+10 PSVita Emulators on iPhone  List ▷ 2021

Emulators have a great presence in the world of video games. If you are interested in knowing what are the best PSVita emulators for iPhone, keep reading this list that we bring for you.

Playstation Vita it is the portable game console successor to PSP, or PlayStation Portable. At the time, it was widely bought in both Japan and the United States. It has a catalog of pretty good games.

Unfortunately, it is a console that it is no longer available in the market. For this reason, PS Vita fans need to turn to emulators to revive old games on the portable console.

List of the best PSVita console emulators for iPhone

List of the best PlayStation Vita PSVita console emulators for iPhone

On the Internet it is possible to find many Lists of the best PlayStation Vita console emulators for iPhone. However, we must inform you that there is no functional emulator for PS Vita. Although it was a console that was quite successful in Japan, it did not have a great impact on the market. Besides, his technology is much more powerful and its security system is more complex.

Since emulators come from third parties, not many developers spend their time creating a competent emulator. In fact, it is much more likely to find a program that allows you to emulate PSP, the first portable console for PlayStation. Emulators such as PPSSPP, EPSXE, RetroArch, among others are capable of emulating the PlayStation Vita system but not in iPhone legally without losing warranty. There are experimental projects, but the reliability of these is not yet verifiable.

The best PlayStation Vita games that you can play on your iPhone without problem

The best PlayStation Vita games that you can play on your iPhone without problem

Download an emulator for PS Vita may not be an option profitable. However there is another alternative. Many of the games that came out for the video console are available in the Apple store, and you can buy them for a small price.

Here are the best PlayStation Vita games that you can play on your iPhone without any problem:


It is a game launched on the market in the year 2016. Night School Studio was developed, this being their first game. It belongs to the genre of suspense and adventure. You follow the story of Alex, a young rebel who accidentally unleashes a wave of supernatural events on Edwards Island. It is a game critically rated as intriguing, with great character development.

Oddworld: stranger’s wrath

Developed by the Oddworld Inhabitants studio, it is an action and adventure game launched on the market in 2005. Later, in 2011 it received a remastering in HD. You follow the story of a strange fortune hunter who struggles to achieve his goals. As additional information, the ammunition used in the game is made up of small insects, which have different effects.

Need for speed: Most Wanted

It is a driving game developed by Electronic Arts. Designed for fans of full throttle adrenaline, the game offers you multiple competitive maps to show off your skills behind the wheel. You can mislead the police, challenge your friends and dust your rivals. The specialized critic highlights its soundtrack and playability.

Steamworld Heist

It is a tactical action adventure game developed by the Swedish studio Image & Form Games. It was released at the end of 2015, obtaining very good reviews from critics. The game, in which you lead a group of space pirate robots trying to escape from their world, incorporates RPG elements as it allows you to level up and modify your weapons.

Chaos Rings III

Chaos Rings is the title of a whole video game saga intended for devices such as Android, iOS Y Playstation Vita. On this occasion, we comment on the third installment of the famous Japanese role-playing game. The game first went on sale in 2014, and follows the story of Nazca, and the rest of the characters, in a story of exploration and drama.

Broken age

It was released on the market in January 2014. Developed by the Double Fine Productions studio, it is a video game from the adventure game genre. The protagonist must approach various elements of the scene to investigate them. The story follows two teenagers located in different places, who do not interact with each other, but with a common goal.


It is a platform, puzzle and logic game launched on the market in 2011 by the Danish studio Playdead. It was awarded the Best Independent Game at the VGX Awards. You follow the story of a little boy who wakes up in the woods, and sets out on a search for his little sister. A game acclaimed for its monochrome graphics and setting.

Sonic racing

It is a racing game initially released in 2010. Later, in 2011 a version for iOS was released. Developed by Sumo Digital and distributed by SEGA, we put ourselves in the shoes of everyone’s favorite hedgehog: Sonic. The player can choose any of the 20 characters available to compete on the craziest tracks. It allows you to play multiplayer games.

Sonic racing

Sonic racing

Price: Exclusive to Arcade


It is a game developed by the Drinkbox studio that was released in 2017. It belongs to the genres of action, adventure and fantasy. The story follows its protagonist, a warrior who has lost her left arm, but is fighting with her right arm. Critics and players highlight his dark aesthetics and combat mechanics, along with his fighting skills.


It was launched on the market in mid-2012 developed by Game Arts. It is mostly aimed at a child audience, but its theme makes it worthy of being played. It belongs to the genus of puzzle and platformer. The mechanics are quite simple. You play a skeleton who has decided to dissociate himself from master and lord to save a captive princess.

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