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Making a CV from scratch is not an easy task, because we must take into account that the colors, organization and the amount of information displayed It is our presentation to that institution that we want so much to hire us.

If we do a good balance of all the mentioned it is certain that we will have the job of our dreams. Whether or not you know how to make a resume is not a problem, because here we will leave you some online sites that will allow you to make your CV in just a few steps.

Now, if what you want is a template to make your curriculum synthesis from your PC or mobile device, here we also leave you a small list of downloadable templates that you will surely love.

List of the best platforms to create a Curriculum Vitae and get a job now!

The curriculum It is our presentation in letters of what we are and who we are. Nobody would hire us if our first impression is not very striking, so our CV should be as attractive as possible.

Using the following online tools, we will be able to create a perfect resume that will surely give the best possible impression of us:



In this page we can create our curriculum quickly and easily, with it we can access from our email or Linkedin account. If we access from our profile from Linkedin, the curriculum will be generated automatically extracting all the information that we have registered there. The format of the curriculum that we create with this tool it is infographic type. Each template has different designs and colors to choose from.



Kinzaa is an online tool that allows us to create resumes with an infographic model, allowing us to include personalized videos when it is a digital CV. Making a resume is very easy, we just have to know what information to put in to fill in each field and the rest is done by the page.


Visual CV

Visual CV It is one of the best tools that we can use to create a great resume. There you can customize the templates that he offers us in order to make a curriculum that identifies and represents us. We can find this tool available in eight languages, among them is Castilian.



With this we can create a resume by importing our information from our Linkedin profile Y Facebook. In addition, it offers us an excellent pack of templates that are very easy to edit, we simply have to drag the elements to complete the curriculum of our dreams.



TuVideoCV is a tool designed by the Argentines Agustina Jait and Santiago Figueroa, with the aim of allowing us to create a written curriculum summary. But, since it has the possibility of creating a digital one, it allows us to attach a 30-second video to explain who we are.



With CVMaker we will be able to make those beautiful and striking resumes in a few minutes, we simply have to enter our important data and download our pdf so we can share them with anyone.



In Canva we can create a resume saving time in editing and design. There are good templates for an excellent presentation in the business sector. Something very particular is that we can ask Canva for the opportunity to insert our curriculum in our blog, we just have to copy the code HTML that it provides us.



In this site we can create a good resume in simple three steps. The first step is to choose the template we want to use, then we fill in all the fields with our data and finally we download our CV and share it with everyone. Many people speak highly of this site for its efficiency and great design. Each of the templates it offers is quite attractive, so it packs a punch at first glance.



By simply registering with our account LinkedIn we can make a resume in just seconds. This is a good site because it is not only creating a resume, but knowing how to do it. For this reason, here we will find tips that will allow us to make the right CV for our interests. There is a lot of information that we should not add and another that we should, but we will know this by guiding ourselves with the good advice on this site.



A website in which we have a wide variety of templates to create professional looking resumes that will make a good impression with all the employers who see it. It is very simple to use and we can do everything very quickly thanks to its multiple tools.

Create your curriculum vitae offline using the best templates for Word and Google Docs

If you don’t think make resumes online, you can also try to do them from your device so offline.

To facilitate the process of preparing resumes you can use the following templates, they are very good and quite striking:

For Word

Word is one of the tools we use the mostWell, the truth is very useful.

For this reason, below we will show you 10 of the most colorful templates to make a very professional resume:

Vivacious Resume

This is a very practical model with only two colors, although they may well be modifiable. Its structure and organization of information is very simple but striking.

Download Vivacious Resume Template for Word

Curriculum Without Photo

Not all resumes have photos, as a sample of that we leave this one template. The important of a CV is he content and its organization, features that we can find in it.

Download Free Photo Resume Template for Word

Curriculum for Students

There is a curriculum for all occasions, As for everybody.

Download Student Resume Template for Word

Full CV

Some institutions ask us for a more complete curriculum, where the information is very clear. For this, it is highly recommended use this template, there we can enter all our information without summarizing anything.

Download Full Resume Template for Word

Labor Curriculum

When we look for work, we must deliver a CV dedicated to it, and what better than to use this template to do it.

Download Job Resume Template for Word

Curriculum for Internships

When we are new professionals do not have much work experienceOnly our years of study, for this reason we must have a staff that represents us as it should.

Download Internship Resume Template for Word

Fearless Resume

The intrepid resumes are the most sought after, that’s why we leave you here this beautiful template so that you too can offer an excellent resume and get that job you want so much.

Download Bold Resume Template for Word

Basic Curriculum

Sometimes basic is much better than complex and as a sample of that we leave you this template.

Download Basic Resume Template for Word

Gray Resume

The gray scales are a sign of a serious personLet’s remember that colors have a lot to do with visual impressions, so with this template you will surely be hired.

Download Gray Resume Template for Word

For Google Docs

Another tool for the widely used document design and editing is Google Docs.

So if you want to make your curriculum synthesis, don’t worry because you can use the following templates to do it:

Blue Rays Resume

For make a good resume we need a good template to give us your design and what better than this.

Download Blue Rays Resume Template for Google Docs

Cabin in the Red

A template designed by Rachel, in order to identify ourselves as a professional and show a pleasant first impression.

Download Cabin in the Red Template for Google Docs

Creative Two Page Resume

This is another designed template by Rachel, being very attractive when we are young and looking for work.

Download Creative Two Page Resume Template for Google Docs

Curriculum Circles

A template which was designed by Google, applying all the needs they ask for a resume is perfect, despite our little experience.

Download Curriculum Circles Template for Google Docs

Curriculum For Reddit

A designed template by Graysons, very colorful, with an excellent order of information and great design.

Download Curriculum For Reddit Template for Google Docs

Coral Curriculum Vitae

This is one template made by the great human resources experts of Google, In order for people to offer the necessary information for each position applied for.

Download Coral Curriculum Vitae Template for Google Docs

Modern Writer Curriculum Vitae

Another of the templates from Google is this, and as expected is one of the most downloaded.

Download Modern Writer Resume Template for Google Docs

Curriculum Vitae Mint

With simple colors, it is one of the best templates that Google has done, being available to us with just one click.

Download Mint Curriculum Vitae Template for Google Docs

Curriculum vitae Serif

A simple but very nice template. Able to identify what and who we are, showing a great order in its structure.

Download Serif Curriculum Vitae Template for Google Docs

Swiss Curriculum vitae

By last we leave this template that has quite peculiar design.

Download Swiss Curriculum Vitae Template for Google Docs

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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