. Years before, they were made on paper and by hand, nowadays various programs are used to make comics. For this reason, if you are an expert or just starting out, we will show you a list that will help you make your comic come true.

Try each of these pages:


East site is designed to make different characters that you can use in your comics. You can add backgrounds, texts and even sounds. A fun detail is that you can use as a template the faces of Obama and Donald Trump. In addition, it has effects that simulate three dimensions and one text reader in different languages. With which you will have fun during the creative process.


We are progressing in the quality of the sites and we find Pixton. When entering this page we will find out that it is a site for education through comics. You can choose between the interface for teachers, students or businesses. The platform is available in different languages. To create a comic with this site you will need to create an account. Once this is done you can choose between a comic book, illustrated script, or graphic novel format. Depending on which you choose, you will access different options.


Another site designed for the school community. With this tool we can not only create comics but also illustrate books, cards Y postcards. It has a great variety of templates, to which we will have to add a story. You can register with your profile Google and access an impressive gallery of images, drawings, stories and poetry.


Use hundreds of characters and environments to create your perfect vignette. Change the colors of clothes, hair, skin and eyes to personalize them even more. You can access this service registering with a social network. When you have finished, the same platform will offer you tutorials. Inside of creation window you will be able to access the different modifiable elements through tabs.

Such as characters, settings, text boxes, and dialog. To make a composition of all of them you just have to drag and drop. Something very interesting about the modification of the protagonists is that you can change many aspects of them. Among these are clothing, makeup, posture, expressions and more. The basic and educational version is free. And if you want to try the premium you can do it for 15 days for a bonus.


A site that works with the Adobe Flash Player plug-in. The platform is quite intuitive and easy to understand. Within the predefined characters and environments we can make a comic in a few minutes. The style of these elements is extremely minimalist, but with a great story this will take a backseat.

A notable issue of this platform is the possibility of adding transparency and blur effect in each element. It is not even necessary to register on the web. When you finish each page of your comic, save it to your computer.


A tool a little more intended for comics with a cloak of seriousness or sobriety. Although it does not have a great variety of pre-designed drawings, the quality of them is remarkable. You don’t need to register. Just enter the site and start editing. A very good option if you want to come up with a short story with three panels.


It is an online design platform that prevents you from using heavy programs on your computer. Among its tools we find the creator of short comics. Use the templates, images, elements and fonts that your multimedia library has. It is likely that within them you will find a premium for which you must pay the right of use individually.

Once the editing is done, you can export the cartoon in different formats. Includes PDF, MP4 and GIF. However, each of them will incorporate a watermark. To remove it you must access the premium service. It has a 30-day trial version.


Another ideal option for the little ones. The interface is childish, although somewhat confusing, as are the ways to place the characters. But once you get used to the method you can enjoy with your children creating wonderful adventures.

Choose the language, in the lower bar you will find the categories of characters, skins, situations, speech bubbles, some examples among other things. Although it has few customization tools, you can easily manage with those offered. It is so simple that you will only use the mouse.


Like Canva, this site has multiple online design platforms. One of them is the comic strip. You can perform comics in minutes. Enter the site, choose a template, edit and save.

Within the assemblies offered in the form of a matrix you will find some very funny. In which you can place real photographs. Inside the clipart box you can find onomatopoeias that will give great color to your work. In the same way as the competition, offers a free version with reduced material and tools and another premium with full access.

Tips and tricks to create your first comic and start in the world of illustration

Tips and tricks to create your first comic and start in the world of illustration

If you are passionate about comics and want to create your own, we recommend that do not give up at first. Keep trying. Keep in mind that many of the best cartoonists and cartoonists got their first major publications when they were older.

In addition to this main advice we can provide you with these others:

  • Use the correct bullet format. If you want to draw it in the traditional Western way, make it read from left to right and top to bottom. On the other hand, if your style is manga, you should do it from the right.
  • The background is important. Never underestimate or overlook this element. The context of the moment you are telling is important and will make sense of the story.
  • Let’s go to action. Of all the stories you create, at least one character in them must take an action. On the contrary, you will not achieve more than a flat content and with little sense of being.
  • Text is not always necessary. You can skip it if the situation requires it. Supplement this with implicit information generated by expressions or proofs.
  • Use onomatopoeias. They will help you emphasize an action.
  • Use visual metaphors. With them you can express ideas (in certain cases) better than words.
  • History is important. Do not forget that the story you want to capture is more necessary than an excellent drawing quality.
  • The balloons speak. It uses various forms of dialogue box, each one will fulfill a different role in helping the reader to understand the expression.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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